Resident Evil 4 Remake Mods [20 Best]

Here are Top 20 Mods you must try!

Mods For Resident Evil 4 Remake
Here is a list of top 20 Mods for Resident Evil 4 Remake

The talented modders once again successfully created a variety of mods for Resident Evil 4 Remake. Since the game requires multiple playthroughs to achieve various trophies, mods can make the journey easier and more entertaining. Continue reading to find out the top 20 mods for Resident Evil 4 Remake players must try.

Key Takeaways

  • The best Mod from the list is “John Wick Mod” by SilverEzredes.” this provides you to get crazy john wick-style gunplay, which Improves the experience of playing as Leon.
  • The Classic RE4 Leon Mod provides the players with slight changes in Leon’s appearance. 
  • The “No Crosshair Bloom Spread” Mod helps to improve accuracy and smooth shooting experience by turning off reticle spread.
  • The “Health Bars Mod” adds health bars to every enemy, which helps during combat.
  • The “Merchant Now Trade Small Key Mod” allows players to get the keys from the merchant for free, unlock treasures, and obtain valuable materials.

Overpowered Charms By JpDeathBlade

Overpowered Charms
Overpowered Charms Mod – Image Credits: JpDeathBlade

Charms are items players can equip to gain various perks and boosts. A charm can simply recover additional health, provide extra ammo, increase a weapon’s damage, or reduce specific item costs in the shop.

Players can convert their Charm into an even stronger one, all with an extreme boost to the perks. For example, an unmodded “Don Jose” Charm provides a +15% handgun ammo craft bonus frequency. However, a modded one will provide a +1000% handgun ammo craft bonus frequency. So if you haven’t guessed by now, the charms become extremely overpowered.

You can use this Charm especially while clearing the main story in Hardcore and Professional difficulty mode. Download Overpowered Charms now and become an unbreakable machine with one of the best mods for Resident Evil 4 Remake.

John Wick Mode – AWF By SilverEzredes

John Wick Mode

John Wick Mode – Image Credits: SilverEzredes

Give Leon a John Wick style of using a gun. Trust us, you want to try the “John Wick Mode” mod out to make Leon look an even badass version of himself. Remember, though, the mod is only for entertainment purposes and does not provide any actual benefit, such as increased damage to the weapon equipped.

Lastly, the mod only supports handgun weapons, which include: Red9, Blacktail, Sentinel 9, the Punisher, and Matilda.

Classic RE4 Leon By Crazy Potato

Classic RE4 Leon Mod
Classic RE4 Leon Mod – Image Credits: Crazy Potato

The remake version of the classic Resident Evil 4 from 2005 brings various changes to the game. One of them includes slight changes to Leon’s appearance, including his hair and jacket. Thanks to Classic RE4 Leon Mod, players can enjoy playing the game with the OG Leon if they’d like.

The mod may not work smoothly, as a few players have reported. However, the unsteadiness is bearable, and you might not even notice it. So, it is always better to try it out yourself.

No Crosshair Bloom Spread By Alteredbeast

No Crosshair Bloom Spread Mod – Image Credits: Alteredbeast

Aiming at enemies can be a nightmare due to the Crosshair spread. Now, you can go to the in-game control settings and play around with Reticle Deceleration till the crosshair spread is reduced, although this sadly won’t get rid of the spread completely.

Each time you shoot, the Crosshair will expand for a second. This can be quite annoying to deal with, especially when dealing with a bunch of enemies at once.

With the help of the No Crosshair Bloom Spread mod, players can fully disable the reticle spread for any base weapon without any accuracy attachments equipped.

No Yellow Paint By BonusJZ

No Yellow Paint Mod – Image Credits: BonusJZ

The Remake feels less immersive compared to the classic Resident Evil 4, mainly due to all lootable boxes and items being marked with yellow paint. If you want to explore around for loot yourself, as you did in the original, the yellow paint may stop you from doing that.

Worry not; a mod named No Yellow Paint removes the yellow paint from any interactable item available in Resident Evil 4 Remake. This will allow players to look around for items themselves rather than it being spoon-fed.

However, yellow paint is helpful if you’re replaying the game for achievement purposes, so we recommend not downloading this mod after your first playthrough is completed.

Health Bars By GreenComfyTea

Health Bars Mod
Health Bars Mod – Image Credits: GreenComfyTea

Taking enemies out but not knowing which weapon is dealing more damage and which isn’t can be troubling for some players. There is no health bar to portray the impact of each weapon in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

If you want to sort weapons out by their damage or simply need to know the enemy’s health status, download the Health Bars mod. It will showcase a green-colored health bar over the enemies’ heads.

Merchant Now Trade Small Key By Upisud20

Merchant Now Trade Small Key Mod in Resident Evil 4 Remake
Merchant Now Trade Small Key Mod – Image Credits: Upisud20

Tracking down Small Keys is draining, especially if you are going through your second or third playthrough in order to achieve a trophy/achievement. The small keys are your only way to obtain treasure locked inside drawers.

Why not speed up the process of collecting these small keys? Install the Merchant Now Trade Small Key mod and get them from the Merchant completely free. You can get the following items from Merchant for free after installing this mod:

Tint Remover By SilverEzredes

Tint Remover Mod in Resident Evil 4 Remake
Tint Remover Mod – Image Credits: SilverEzredes

There is a blue tint effect in Resident Evil 4 Remake, which can be noticeable, especially in a darker environment during the gameplay. The effect provides the game with a sense of loneliness, which goes well with the game’s theme.

However, the effect might reduce visibility in darker areas. It also takes away the feeling Resident Evil 4 came with. You can fix both these issues by installing the Tint Remover mod. The mod gets rid of the default blue tint effect from the game. In addition, the mod also provides other features such as Lens Distortion, Haze Filter, and Radial Blur.

Keanu Reeves By Crazy Potato

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves Mod – Image Credits: Crazy Potato

Ever wondered what everyone’s favorite, Keanu Reeves, would look like in the terrifying Resident Evil universe? Though that might always remain a mystery, you can still make do by converting Leon to Keanu Reeves, all thanks to the Keanu Reeves mod by Crazy Potato.

The mod changes Leon’s appearance completely by replacing him with Keanu Reeves. There is still one thing lacking, Keanu Reeves quoting his famous John Wick line, “Whoever comes, whoever it is, I’ll kill them; I’ll kill them all.” Well, maybe in some future update!

Real Weapon Names By Snipzu

Real Weapon Names
Real Weapon Names Mod – Image Credits: Snipzu

It can be hard to get used to the new default names the weapons come with. A Colt 933 is named CQBR Assault Rifle, H&K VP70M is called Matilda, Springfield XD is known as Blacktail, and so on. Learning each of these weapon names can be confusing for some.

Skip the learning part completely out by simply installing the Real Weapon Names mod. Each weapon name, including Grenades, is changed back to its original name.

  • Note: The mod is only available in English text.

Manual Flashlight By Keelhauled

Manual Flashlight Mod Resident Evil 4 Remake
Manual Flashlight Mod – Image Credits: Keelhauled

The game provides an automatic flashlight, meaning you can not control when to turn it on or off. Multiple players are complaining about it as the game can become pitch dark at times with no flashlight flicking on itself.

Maybe the new game updates fix this issue, but till then, try out the Manual Flashlight mod. It allows players to manually switch the flashlight on and off by the default hotkey “X.” You can change the default key by editing the first script line as the mod’s description suggests. The mod works only on the keyboard for now.

The Original Ashley For All Time By HOLS

Ashley In Original Outfit Mod In Resident Evil 4 Remake
Ashley In Original Outfit Mod – Image Credits: HOLS

Ashley’s outfit is much different compared to the original one from Resident Evil 4. There are shorts instead of a skirt and a jacket instead of a plain sweater.

If you prefer the older version of Ashley’s outfit better, all you need is the Original Ashley For All Time mod. It switches the new outfit with the OG Ashley’s skirt and sweater. The scarf, however, is missing completely, sadly.

No Aiming Zoom By Alteredbeast

No Aiming Zoom Mod in Resident Evil 4 Remake
No Aiming Zoom Mod – Image Credits: Alteredbeast

Every time you aim with a weapon, the FOV significantly changes, making the camera zoom in. Though it may be helpful to aim at enemies far from you, the aiming zoom isn’t helpful when multiple enemies attack you.

Install one of the extremely useful Resident Evil 4 Remake mods, No Aiming Zoom by Alteredbeast, to notably reduce the aiming zoom. It will allow you a wider vision while shooting enemies down.

Church Bell No More (Infinite Timer) By Praydog

Church Bell No More (Infinite Timer) Mod – Image Credits: Praydog

While partaking in the village fight, the Church Bell rings, which ends up completing the demo. The fight here is extremely entertaining, which will help you with gaining combat skills.

To disable the church bell in order to make the village fight go on for an extended amount of time, install Church Bell No More (Infinite Timer), one of the best mods in Resident Evil 4 Remake. To end the demo, let Leon die or use the “Trigger Game Over” button in the “Script Generated UI” to respawn at the last checkpoint.

There are various other QoL features, such as:

  • Always Mad Chainsaw
  • Disable Chainsaw Spawn
  • Infinite Durability
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Village Timer Freeze

STI 2011 Combat Master – AWF By SilverEzredes

STI 2011 Combat Master Mod In Resident Evil 4 Remake
STI 2011 Combat Master Mod – Image Credits: SilverEzredes

The first handgun Leon comes with is an SG-09 R, which is a default weapon. The damage is nothing special early on, but the gun is still a good starting weapon overall. Now, if you don’t want to “cheat,” then you can stick with the starting weapon SG-09 R. But, if you plan on having a solid start from day 1, you can replace the default handgun with STI 2011 Combat Master. Not only the new handgun comes with custom stats, but it also provides night sights, making the gun’s overall performance better.

To replace SG-09 R with STI 2011 Combat Master, install the STI 2011 Combat Master mod and enjoy your early game experience with a stronger starting weapon.

Hunk Mod By Reaper

Hunk Mod
Hunk Mod – Image Credits: Reaper

Even though he isn’t one of the main characters, Hunk is still one of the most likable characters and an undefeatable soldier in the Resident Evil franchise. If you prefer playing as Hunk rather than Leon or think Hunk’s outfit is cool, try the Hunk Mod by Reaper. The mod will replace Leon with Hunk and comes with multiple other versions for you to try out.

RE4 OG Knife By Stevebg23 aka EvilLord

RE4 OG Knife Mod
RE4 OG Knife Mod – Image Credits: Stevebg23 aka EvilLord

Leon comes with a Combat Knife as his starting melee weapon. The knife provides assistance in close encounters and looks pretty decent. Nevertheless, we all agree that Leon’s Combat Knife from Resident Evil 4 is superior.

You can achieve his OG Combat Knife in-game by obtaining the “Primal Knife,” however, you may find a better exclusive upgrade on Leon’s starting melee weapon. So if you need the Combat Knife from the start or need a good-looking starter weapon to upgrade later on, bring the OG Combat Knife back by installing the RE4 OG Knife mod. The mod will replace Leon’s current default Combat Knife with the Resident Evil 4 original Combat Knife.

Unlimited Rocket Launcher Early Unlock By CC

Unlimited Rocket Launcher Early Unlock Mod – Image Credits: CC

Unlocking a Rocket Launcher, the strongest weapon in Resident Evil 4 Remake, takes considerable progress. If you are replaying the main story for achievement purposes, we highly recommend installing the Unlimited Rocket Launcher Early Unlock mod. Through this, players can gain access to Rocket Launcher much earlier and progress through the storyline by melting enemies faster.

Visible Beartraps By BonusJZ

Visible Beartraps Mod
Visible Beartraps Mod – Image Credits: BonusJZ

No one knows why the game has an unnecessary amount of bear traps. It forces players to slow down and keep an eye out for bear traps lying almost everywhere. It can be annoying and time-consuming, even if it doesn’t hurt your character.

Your best bet to avoid bear traps is to install the Visible Beartraps mod. Though it may not completely disable the beartraps, it will definitely help players track them down much more easily and avoid stepping on them.

Ashley In Special Outfit By HOLS

Ashley In Special Outfit Mod
Ashley In Special Outfit Mod – Image Credits: HOLS

Think Ashley’s default outfit looks vanilla? Install the Ashley In Special Outfit mod and find her in a prettier outfit. The mod is only for entertainment purposes, but it’s fun giving a new look to your favorite characters, so installing this mod is worth a try. Who knows, you might like this one better!

Final Remarks

Mods for Resident Evil 4 Remake are available for installation through various methods. Check out each mod’s description for any installation instructions. We have mentioned the best 20 mods for Resident Evil 4 Remake, most of which are a must-try. Whether you are looking for entertainment or plan on progressing a lot faster, we got you covered. Happy Gaming!

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