Resident Evil 4 Remake Punisher Handgun Location

Punisher is a Handgun in Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4). Read on to find out Punisher's stats, how to get Punisher, and our thoughts on its efficiency.

Punisher is one of the powerful handguns in Resident Evil 4 Remake that can be obtained by completing the Blue Medallions side quest in Resident Evil 4 Remake. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Punisher handgun is one of the earliest guns you can purchase from the Merchant at the beginning of Chapter 2.
  • Instead of Pestas, the Punisher costs 5 spinels.
  • Spinels can be collected by completing side quests for the Merchant.
  • You can add an exclusive upgrade for the Punisher, the “Penetration Power Perk.
  • I strongly recommend players not to invest too much into the Punisher weapon as the default SG-09 R pistol deals more damage and can hold off enemies well until players receive the Red-9 pistol.

Later on, players may also be able to sell it off for 5000 Pesetas and repurchase for 10,000 Pesetas

Unlocking Punisher

You’ll be able to complete unique requests from the Merchant indicated in blue on different levels early on in the game. These are essentially side quests. As players advance in the game, these requests will reward them with spinels and other goodies. 

  1. Destroy The Blue Medallions
    Blue Medallions Side Quest || Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

You can find this request right after the first village fight area near a small barn. 

  • Destroy 5 blue medallions around the Farm Area; they shouldn’t be too hard to find if you keep your eyes open to the surroundings.
  1. Pest Control

Once you exit the Abandoned Factory in Chapter 2, you’ll encounter the merchant and the first Pest Control request. There are three rats to find here. 

  • The first is in the long hallway near the end.
  • There’s another just through the window you need to jump through.
  • And the third and final rat for this area is also in the same room, running around near the furnaces.
Punisher available for purchase || Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Return to the Merchant, who will have his first store established right around the beginning of chapter 2, where Leon initially retrieves his equipment from the villagers once you’ve finally collected five spinels. You should now be able to buy the Punisher gun from him along with other things like a treasure map in the Trading section.

The Punisher Stats & Overview

Here’s an upgrade table for The Punisher:

PunisherLvl 1Lvl 2(cost)Lvl 3 (cost)Lvl 4(cost)Lvl 5(cost)
Ammo Capacity1215(5000)18(8000)21(11000)24(14000)
Reload Speed1.11.2(5000)1.3(7000)1.4(10000)1.5(13000)
Rate of Fire1.051.26(8000)1.42(12000)1.63(15000)1.91(20000)
Punisher stats after all upgrades || Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
  • Precision: 4.50
  • Penetration Power
  • Compatible with the laser sight
  • Uses Regular Handgun Ammo
  • The Exclusive upgrade can only be gained by fully upgrading this weapon or using an Exclusive Upgrade Ticket traded by the Merchant.
  • Benefits from the “One In The Chamber” bonus, which allows you to load one extra bullet over the maximum ammo capacity.

The Punisher has a low upgrade cost, a quick rate of fire, and a quick reload, but its power is the lowest of all the pistols. Its Penetration power, which allows you to hit many adversaries with one shot if they are lined up, makes up for its poor power.

With the Exclusive upgrade, Penetration is increased by 5x, making it an excellent weapon for clearing crowds.

Is It Worth It?

The Punisher, despite its slightly lower power rating compared to the SG-09 R, has some advantages that make it a useful weapon in Resident Evil 4:

  1. Penetration Power: The Punisher can penetrate through enemies and hit targets behind the initial enemy. 
  2. Higher Ammo Capacity: The Punisher has a larger ammo capacity than the SG-09 R, so you can fire more shots before reloading. This can be beneficial when dealing with multiple enemies without a chance to reload.
  3. Faster Reload Speed and Rate of Fire: The Punisher has a faster reload speed and rate of fire, allowing you to fire more shots in a shorter amount of time. This can be advantageous in intense combat scenarios where you must quickly eliminate enemies.
  4. Better Accuracy: The Punisher has superior accuracy, making it easier to hit your targets accurately, especially when aiming for weak points or headshots.

Spending your Spinels somewhere else is the better option. The Punisher is particularly excellent at accuracy, which greatly aids in targeting and landing headshots on enemies. But the SG-09 R and Red9 deal more damage and offer more bang for your buck.

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