Resident Evil 4 Remake Regenerators [All You Need To Know]

Just when you think they're finally dead, they grow back with spikes.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake features some of the series’ most gory sights to date, and its new opponent types blend in well. The snarling, massive fangs of the unrelenting wolves and the more realistically writhing tentacles that emerge from the ganados’ heads all contribute to a more viscerally scary encounter. In this guide, we’ll talk all about the infamous Resident Evil 4 Remake Regenerators’ enemy type.

Key Takeaways

  • Regenerators make a horrifying comeback in the Resident Evil 4 Remake and this time they’re even more hideous.
  • Regenerators can extend their limbs, drawing Leon in close to bite with their sharp teeth.
  • They can also crawl on the ground at an amazingly fast pace after having one of their legs blown off.
  • To permanently take them down, players will have to use the Biosensor scope to identify and shoot the parasites residing with their bodies.
  • Their counterparts, the more horrifying Iron Maiden show up in Chap 14 and even further as a side quest for the Merchant titled “The Wandering Dead“.

RE4 Remake Regenerators

Regeneradors, also known as Regenerators, are far more deadly in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. The Regenerators in the remake have received significant enhancements, and while they were always terrifying due to their otherworldly appearance, their stride, and their capability to withstand countless dismemberments, they are now far more horrifying.

Hideous aren’t they? || Images by us: VeryAliGaming

In the remake, regenerators move far more quickly than they could in the original, when they had to move slowly up to Leon. They can still move more quickly without legs because they can lunge themselves ahead now (terrifies you the first time you see it). The long, flexible arms of regenerators can be extended for a grab attack or, if Leon gets too near, they can develop stinging spikes.

In addition to the enhanced aesthetics, the Regenerators are considerably more menacing because of all the graphical updates and the damage they can dish out, and there are two types of them now, yes you heard us. The normal regenerators and then there are the Iron Maiden ones with spikes sticking out of them. We’ll explain further about them in the guide.

The worst thing about them is that, the game doesn’t outright tell you how to defeat them. You have to go through a trial and error with them at first until you figure it out. When you explore the Abandoned Medical facility in Chapter 13 in an effort to locate the keycard, you will come across these regenerators for the first time. It’s heavy breathing and the dark corners may have already caused you to feel anxious, but don’t worry! We’ll explain how to kill them once and for all.

How To Kill Regenerators

Right off the bat, we’re going to suggest you to conserve your ammo as much as you can. Shooting them with a shotgun and blasting their limbs off might look cool (which it does) but it’s all in vain. What differentiates the Resident Evil 4 Regenerators from the other enemy types is that they don’t die when you dismember them, in fact, they’ll just grow those limbs back and they’ll be pissed.

However, there is a way to kill the regenerators, and to do that players will have to shoot all the parasites in them. There’s a catch to this, that being that those parasites won’t be visible to players. So, the only way to kill the parasites inhibiting their bodies without wasting ammo is to use the Biosensor Scope.

Images by us: VeryAliGaming

You can obtain this scope in the Incubation Lab. Unfortunately, to be able to access the area players will need to acquire the level 2 keycard to get through. The bad news is that players will have to fight some of the regenerators without the scope in order to obtain the keycard. It’s still possible to kill them, but it will require a lot of ammo.

Here are some tips we gathered that might help here:

  • Use shotguns and grenades to dismember them and slow them down
  • Using a knife is one approach to expose a Regenerator’s weak points. If you try to slice this monster from behind, it will produce a reddish glow if you strike an area close to a parasite.
  • Be careful, shooting their legs might stun them but they will lunge at you even then.

Once you have the Biosensor scope, just attach it to any of the assault rifles you have at your disposal. You must now look through the scope at these Regenerators to see parasites or plagas inside their bodies. To permanently eliminate these Regenerators, you would need to shoot these parasites. Through the scope, these creatures would glow orange. The Regenerators will blow up and fall to the ground once you have killed all parasites within them. 

Shoot the Glowy bits || Images by us: VeryAliGaming

Doing this will be required to obtain the Wrench Tool, which is essential to progress further in the story. Just fire at the pod to shatter the glass, eject the regenerator with the tool inside its body, and get ready to battle. Again, it is advised to stay as far away from these monsters as you can, so don’t shatter more pods than you have to unless you have a death wish. 

Iron Maiden Regenerators – Mutated 2nd Form

In the remake of RE4, the Regenerators take on another much more horrific variation, The Iron Maiden as a mutated form. They might seem dead at first, but the Regeneradors can reawaken as the phobia-inducing mutated version known as the “Iron Maiden“. Appearance wise they look just about the same as the normal Regeneradors, the only difference being they have very noticeable sharp needles or spikes sticking out of them.  Oh, and apart from launching their arms toward Leon and pulling him in close for a close-up, they can now shoot needles out of their body. So don’t just run hoping distance will save you, take cover!

Those with needle phobias, be careful || Images by us: VeryAliGaming

You will first face the Iron Maiden in Chap 14, so keep a healthy stack of rifle ammo in hand. Killing the Iron Maidens is the same as killing the normal variation of the regenerators. If the regenerator dies and comes back as the Iron Maiden, use the biosensor scope to shoot the parasites in their head. They’re built like a tank so it won’t be as easy as just one shot to the head, once you spot the weak points, make your trigger finger happy. Shooting them in the head will cause them to be in a stunned state, making it easier for players to take them down.

To make it even easier, go for the legs and take them off. Use either a shotgun or a grenade to do the job. Once there on the ground, get some distance between Leon and the Iron Maiden and use the scope to finish them. They’re very clever with tricks up their sleeves, Iron Maidens can use their spikes even on the ground so be careful of that. Once they’re finally dead, they’ll start to shake violently and explode, turning their spikes into shrapnel, so go behind a corner.

The Wandering Dead Side Quest

During Chapter 14 of Resident Evil 4 Remake, you may find this specific blue request mission on top of a box in the second half of Cargo Depot. This appears after Ashley uses the wrecking ball to smash the depot wall and shortly before she enters the lift.

The request, titled “The Wandering Dead,” describes how a bizarre body has been seen walking around and how someone should lay it to rest. At the end, it gives us the assignment of eliminating the “strong threat” in the Incubation Lab. This “Strong Threat” looks just like the Resident Evil 4 Regenerators, but they’re even more annoying than the normal regenerators. Get too close and they’ll use their spikes to dish out serious damage. 

Images by us: VeryAliGaming

To complete this quest, you’ll need to make your way to the Incubation Lab. Once there, multiple Regenerators are present, rather than killing them all (you can still do it if you wish) focus on the Spiked one. To make this fight as easy as possible, you’ll need a good supply of rifle ammunition, a fully tuned Stingray, and the Bio-Sensor Scope you discovered when you were in the surrounding areas earlier. 

Players can choose to attach the Biosensor Scope to either the Stingray, CQBR Assault Rifle, or even the LE-5 submachine gun. Unless you have the exclusive upgrade, the LE 5 lacks the penetrative power of a rifle but makes up for it with an extremely rapid rate of fire and is far more effective in close quarters. 

When you’ve finished the Wandering Dead task, turn it into the Merchant and get your x8 spinel reward.

Closing Remarks

That is everything you need to know about the Regenerators in Resident Evil 4 Remake. If you have other questions or need more help, don’t hesitate to post in the comment section below! You can also consider checking out other guides like the Blue Medallions guide and All Weapons List here. Thank you and see you at the next one!

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