Resident Evil 4 Remake Shooting Range: Ultimate Guide

Shooting Range
A Detailed Guide for shooting range in RE4 Remake.

The Resident Evil 4 remake shooting range arena makes things more exciting, and practicing through its challenges helps you improve your aim. To learn about the shooting range in detail, follow this guide thoroughly.

Key Takeaways

  • The range is more like an arena where players get to practice and earn certain rewards.
  • These Ranges are located at different locations and in various chapters.
  • There are 5 shooting range locations in the Resident Evil 4 remake. And it has 12 courses.
  • You also get to try a variety of weapons while shooting.
  • By scoring high, you get the tokens that help you to get the charms.

Shooting Range

Shooting Range
Shooting Range (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

A merchant runs the training arena in the Resident Evil 4 remake, which is named as shooting range. If you are in need of boosting your shooting skills, then the range is made for you. No worries if you aren’t good enough at aiming, as you get to shoot the targets by going there,

Which eventually improves your aim. Moreover, it doesn’t end here, as you can participate in the shooting range challenges and earn tokens or rewards. Besides that, you can test your skills through the 12 courses; each range will provide you with a different set of weapons.

There will be an elevator that will take you to the range area.

Shooting Range Locations

Shooting Range Locations
Shooting Range Locations near Merchant’s Hideout (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

Shooting range shops are available in various game chapters. If you haven’t found any or all of them, we will tell you all the range locations in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

There are 5 locations where you can look for these spots. These are listed below.

  • The Merchant’s Hideout: You can access it in chapters 3 and 4. This shooting range lies in a village area between the Quarry and Lake.
  • The Grand Hall: Move to the castle region and the grand hall. There will be a room right at the back of the Audience Chamber. Players can search for Grand hall location in chapters 9,10 and 12.
  • The Mines: In chapter 11, there will be another shooting range location. Below the castle, there will be a compact entrance leading you to the training area.
  • The Facility: This shooting range will be available in Chapter 14. In the Island region is the holding cell area, where you can find it.
  • Specimen Storage: The last shooting range location lies before the Sanctuary Approach, which will be in chapter 15.

Shooting Range Courses

Shooting Range Courses
Shooting Range Courses (Captured By VeryAliGaming)
Additional Courses
Additional Courses (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

As we have mentioned earlier about the course, there will be 12. With every new range, you will get different weapons to lay your hands on. This means you can perfect yourself in handling and aiming with a wide range of guns.

Locations Courses Weapons Available
Merchant’s Hideout 1-A, 1-B, 1-C SG-09 R Handgun, SR M1903 Rifle
Grand Hall 2-A, 2-B, 2-C TMP Submachine Gun, W-870 Shotgun
Mines 2-D, 2-E, 2-F Punisher Handgun and Red9 Pistol
Facility 3-A, 3-B, 3-C Bolt Thrower and all previous weapons
Specimen Storage All the previous courses All previous weapons
Shooting Range Courses

Scores And Rewards

Rewards (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

In the shooting range, you can earn points by shooting various targets. To maximize your point earnings and prevent deductions, it’s essential to know which targets to hit and which to avoid.

Here are the different targets and their point values:

  1. Captain: This target provides the most points, offering 400 shooting range points. The Captain target randomly spawns and spins, making it a challenging yet rewarding target.

  2. Parrots: Hitting Parrot targets can improve your ranged shooting skills and precision. They offer 300 points each, but they can be challenging to hit due to their small size and distant spawning position.

  3. Skull Medal: These dummies are worth 300 points, and you can earn extra points by shooting the skull first.

  4. Mob: Mob targets are larger and easier to hit, providing 200 points each.

  5. Hanging Pirates: These targets spawn hanging from above and yield 200 points.

  6. Dogs: Shooting the dog targets awards you 100 points each, but they move quickly, so you need to be fast and accurate.

  7. Treasure Chests: These targets also offer 100 points each and are considered extra targets. They appear in the bonus round after you’ve completed all the primary targets, and shooting them is an excellent way to earn more points, charms, and gold.

  8. Dynamite: Shooting the dynamite target will clear all the other targets on the course, making it a valuable bonus target.

  9. Sailor: The Sailor target is the one to avoid, as hitting it deducts 500 points from your score.

By achieving high scores in the shooting range, you’ll earn tokens that can be used to obtain charms. There are two types of tokens: Gold and Silver. Combining both types of tokens increases your chances of getting rare charms. Charms are added to your attached case and provide passive bonuses to your character.

To get the best rewards and improve your shooting skills, aim for high scores by targeting the right objects while avoiding deductions from the Sailor target.

Shooting Range Tips

  • Shooting Range challenges are a fantastic way to improve your aim and accuracy; if you get access, then do participate.
  • Focus on targets that bring you more points and are convenient to shoot.
  • The most effective way to shoot enemies is to take a headshot.
  • Reloading during the challenge can take time, so make sure you use the right amount of ammo so you don’t have to reload many times.
  • Equip the weapon according to your target, such as assault rifles are best to use against long-range targets.
  • Moving around while shooting helps you to hit the target more perfectly. And try to use all the given space that is given to you.

Closing Remarks

That was all from today’s guide, so get yourself to the shooting range and start practicing to aim more accurately while fighting the actual enemies. We will catch you up in the next guide. Till then, have fun playing and exploring the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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