RE4 Remake: Thermal Scope Location + Compatibility

In this guide learn where you can find the Thermal Scope, what are its uses and which weapons can you attach it to.

Thermal Scope Resident Evil 4 Remake
Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The Thermal Scope, also known as the biosensor scope, can be found in Chapter 13 of the game. This scope is attached to a gun and allows you to view a heatwave map. Enemies appear in a vibrant yellowish color, making them easy to spot from a distance.

Biosensor scope Resident Evil 4 Remake
Biosensor/Thermal Scope description | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

As I progressed through the game, I realized that this scope, which I discovered in Chapter 13, had become an essential part of my gameplay. Without it, certain enemy encounters proved to be quite challenging. However, dealing with these adversaries became significantly more manageable once I had the Scope.

Key Takeaways

  • The Thermal Scope can be found in Chapter 13 of Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • You will find the Scope in a room attached to the Incubation Lab.
  • Through the use of Biosensor Scope, you can quickly Kill the Regenerators.
  • The Scope is Attachable to Four Guns.

How To Get Thermal Scope?

  1. In chapter 13 of Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will encounter the rooms locked by keycards and their levels.
  2. Solving the freezer puzzle to upgrade your keycard to level 2 is recommended. If you are stuck in the freezer puzzle, you can visit this Guide to learn how to solve it.
  3. After completing the freezer and upgrading your keycard to level 2, you must go to the incubation lab.
  4. Make sure to also grab the LE 5 SMG from the room in the freezer room as it is straightforward to miss out on.
  5. After you open the incubation lab, you must go inside a room with 4 Regenerators inside incubation cells.
Map location of biosensor scope
Thermal Scope Map Location | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  1. Now, go to the room attached to the lab. You will find a note describing how to use the biosensor scope for your current main quest task.
  2. You will also find the biosensor Scope in a small suitcase beside it on the table.
biosensor scope
Suitcase where you find the Thermal/Biosensor scope | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  1. To complete the main quest, you will need the wrench tool using the biosensor scope to find the wrench inside one of the four generators.
  2. Kill it to obtain the wrench tool and upgrade your keycard to level 3, which grants you access to Ashley’s locked room.
Wrench Tool
Wrench Tool Located Inside Regenerador | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming


The true value of this attachment became apparent when I obtained it in the game. After my initial encounters with the regenerators, I realized just how formidable these enemies could be. In those early encounters, it took an excessive amount of bullets or explosives to even stand a chance against them. However, once I had the thermal Scope, the tables turned dramatically.

Regenerators were notorious for their rapid regeneration abilities and their resilience. Yet, with the thermal Scope, I could identify the three Plagas residing inside their bodies. These Plagas appeared as bright yellow organisms when viewed through the Scope. By targeting and shooting these Plagas, I found that dispatching the Regenerators became a much quicker and easier task.

Regeneradors / Regenerators
Plaga seen through thermal scope | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Weapon Compatibility

The thermal Scope can be generally attached to any weapon that can use its scopes. These weapons include any rifle in the game except the LE 5 Submachine gun.

The list of the weapons compatible is:-

Would I Recommend?

The thermal Scope was a game-changer for me in combat, offering several advantages. While some were nice bonuses, others were essential for dealing with specific enemies.

On the Island, there were dark areas where spotting enemies was a real challenge. That’s when the thermal Scope came to my rescue, allowing me to mark out foes in the darkness and score some precise headshots.

If you do not have the thermal scope, the main problem is killing the Regenerators, which can quickly heal from any damage players deal. So, it is necessary to have it to save your ammo and promptly take them out. 

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