Resident Evil 4 Remake Tips And Tricks (Top 13)

Since there are new mechanics and a lot of changes in the remake, here are some helpful Tips for Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Tips
A guide with best 13 tips for Resident Evil 4 Remake.

The amount of customization and various activities Resident Evil 4 Remake offers have successfully grabbed everyone’s attention. But some of these additions are new to even the OG players of the Resident Evil franchise. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, a time will come when the struggle gets real, taking down the infected zombies of the game. Here are some tips for Resident Evil 4 Remake to help players have a great start in this highly anticipated game.

Key Takeaways

  • New mechanics and items are added in Resident Evil 4 Remake, and having a few tips on hand will assist players a lot.
  • We have 13 great tips for Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • The first tip is to always upgrade your starting pistol and knife in the early game.
  • The second piece of advice is to learn the parrying mechanic properly. It will help you escape from near-death situations.
  • The third tip is to gather Flash Grenades and make full use of them. These grenades can take down Las Plagas easily.
  • In our fourth tip, we suggest players keep an eye on the ground and not get caught in a Bear Trap, especially during combat.
  • The fifth tip we have in store is to loot mindfully and always look for Small Keys for later use.
  • Our sixth tip is to learn about healing items – herbs and their perfect combos to heal further.
  • The seventh tip is to always complete your leftover errands. You might forget about it and reach a point of no return.
  • Next up, we have discussed how to take groups of enemies out like a pro.
  • In our 9th tip, we’ve mentioned why completing Merchant Requests is a must. It gives you Spinels as a reward which you can trade for rare items.
  • Our 10th tip is to collect gemstones and inlay them in treasure to sell them out for a high price.
  • In our 11th tip, we suggest players avoid playing their first playthrough in Hardcore Difficulty.
  • The 12th tip is to buy yourself a Bolt Thrower in the early game. The weapon comes with various benefits.
  • And our last tip is to look out for limited offers and discounts on items at the Merchant’s shop.

Upgrade Your Starting Pistol And Knife

Players start with an SG-09 R as a handgun and a Combat Knife as a melee weapon. Save up money and invest in upgrading both these weapons as soon as possible. These weapons’ upgrades are comparatively cheaper and provide decent damage from early on.

Yes, SG-09 R may not be the best handgun in the market, so what’s the use of wasting your hard-earned Pesetas over it? As we said earlier, it comes with cheaper upgrades and can help players escape dire straits while they’re still learning the game mechanics. You can always sell your starting handgun to the Merchant later on and purchase an even better pistol.

Next up is the Combat Knife. We highly suggest players constantly repair their knives each time they visit the Merchant. This is because the knives can easily break over time. Upgrading your Combat Knife will increase its power and durability. And you need both as the Combat Knife will not only act as a weapon, it also provides a shield each time you parry.

Therefore, upgrading it is a must because finishing enemies off with a knife is recommended at any chance you get. It will be an efficient way of progressing in your playthrough, as you’ll save tons of ammo.

The Art Of Parrying

Parrying Resident Evil 4 Remake Tips
Parrying a Flying Projectile – Image Credits: Adapt Chance

Resident Evil 4 Remake allows players to parry a blow coming from the opponent’s melee weapon. You can perform parry by pressing the space bar/L1/LB right after the enemy swings his melee weapon on you.

Now, a perfect parry may not turn you invincible, but it will give you enough time to reposition yourself while in a tough spot. Parry an enemy so they back off a bit – reposition yourself or finish off the imbalanced foe. Oh, and you can cut an enemy’s arms off while parrying if they happen to be unarmed.

Upgrading your Knife increases its durability, making it much stronger against each attack. And you will also expand your beloved knife’s lifespan. However, whether you upgrade the knife or not, repairing it is a must every time you visit the Merchant. A damaged knife is unable to perform a parry.

Gather As Many Flash Grenades

They might just stun enemies in other video games, but Flash Grenades serve a bigger purpose in Resident Evil 4 Remake. While fighting for your life against some bigger parasites like Las Plagas, Flash Grenade will come in handy. Throw one and see Las Plagas take an immense blow or get instantly killed. Flash Grenade is also helpful if you’re getting swarmed by enemies and need an escape.

You can also achieve a Bronze trophy named “Shield Your Eyes” by taking down three enemies at once with a Flash Grenade. Therefore, seize the opportunity and earn the achievement while using a Flash Grenade in combat.

Lastly, Flash Grenades are scarce, so you can have trouble looting them. Keep looking in every yellow-marked crate you come across, as the grenades are mostly found inside those crates. You can also craft a Flash Grenade yourself once you learn its recipe. The recipe requires 5x Gunpowder and 1x Resources.

Don’t Forget The Bear Traps

After spending just a small amount of time in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will absolutely hate one thing – and that is the countless Bear Traps laid on the ground. Though they may not harm you much when it comes to health, these infuriating traps will slow you big times if you’re trapped in one. What’s worse? Most of the time, there will be some enemies behind, ready to grab Leon while Leon is trying his best to escape from the bear trap.

Do not let the deadly environment filled with zombies distract you from another concern camouflaged on the grounds. Always be aware of bear traps, and make sure your eyes track them down before your feet do. To stop the bear traps from working, you can simply shoot in its center and destroy it.

Loot Mindfully

Looting For Ammo Resident Evil 4 Remake Tips
Looting for Ammo – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The spawn rate of different resources in Resident Evil 4 Remake is imbalanced for some players. You might have trouble getting a specific ammo type or herbs sometimes. Your best bet is to try to loot whatever you can so you don’t run out of resources between a fight. Selling resources is always an option anyways, in case you have to.

Additionally, you will run across multiple locked drawers and cabinets that contain treasure. The drawer/cabinet is locked, and finding its key can become tiring, and you might need to retrace your steps. So, thoroughly looting each area will allow players to collect any Small Key that might be useful later on.

Herbs And Their Combo

Resident Evil 4 Remake Tips
Herbs And Their Combos – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Your ultimate healing item is going to be Herbs (well, there are Eggs and First Aid Spray too). There are three types of herbs available – green which will slightly increase your health, red which can multiply the herbs’ effect; and yellow, which increases the player’s maximum HP.

Rather than using the herbs individually, combine them to craft “Mixed Herbs.” Following are the Mixed Herbs combos you must try:

  • Green Herb + Green Herb = Regains five cells on the Health Meter
  • Green Herb + Red Herb = Restores 100% of the Health
  • Green Herb + Yellow Herb = Restores Health slightly and increases Maximum Health
  • Red Herb + Yellow Herb = Increases the Maximum Health
  • Green Herb + Green Herb + Green Herb = Restores 100% of the Health
  • Green Herb + Red Herb + Yellow Herb = Restores 100% of the Health and increases Maximum Health

Keep some Mixed Herbs ready in your inventory in case of emergency. Secondly, mixing Herbs is a great way to increase space in your inventory. So be a bit creative and craft some Mixed Herbs!

Complete Your Leftover Errands

Since you will undertake a handful of errands and tasks throughout a single playthrough, you may forget about finishing the job occasionally. These tasks belong to a specific chapter and sometimes require to get done within a chapter’s limit. If you move on to the next chapter and miss the task, the only way to complete it is by playing a New Game+ later on.

We suggest players be sure of which quests they have performed and which ones are still pending each time they move on to another Chapter. If you still end up forgetting, talk to the Merchant every time you see him. If he says the dialogue, “Might want to take care of any leftover errands before going this way. Be a shame to live the rest of your life wondering “what if” – am I right?”

The mentioned dialogue from the Merchant will indicate that there is a Point of No Return forward, and you may have some pending tasks left that you can’t return back to. Completing the quests results in you obtaining rewards, so it is always a good idea you collect those rewards before moving on to tougher chapters of Resident Evil 4 Remake ahead.

Handle Group Of Enemies Like A Pro

First of all, never stand in a single spot for too long while being chased by Ganados. Not only will they try to grab you constantly, but they also carry melee weapons most of the time. Keep your distance and dodge or shoot any projectile attack coming from these villagers. It shouldn’t be as tough since these specific types of infected are slow.

Always have an escape plan. If things do go south, where will you go? Well, keep that decided before stepping into a battle. You can get swarmed by enemies, and your best course of action would be to escape for a bit and rearrange yourself.

Try to reserve as much ammo as possible and finish off enemies with a knife whenever you get an opening. You can do this by aiming and shooting at the opponent’s kneecaps or head. That way, the enemy gets stunned, giving you the opportunity to perform a melee attack. And if you see an unarmed villager trying to grab you, simply crouch and save yourself. Grenades are always an option if the situation is getting tough to handle.

Perform Merhant Requests And Collect Spinels

Trading Spinels for Rare Items
Trading Spinels for Rare Items – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

See those blue notes lying on a crate or pinned over a wall? They are Merchant Requests, and they function as a side quest in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Since these quests aren’t the main focus of the storyline, you can accidentally skip them. Now, here is why the Side Quests are essential for quicker progress. Once you complete the required task, the Merchant Request gives you; you must go back to the Merchant to report him. As a reward, the Merchant will give you Spinels.

The Spinels are pink gems that players can use as currency. You can exchange them with the Merchant in return for some unique or rare items. These items can be an Exclusive UpgradeTicket, a Weapon Equipment, Herbs, Golden Tokens, and even a Treasure Map. You won’t find most of these special resources anywhere else in your playthrough; therefore, always look out for blue notes and fulfill the requirement mentioned in them.

For a thorough outlook on these Requests, check out our Merchant Request guide and find out each available Merchant Request in Resident Evil 4 Remake. All requests will result in you getting Spinels – a useful currency- as a reward.

Collect Gems To Get Richer

Resident Evil 4 Remake Tips
Instructions are shown to combine treasures – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

While looting the area, you will find some locked drawers and chests. You can unlock them with a Small Key, and they mostly contain some sort of treasure; it can be a mask, a crown, a necklace, etc. You can also make the job easier by purchasing a Treasure Map from the Merchant and going on a treasure hunt.

If the treasure contains empty slots, do NOT sell it. Find gemstones – a form of treasure, too- that you can attach to those empty slots. The value of the treasure will increase immensely. To do this, follow the mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the menu and open the “Key Items & Treasures” tab.
  2. Choose a treasure and select the pop-up option “Inlay Gemstones.”
  3. Here you can inlay any gemstone available to your desired slots.

Make sure to check out the option “Gemstone Bonuses.” It will show a chart filled with multiple gemstone color combos. Each color combination of gemstones you place in a jewel comes with a different bonus/price value. Once you’ve successfully attached the gemstones to a treasure, go to the Merchant and sell it for some fortune. The faster you earn more cash, the quicker you’ll become stronger.

Play On Standard Difficulty The First Time

Whether you are a Resident Evil veteran or playing it for the first time, we suggest your first playthrough be on Standard Difficulty. The Remake is different in many aspects, and diving into a Hardcore Difficulty is extremely demanding. So, to learn the new mechanics in Resident Evil 4 Remake quickly and enjoy the playthrough at the same time, stick with Standard Mode as your first gameplay. It will allow you to explore around and familiarize yourself without stressing at every other step.

However, you can play on Hardcore Difficulty if you are confident enough and like challenging yourself. This may slow down your overall progress, though.

Buy Yourself A Bolt Thrower

One of the best additions in Resident Evil 4 Remake has to be a Bolt Thrower. Firstly, the weapon gets available in the earliest stage of the playthrough. Purchase it from the Merchant in Chapter 2 in 10,000 Ptas.

Secondly, Bolt Thrower ammo, aka bolts, are retrievable. Once you kill an enemy, retrieve your bolts back from its body. This retrievable quality of ammo is an extremely useful tool. It doesn’t create noise and helps players sneak around easily. You also won’t have to waste other weapons’ ammo during each kill. Save ammo and time all by using Bolt Thrower as your main.

You can also craft ammo for Bolt Thrower yourself once you gain its crafting recipe. All you need is a knife and some other resources. Though keep in mind that the knife will get wear off faster when you use it to craft Bolts. We suggest using a low-health knife for crafting them; it will still give you up to 3 bolts.

There is a powerful ammo type known as “Attachable Mines” that players can load their Bolt Thrower with (this explosive ammo is only usable on Bolt Thrower). The ammo causes burst damage on enemies and comes in handy during boss fights. You can purchase its crafting recipe from the Merchant.

And lastly, Bolt Thrower is available for further upgrades to make it an even stronger ranged weapon. The overall damage, ammo capacity, and reload time will improve after every upgrade. What are you waiting for? Grab this beneficial weapon right from the start and take enemies down sneakily.

Look Out For Limited Deals At Merchant Shop

Yup, even the Merchant has some deals going on from time to time. Since your main focus, especially in the early game, is to play efficiently and save up cash for better equipment later on, always look out for discounts on purchases. These discounts, obviously, last for a short period of time and may not be there on your next visit to the Merchant.

Players can get limited offers going on, on a pretty good set of things. The discounted items can be some Weapons, Weapon Attachments, Attachable Mines, Crafting Recipes, Case Upgrades, etc. And since you will be purchasing these items quite frequently, keep an eye out for special offers for them.

Final Remarks

The 2005 Resident Evil 4 Classic was a highly anticipated game from the Resident Evil series, and the Remake kept that anticipation alive, with fans loving it just the same. There are new mechanics and weapons that the Remake offers, along with some interesting quests.

If you want to learn in-depth about these new additions or simply like to gather some tips for a better experience, we have mentioned the top 13 tips for Resident Evil 4 Remake. We hope you learned something new from our guide that may make your playthroughs even more entertaining. Happy Gaming!

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