RE4 Remake Treasure Guide [All Chapters]

Here is a complete guide on how to secure all the treasures in Resident Evil 4 Remake

re4 cover: treasure
Resident Evil 4 Remake: Treasure Guide

There are over 100 treasures hidden discretely in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Each treasure can be found easily if you know its location and the items required to get there. After you acquire these treasures, you can take them to the merchant to trade for Pesetas if you need money.

This article will tell you about these treasure locations in all 16 chapters so you can take them all without trouble. Moreover, you can collect Treasure maps from the Merchant by trading Spinels. The map will highlight all the treasure locations so it becomes easy for you to manage them.

Key Takeaways

  • There are treasures hidden in every chapter of Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • You must discreetly open red chests across the map to collect these treasures.
  • You might also find treasure-holding containers hanging from the ceiling. Shoot them down to get the treasure.
  •  Different types of treasures have different values. However, combining some of them can increase their worth.
  • Some of the common treasures are Ruby and Sapphire. They are found in almost every chapter.
  • There are also some unique ones like Chalice of Atonement or Elegant Headdress. They are rare and found once or twice in the complete game.

Chapter 1

Velvet Blue

The treasure hunt will start from the house where you found your first weapon, W-870. When on the second floor, facing the gun, look to your right to see a window. Climb out that window onto the roof and walk some steps. To the right, you will find Velvet Blue Treasure.

velvet blue treasure
Found on the rooftop of shotgun house | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

First Ruby

From the last location, make a 180-degree turn and climb down the roof. Cross the first house to your left to see two more houses, one to the left and the other to the right. Enter the house on the left. As you enter, look behind the open door to collect Ruby inside a wooden box.

Ruby treasure
Inside the house on the left | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Dirty Pearl Pendant

To get this treasure, you must go to the Farm entrance. Crossing it, you should look at a field with pigs around it and a windmill. Jump over the fence and move past the pigs to stand close to the windmill.

Aim your pistol on the windmill fans to see a bell-shaped item. Shoot it down so it hits the ground and breaks. Your dirty pearl pendant can be collected from its shambles.

dirty pearl pendent treasure
Shoot down the container inside the farm fields | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming


If you follow the storyline, you will be given a task as a request from the merchant to destroy the Blue Medallions. After you get all five of them, following the story for a while will get you in front of this door with square holes. 

Don’t enter it yet; take a sharp right turn and open a small door. Inside, there will be a trap laid down for you. Please turn it off from the device on the wall. Furthermore, go beyond it to find a ladder. Climb it and go around the rotating wheels to open another door.

On the balcony, climb down behind the fence, where you see a small walkway. In there, you will see a bronze chest with Flagon inside.

flagon treasure
Behind the inaccessible fence | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Second Ruby

Beyond the chest, there is a wooden door that is locked. Hit it twice with your foot to break the lock and open the door. There will be a wooden table inside the room. Find your second ruby inside the table drawer.

ruby treasure
Open the drawer to collect the treasure | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Chapter 2

First Sapphire

At the beginning of the second chapter, you will be asked to perform stealth kills with the Kitchen knife. Then, you will find two small wooden doors of a fireplace inside the Abandoned Factory in its bottom corner. The Sapphire Treasure will be inside the oven doors to the right. Be cautious of some enemies that might spawn around.

sapphire treasure
Collect at the start of this chapter | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

First Ruby

After collecting Sapphire, follow the story until you reach the Valley. Over there, look for the highest point of the mountain, where you will find a bronze-colored chest underneath a hut.

ruby map location
Reach this location to collect ruby | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

To open the chest, you will need a small key that can be found inside a room close to the chest. To reach that room, start walking down the slope from where you located the chest. Make two U-turns and then take a sharp right to find a door leading to that room.

The small key will be inside a wooden box, open it and grab the key. Once again, follow the same path and collect the treasure, Ruby.

ruby treasure
Ruby found with the help of small key | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Elegant Mask

We must return to the Abandoned Factory to get the third treasure. We can backtrack our path to the merchant there now that we have the small key. Open the double steel door and another door following it.

To the right, you will see a wooden drawer that will be locked. Use your small key to open it and find Elegant Mask inside. Collect it, and you will be on your way. Moreover, if you are short on credits, you can sell this to the merchant for a lot.

elegant mask treasure
Use the same small key to open this drawer and collect treasure | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Second Sapphire

After you return through the double steel door, look past the merchant to observe a locked gate. Use your Hexagonal Emblem to unlock that gate and access a hidden area. If you still need to collect the Emblem, you can find it on the roof of the room you found the small key.

Beware of bear traps and enemies in this area when you open the gate. Furthermore, locate a shed area and head inside. Move past all the obstacles to find a small opening on the left side underneath a crate.

Then, to the right, you will find a similar chest where you collected Ruby. Upon opening the chest, you will find your second Sapphire successfully.

sapphire treasure
second sapphire in this chapter | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Third Sapphire

After you have the second Sapphire, follow the stairs close to you by first getting out through the small opening. Keep following the linear path in front until you see a hut. Standing outside, look above at the trees and ropes joined between a couple of them.

There will be a bell hanging from the ropes. Shoot one of them down, and it will break once it hits the ground. Approach it to find another Sapphire treasure.

third sapphire
Shoot the bell hanging above | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Pearl Pendant

From the same point, locate a well around you. Also, ensure you shoot all the bear traps on the ground to avoid getting stuck in them. After you see the well, notice another bell-shaped thing hanging above it.

You will not get the treasure if you shoot it down before closing the lid. Therefore, shoot a bullet at the top so that it closes. Then, take the treasure by shooting the bell and breaking it.

pearl pendant treasure
On the same place as the third sapphire, above the well | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Second Ruby

After you place your hands on the pearl pendant, you will have to face several enemies, including one with the chainsaw. Defeat them and then move up the stairs to reach the house.

You have to enter, but the front door is locked. Locate a gate on its back and make entry from there. As you join, an enemy waits inside a washroom to your sharp left. Take him out to proceed.

Walk straight to find a table at the end of the walkway. Open its drawer to see a Ruby inside.

ruby treasure
Go inside the house and check inside the table | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Also, there is a small key that you can grab inside this house. From the table, look to your left to go inside the lobby. In the far corner, close to the sofa, there will be a side table with a small key on top of it. Take the small key that will be helpful to find more treasures shortly.

we will use this small key to collect treasures
This key will be useful in the next chapter | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

In the following chapters, we will return to this place to gather more treasures once we have everything. Until then, you may continue where the story takes you.

Chapter 3

Vintage Compass

get here to collect vintage compass
Vintage Compass map location | Image Taken By: VeryAliGaming

The third chapter starts when you visit The Village Square once again. In the previous chapter, when we collected Ruby, we found a small key to help us get the Vintage Compass. You should enter the village from this gate, as shown on the map below.

Go straight in line, and you will witness three houses in front. Go inside the house in the middle, or the smallest one, whatever is easier for you to chase it. There will be a side table just after the door is opened.

Open its first drawer using the small key; you will find the Vintage Compass inside.

vintage compass treasure
Vintage compass found in table drawer | Image Taken By: VeryAliGaming

Velvet Blue

To get this treasure, you should go to the clock tower on the other side of the village, as shown. Open the door and head inside. If you are coming here for the first time, a viper will come out of the box when you enter the room. You must take it out and store it.

Walk to the middle of the room and look at the roof to find the treasure-holding bell. Shoot it down with your weaponry and collect Velvet Blue. Moreover, you can visit the merchant in the other room and complete a merchant request.

velvet blue treasure
You will find it close to the merchant | Image Taken By: VeryAliGaming

Elegant Headdress

To get this one, make your way toward the entrance of the church, as shown on the map below.

You won’t be able to enter the church right now, so we will have to look for an alternative. A small path will be on the right side of the front door. Follow it till the end and then make a left.

After turning left, there will be a shed at the far end. Under it, you will find a chest holding the treasure, Elegant Headdress. Collect it and proceed further.

elegant headdress treasure
To the right of church | Image Taken By: VeryAliGaming


To obtain the Ruby, travel to the Quarry entrance. It’s also crucial for the “Shield Your Eyes Trophy” as you’ll find crows in an open area; eliminate them with a Flashbang. In the open area, look up at the wires to spot another bell. Use your pistol or sniper rifle scope for precise aiming to shoot it down, making the Ruby fall to the ground for collection.

ruby treasure
Shoot the bell container above to find ruby inside | Image Taken By: VeryAliGaming

Antique Pipe

Get the Antique Pipe treasure where you completed the Merchant Request – Blue Medallions 4. After reaching your location, drop into the shallow water and circle around to its back.

Spot the bell-shaped container hanging from one roof corner. Shoot it to break it and collect the Antique Pipe. Additionally, find a small key in a bronze-colored chest nearby.

antique pipe treasure
You will find this container on the shallow water region| Image Taken By: VeryAliGaming

Brass Pocket Watch

After completing the Viper Hunter merchant request, exit the merchant station, and use the small key obtained from the last treasure location.

Jump down, turn right, and locate a table on your left. Open it with the key to find the Brass Pocket Watch in the first drawer. This is the final treasure in Chapter 3.

brass pocket watch treasure
Inside the table drawer | Image Taken By: VeryAliGaming

Chapter 4

First Alexandrite

go to the middle of the lake to get treasure
Alexandrite map location

After passing the Mural Cave onto the Boat House, get inside a boat. Take the boat to the middle of the lake, where you will find an abandoned ship. Get on it and collect the Alexandrite treasure from the chest. Moreover, you will also find the Red9 handgun on this boat.

alexandrite toward the lake's center
Collect from the abandoned ship where you found Red9 Pistol

First Velvet Blue

To get to the location of Velvet Blue Treasure, take the boat to the east side of the lake and park it at this point.

Get off the boat and turn left to find Velvet Blue on a barrel.

velvet blue treasure
1/2 Velvet Blue’s of chapter 4

Pearl Bangle

Go to the Lakeside Settlement by using the boat once again. The Old Wayshrine key you may have encountered at the Mural Cave will be used here. If you have missed it, you can revisit where you saw the Merchant request – Egg Hunt.

Go up the wooden stairs and to the back of the house from its left. Use that key inside the shrine to access the Pearl Bangle Treasure.

pearl bangle treasure
Found inside the way shrine unlocked with a key | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Gold Bar

To find the Gold Bar, unlock the house with your Insignia key. Inside, use your flashlight to see in the dark. Open a locked drawer to the left with a small key found near a yellow barrel.

gold bar found in the dark
The gold bar treasure | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Red Gemstone Ring

The Red Gemstone Ring is in the same house. After getting the Gold Bar, go through the first entry and make a right. Disarm the trap on the left.

Take a quick left to access the basement. Walk to the other end to find the Red Gemstone Ring on a wooden box.

red gemstone ring treasure
A rare red gemstone ring | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming


On the lake’s top right corner, search for the Ruby. Find a cave entrance northeast of the lake, enter it on your boat, and leave the boat on the walkway. Solve a puzzle by pressing three buttons with specific shapes to unlock the door.

Take a right, climb the ladder, and you’ll spot the hanging bell holding the Ruby. Shoot it to retrieve the treasure.

ruby inside the treasure holding container
Solve the button puzzle to get to this bell container holding treasure

Depraved Idol

Head to the bottom left of the lake to find another treasure. Anchor the boat, go up the slope, and solve a puzzle using the three Hexagon pieces.

Two Hexagon pieces are from the previous chapter, and the last one is here. Turn the pieces to create a circular image. Once completed, the wooden door will open, revealing a vault with a Depraved Idol puzzle to collect.

depraved idol found after making a circle image to solve puzzle
Solve the puzzle with hexagon pieces to collect treasure

Splendid Bangle

Looking at the map, we see a narrow tunnel on the West side of the lake. Follow this tunnel on the boat till you see its other end. It would be best to park the boat on the right side after the tunnel ends. Use your Old Wayshrine key to open the wooden vault containing a Splendid Bangle.

splendid bangle treasure
Use your old wayshrine key to open the shrine | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Second Alexandrite

You can also find an Alexandrite in the same location where you collected the Splendid Bangle. Stand where you inserted the Old Wayshrine key, look to your right and up. Spot a bell hanging from a pole, and use your sniper rifle to shoot it down. Collect the Alexandrite it drops.

alexandrite treasure
Found at the same spot as splendid bangle; just look up!

Second Velvet Blue

Return to your boat and follow the narrow waterway until it widens, then dock at the entrance of Large Cave Shrine. Jump on the short bridge, take a right, and follow the left path.

Beware of surprise enemies. Keep left and go to the path’s end, where you’ll see a lamp to your right. Beyond the lamp, you’ll spot a bell-shaped object hanging from a higher ceiling. Shoot it down to obtain the Velvet Blue Treasure.

velvet blue found inside the hanging bell
2/2 Velvet Blue’s in this chapter

Butterfly Lamp

On the opposite side of the Large Cave Shrine is another piece of land where you will find the Merchant. You can visit him for Merchant Requests. At the Merchant location, there is a double door. Please open it and move up the stairs until you see another shrine close to the end of the path.

By using your Old Wayshrine key, you can unlock it and find the Butterfly Lamp treasure. Collect it to proceed further.

Yellow Diamond

To obtain the last treasure of this chapter, first, find a small key inside the Church you previously visited using your Church key. The key is to the right of the Altar. Collect it and exit the Church.

Turn left and go through the opening, but this time, take the door to the left to enter a small room. In that room, look for a side table. The treasure is inside its first drawer; open it with the small key you collected.

yellow diamond treasure
Open the drawer using the key found at the altar to get the yellow diamond

Chapter 5

Yellow Diamond

At the start of the chapter, you will be with Ashley trying to get out of the church. When on the second floor, instead of making a left, go right and open a door. There will be a bell container hanging from the ceiling. Shoot it down and collect the Yellow Diamond.

Elegant Bangle

map location for treasure
Get to this mark to find Elegant Bangle.

After getting out of the Church, you will make your way to the Village Square with Ashley. She will help you get inside a house which was not accessible before. This house is precisely at this point on the map.

Go to its left wall, where the house roof is open. Boost Ashley inside the house from this opening so she can unlock the door for you from inside. Open the blue chest after getting through the main entrances to retrieve the Elegant Bangle.

elegant bangle treasure
Finding Elegant Bangle Treasure | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Antique Camera

Visit the Village Chief’s Manor located south of the Village Square. Go inside, use the stairs to reach the upper floor, and turn right. Open the bedroom door to find an unopened ladder.

Boost Ashley to lower the ladder for you, then climb into the attic. Go right, crouch through a narrow opening, and find an Antique Camera on one of the tables. This location is important because it holds one of the sixteen Castellans hidden in the attic.

antique camera inside the attic
Found inside the attic where you also locate a Castellan

Antique Pipe

Visit the Farm by returning to the Village Square and following the passage toward the North. Reach this point to proceed further.

Just under the windmill is a shrine requiring an Old Wayshrine key to be unlocked. Use that key to open it and find an Antique Pipe treasure inside.

antique pipe found inside the shrine
Collect the treasure from a shrine under the windmill | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Chapter 6

Yellow Diamond

At the start of the chapter, you will find yourself here just after passing the Villa.

map location for a treasure
you will find your treasure once you reach this point

Take the stairs at the left to open a chest containing the Yellow Diamond for you to collect.

yellow diamond treasure
Finding yellow diamond inside the red chest | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Chalice Of Atonement

Moving forward, you will open a double door to another treasure. Walk some steps, then take the path to your left connected by a staircase. Get inside from the entrance, where a chest is on the table. Make sure you take out all the enemies first.

Pick up the Chalice of Atonement from the chest and be on your way.

chalice of atonement treasure
One of the rarest treasures | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Elegant Headdress

Keep progressing forward through the linear path to reach the Checkpoint. Make sure you reach this exact location to get to the desired treasure.

Go up the stairs and make a U-turn to the right. Follow the bridge till the end and enter the room with no doors. Furthermore, leave it from the other side and keep walking. You will notice a Wayshrine at the end of your way.

Using the Old Wayshrine Key, you can open it and retrieve the Elegant Headdress from it.

elegant headdress treasure
Elegant Headdress


After you defeat Mendez inside the Slaughterhouse, you must get out before the place explodes. After escaping from there, you will find a tree on your way to the Castle that will have the treasure-holding container tied from its branches. Shoot down the container to get Emerald.

emerald inside the bell container
Found on a tree branch after defeating Mendez boss

Chapter 7

At the start, you will find the Merchant. You can get his treasure map once you complete the Blue Medallions merchant request.

collect treasure map to make the hunt easier
Treasure Map makes it easier to find the treasures

Vintage Compass

If you go behind the Merchant, there is a broken wall. Go through the hole to find a chest containing Vintage Compass for you to collect.

vintage compass treasure
Inside the hold in the broken wall behind the merchant | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Elegant Bangle

To reach this location, cross the Chapel, get the Boot Knife, and head to the Castle. Proceed through the castle, shoot a hanging vase to raise the cannon, and exit the area. Climb a ladder outside, return to the roof, and find a red treasure chest to collect the Elegant Bangle.

elegant bangle treasure
Open the red chest to get the treasure | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Elegant Perfume Bottle

Cross the castle gates after destroying them with the cannon. Enter the Audience Chamber and boost Ashley up a wall hole to open the door for you.

Instead of going through the narrow opening as directed by the main story, turn right, descend the stairs, and find a chest at the bottom containing the Elegant Perfume Bottle.

elegant perfume bottle treasure
going right by skipping the door will lead you to this treasure | Captured By: VeryAliGaming


Go back to that narrow opening we recently mentioned. As you cross it, look to your left to notice another bell-shaped container hanging from the ceiling. Shoot it down and grab a Ruby.

ruby treasure
Collect ruby after shooting down this container | Captured By: VeryAliGaming


After defeating the Garrador, you will cross the Dungeons and reach this point. Climb the ladder and make a right to find Spinel on a table.

spinel treasure
Spinels are used as a trading currency | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Gold Bangle

Make your way inside the Treasury up to this mark. It would be best to solve the sword puzzle and correctly insert four swords inside the wall: Iron, Golden, Bloodied, and Rusted Sword.

The door will open right after you put all of them in this order. Make a right and open the chest to get the Golden Bangle.

gold bangle treasure
Solving the sword puzzle will get you to Gold Bangle | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Golden Hourglass

After getting the Bangle, open the nearby door and go to the end. There’s a ladder to your left; kick it to drop it down. Cross to the other side by stepping back and jumping onto the Chandelier to your left.

On the other side, you’ll find a hole in the floor. Jump down from it to reach a chest containing the Golden Hourglass, the last treasure of this chapter.

golden hourglass treasure
Jump inside the ground hole after using the chandelier to reach it | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Chapter 8

Mirror With Pearls & Rubies

The chapter starts when you enter the Wine Cellar. In there, you will encounter multiple enemies. After defeating them, walk towards the back of the lobby and grab the treasure inside the red chest over here.

mirror with pearls & rubies treasure
Inside the wine cellar | Image Taken By: VeryAliGaming

Extravagant Clock

After crossing the Wine Cellar, you will go to the Bindery, where you will notice the wall with four slots. Before solving the puzzle, go inside the room to your right, where knight armor is placed.

Under that armor, you will find a red treasure chest containing an Extravagant Clock.

extravagant clock treasure
Inside the room before the wall with four slots | Image Taken By: VeryAliGaming

Brass Pocket Watch

To get this one, we have to find a small key first. Solve the slots puzzle by installing Lithographic stones inside the wall. Go through the entrance and make a left. Furthermore, walk till the end until you spot the small key sitting on a table.

After acquiring the small key, return to the room where you found the Extravagant Clock. There will be a locked drawer that can be unlocked using this key. Inside the drawer, you will find the Brass Pocket Watch.

brass pocket watch treasure
Same room as Extravagant Clock but inside the drawer | Image Taken By: VeryAliGaming

Ornate Necklace

This can be a little tricky to catch, but possible. To get to it, you must get yourself inside the Castle Battlements. Stand at this precise location.

When you are there, look around for a yellow lever. Pulling it will change the displaying symbol. Make sure it shows the moon so that a door with the moon symbol on top of it will open.

pulling lever gets you to the desired treasure
Pull once so it displays Moon | Image Taken By: VeryAliGaming

Go through the door and climb the ledges in front of you. After the second ledge, you will notice a hole in the ground. Drop down from it, go through another entrance, and then make a U-turn to the right to find a red treasure chest holding the Ornate Necklace.

ornate necklace treasure
Go through multiple doors with symbols on them to get here | Image Taken By: VeryAliGaming


As you progress through the story, you will eventually witness The Armored El Gigante. After the cut scene ends, where they show the boss, you have to make an instant right turn and climb up the ladder.

When on the roof, go straight and then towards the right by dodging the boulders thrown by El Gigante. Make another right by walking up some stairs to find an Emerald inside the red treasure chest.

emerald treasure
Dodge the fire balls to reach this treasure | Image Taken By: VeryAliGaming


During the same boss fight, reach this location in the Castle. Enter a room with a yellow lever displaying symbols. Pull it once to reveal the Sun symbol and unlock the door. Proceed through it, jump down, make a 180-degree turn, and shoot down the hanging bell container from the ceiling. Collect the Ruby from it.

ruby treasure
Shoot the container hanging from the ceiling to get the treasure | Image Taken By: VeryAliGaming

Chapter 9

Elegant Chessboard

CH9 Elegant Chessboard treasure location
Elegant Chessboard Chest Chapter 9 | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Navigate via your map and head toward the lower right corner of the labyrinth. On your way, you will find a fountain, from where you must lead to the left. A few meters into the alley, you will find a small room with a chest. Please open it and collect the chessboard.

Depraved Idol

CH9 Depraved Idol treasure chest
Depraved Idol Location | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Unlock the main door and activate all the levers. Head to the area previously inaccessible in the last chapter. Locate the merchant and the spot where someone in a maroon cloak with a crimson lantern interacted.

Go through the door with a lantern and notice an entrance above it. Send Ashley through it to unlock the door. Enter the room and find a chest containing the Idol right in front of you.


CH9 Alexandrite treasure location
Alexandrite Chapter 9 | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Head to the grand hall; much time would’ve been spent here as the mission demands. A few meters into the hall, see the statue at the right, which has a container hanging on its hand. The container possesses Alexandrite.

Butterfly Lamp

CH9 Butterfly Lamp treasure chest
Butterfly Lamp | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

After collecting the cubic device, head to the room with the merchant’s request on a desk. The corner of the room has a chest that can be unlocked with the proper orientation of the cubic device. Unlock the chest and collect the butterfly lamp.

Gold Bar

CH9 Gold Bar treasure location
Gold bar | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

In the same room as the butterfly lamp, there’s a hidden door resembling a fireplace. Go through it and descend to find a vehicle. Use it to fast travel back to the castle, equipped with the key and cubic device.

Arriving at the castle, proceed through the corridor and past the two consecutive doors. Then, turn right to a larger door, but be cautious of enemies behind it. Enter the hall and look to the middle-right to locate a drawer that the key can unlock. Use the key to find the bar inside the drawer

Justitia Statue

CH9 Justitia Statue treasure location
Justitia Statue | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Turn left from the drawer and go through the door into a tiny room. Find a box in front of you. Use the cubic device with the correct orientation and unlock it to collect the Justitia statue.

Yellow Diamond

CH9 Yellow Diamond treasure location
Yellow Diamond | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

The treasure demands to travel back via the fast travel vehicle and go to the galley of the main hall. An upstairs door can reach the gallery. Find the last statue head and the lever close to it. Expect some fighting here. Then, pull the lever.

Find a chest under the bridge. Unlock the chest and find the yellow diamond inside it. Collect the final statue and head down the aisle.

Elegant Perfume Bottle

CH9 Elegant Perfume Bottle treasure chest
Elegant Perfume Bottle | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Submit the statue heads to transform into Ashley. Proceed down the path Ashley faces and find keys in the drawer at the end. Go downstairs to a connecting room, be cautious of knights, and turn left. Unlock a chest using the second key from upstairs to retrieve the bottle.


CH9 Sapphire treasure chest
Sapphire | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Go upstairs and take the elevator. You will have a cutscene as you get off the floor. Go left towards the books and find your way through the aisles to an end with a chest waiting for you. The fourth key in the chain shall unlock this chest and grant you the sapphire.


CH9 Emerald treasure chest
Emerald | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Head back to the door from the floor’s cutscene. Set the clock to 11:04 for normal difficulty or 7:00 for harder/professional difficulty. Proceed through the straightforward passage, open doors, and activate any levers. Watch out for pursuing knights; use your light on them.

The passage leads to an elevator. Take it to a room with knights. Go clockwise, ring three bells to unlock the next door. Look behind the woods on the right for a chest with Emeralds. Collect the symbol from the hall using the first key to unlock the chest.

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Chapter 10

Golden Lynx

CH10 Golden Lynx treasure chest
Golden Lynx | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Leave the library from its other staircase. Go upstairs and turn left. In the next room, you will find a cabinet that has an opening. Use your cubic device in the proper orientation and unlock the cabinet to get the Gloden Lynx.


Go to the ballroom and be cautious of a few enemies here. Under the broken passage structure, there is a lamb that should be fired. It gives off a ruby.

Ornate Beetle

CH10 Ornate Beetle treasure chest
Ornate Beetle | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Go behind the main staircase, and you will find a passage that ends at a table with a chest on top. Open the chest and find ornate beetle inside.

Elegant Crown

CH10 Elegant Crown treasure location
Elegant Crown | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

When inside the depths, take the staircase above the water body. Do not take the usual course of the mission; instead, turn left and find the crown in the corner.

Red Beryl

CH10 Red Beryl treasure lamp
Red Beryl | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

A few steps backward from the crown, take the narrow entrance in the wall and heap up the ladder you face. Turn left and continue through the passage until you see a path going left. Stop there and find a lamp on the ceiling. Fire it and collect red beryl from inside it.

Yellow Diamond

CH10 Yellow Diamond treasure chest
Chapter 10 Yellow Diamond | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Power the control area to power up the elevator. Go back through the passage and rotate the valve to open the door. Please go through it and look for a metal door on your left that was previously locked. Go through it now, and at the end of the small room is a chest that contains the diamond.

Chapter 11


CH11 Sapphire treasure lamp
Sapphire | Credits: Maka91Productions (yt)

When you are in the mines, go above the main staircase. Before the mine entrance, there is a lamp attached to the ceiling. Fire at it and collect the Sapphire from it.

Golden Hourglass

CH11 Golden HourGlass treasure location
Golden Hourglass

After using the control systems and lowering the draw bridge, head to where you collected the dynamite. A few meters from the spot, there is a hole in the wall towards the left where a chest is located. It contains the hourglass.


CH11 Flagon treasure chest

Outside the same building, on the balcony, is a chest. Open it to collect the Flagon.

Gold Bar (L)

CH11 Goldbar treasure location

The gold bar is inside the passage where the red explosive barrel clears. Continue going in the course, and it ends with a chest. Open the chest to find the large gold bar.

Chapter 12

Small Key

CH12 Small Key chest
Small Key | Credits: Maka91Productions (yt)

The small key is collected by leaving the elevator and ordering it from the desk right before you.

Ornate Beetle

Chapter 12 Ornate Beetle chest
Ornate Beetle 

Rush to the defense walls of the castle and head downstairs. Take the entrance, and you will find a ladder towards the right. Behind the ladder is a chest that contains the Beetle.

Gold Bar

Gold Bar chest
Gold Bar 

Take a sharp right from the door you enter the mega room. Keep going to where the debris is, and a narrow passageway ends at a chest with the gold bar.


CH 12 Alexandrite lamp

Take the room’s stairs until you are at the next stairs. Stop at the first step of the next stairs and look over your head. You will find a fired lamp, after which it fell and revealed the Alexandrite.

Mirror with Pearls & Rubies

CH12 Mirror with pearls chest
Mirror with Pearls | Credits: Maka91Productions (yt)

Go to the top of the clock tower dodging the spiky metal balls from the top. When at the top, take the right ledge and get to a small balcony with a chest on it. Open it to find the mirror.

Extravagant Clock

CH12 Extravagant Clock chest
Extravagant Clock

Stand in the view of the balcony, drop down from there, and take a few steps forward to meet a chest. Open the chest to collect the clock.

Yellow Diamond

CH12 Extravagant Clock chest
Extravagant Clock

Go out of the castle and when you are at the scaffolding, crouch to move, and after stepping on solid wood, look over your head to find a glass bottle. Take it out, as it contains the yellow diamond.

Chapter 13

As the chapter starts, follow the path before you, and you will find a merchant. Trade something with the merchant for a treasure map for Island.

Pearl Bangle

CH13 Pearl Bangle location
Pearl Bangle 

Go to the harbor, look left to the turret, and throw a laser. Take the window on the right, go to the back of the turret from behind the wall, and deactivate it. Then go where the laser was and unlock the chest to find the bangle.

Golden Lynx

CH13 LYNX location
Gold Lynx | Credits: Maka91Productions (yt)

Go above the harbor, and you will find yourself on a mountain that has a barracks-like building. Head into the room it has and look right for an explosive barrel. Take it out, and you will find a passageway. Head in that direction and face a chest that has the lynx.

Elegant Crown

CH13 Elegant Crown chest
Elegant Crown 

In the path to the surveillance room, there will be a staircase going down to the right. Take it and stay close to the wall on the right, and you will encounter a chest that contains the crown.

Velvet Blue

velvet blue location
Velvet Blue inside the Briefcase | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Instead of taking the lower staircase, take the stairs that elevate you and see a building towards the right. Enter it, and a velvet blue awaits collection before a small ledge.

Head in the central passageway, and you enter a metal room. Take a very sharp left, and you will find a white briefcase with velvet blue.

Red Beryl

CH13 Red Beryl location
Red Beryl 

Turn ON the power control lever and head out. Turn right and follow the passage until you see a closed door. Approach the door, and it will slide away, revealing white cabinets a few meters away. Break the glass of the cabinets and collect the beryl.

Gold Ingot

CH13 Gold Ingot location
Gold Ingot 

Open the Map and navigate to the top right room. Collect the level 1 keycard from the room. Doing so will open the sliding door, and a monster is appearing. Take its legs off and rush to the door across. Find a table with the ingot in a glass casing at the end of the other room.

Chapter 14

First Crystal Ore

crystal ore chest location
The first Crystal Ore in this chapter | Picture By VeryAliGaming

After spawning, go to the front left corner of the room, and you will be near the ore. Collect the Crystal ore.


CH14 Alexandrite lamp
Alexandrite Location 

Go to the merchant and take the blue door that is close by. Head out and look above and behind after you have taken a few steps out of the building. Use the scope to spot a lantern that is to be taken out. It carries the Alexandrite.

Gold Bangle

CH14 Gold Bangle location
Gold Bangle 

After collecting Alexandrite, take the staircase on the right and jump off the ledge. Towards the right, there is a dumpster that carries the Gold Bangle.

Velvet Blue

CH14 Velvet Blue treasure lamp
Velvet Blue 

After taking out the fifth medallion, use the staircase to go up and enter the hall. Go to the end of the hall and look above your head. Fire the container that is quite visible. It will drop the blue velvet that you must collect.


CH14 Emerald location
Emerald | Credits: Maka91Productions (yt)

Rush into the bottom left room of the map. Get into the sewers and crouch under the pipes to find the emerald in the liquid.

Ornate Necklace

CH14 Ornate Necklace chest
Ornate Necklace 

Go into the waste disposal, where Ashley will open the bridge for you. Turn left after crossing the bridge, and some meters from there, find a white case on the control room desk. Open the case to collect the necklace.

Second Crystal Ore

Go to the amber storage room and make your way to the end of the room, where boxes are piled up. The ore is resting on those boxes.

Gold Bar (L)

CH14 Gold Bar chest
Gold Bar 

Drop down from the top of the hill and land close to a tent. The tent contains a treasure box that has a gold bar.

Chapter 15

Red Beryl

CH15 Red Beryl lamp
Red Beryl 

As the chapter starts, head to the back of the building on the left. A lantern is on the balcony, which can be seen as you approach the end of the alley. Take it out and collect the Red Beryl.

Velvet Blue

CH15 Velvet Blue lamp
Velvet Blue 

Get to the stronghold area, which has a turret. Head up the ladder and get close to the bridge. Look above your head and take out the lantern you see. Collect the velvet blue from it.

Staff of Royalty

CH15 Staff of Royalty chest
Staff of Royalty 

Take a 180-degree turn from where you shot the last medallion and walk in that direction. You will find a chest that carries the Staff of Royalty.

Splendid Bangle

CH15 Spelndid Bangle treasure item
Splendid Bangle 

Look right to find a chest in the same room where the Castellan was found. Unlock the chest and collect the bangle.

Chapter 16

Velvet Blue

Velvet Blue ch16 treasure lamp
Velvet Blue 

Enter the first door of the chapter and turn left. Push Ashley up so she can get on the container, and throw a ladder down for you to climb. Go to the bridge and look up at a lamp hanging. Fire at it and then collect the velvet blue that it carries.

Illuminados Pendant

CH16 Illuminados Pendant treasure location
Illuminados Pendant 

Go to the sanctuary, and instead of taking a right, go left and crouch under the rocks and head to the throne on stage. The pendant is attached to the throne.

Gold Ingot

CH16 Gold Ingot treasure chest
Gold Ingot 

Leave the sanctuary behind and keep moving forward. Look out for a merchant flame. Across the flame is a treasure chest that carries the Ingot. This unlocks a trophy that indicates that you have collected all collectibles.

Summing It Up

This is all on Treasures and how to get them in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Remember to search for a red chest or a treasure-holding container shaped like a bell. Most of the treasures will be inside them. Finding all the treasures inside the castle will get you the Raider Trophy. Moreover, The Village Treasures will give you the Bandit Trophy, and finally, collecting the Island treasures will reward you with a Burglar trophy.

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