Resident Evil 4 Remake Trophies [Full List]

Here is a full list of trophies in Resident Evil 4 Remake that players can achieve by completing certain objectives.

Trophies In Resident Evil 4 Remake
A list of all available Trophies in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The game offers 40 Trophies/Achievements to obtain. Out of these 40 trophies, eight of them are considered Hidden Trophies. Each of the trophies belongs in either the Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze category, with Platinum being the rarest and most challenging while Bronze being the most common.

Key Takeaways

  • Out of 40 trophies, one is Platinum, four are Gold, 10 are Silver, and 25 are Bronze.
  • There are at least five Difficulty Trophies in Resident Evil 4 Remake, meaning that players need to play on a required difficulty level to achieve them.
  • “Cuz Boredom Kills Me” is the final trophy to collect. Players must obtain the other 39 trophies to achieve this one.
  • Some trophies are easily attainable, but most of them require proper planning and time.
  • You must clear the entire main story at least 4-5 times if you aim to achieve the Platinum trophy.

Here is a list of all the trophies/achievements players can obtain in the Resident Evil 4 Remake playthrough.

  • Note: The list contains Hidden Trophies, which may be a spoiler for some people.

Table of Contents


Platinum Trophy
The only Platinum Trophy – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

There is only one Platinum Trophy which is obtainable at the very end.

1. Cuz Boredom Kills Me

  • Objective: Obtain all trophies

After spending countless hours and lots of grinding, when you finally manage to achieve the 39 trophies, you obtain the one and only Platinum Trophy, “Cuz Boredom Kills Me.”


The four Gold Trophies - Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
The four Gold Trophies – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

There are four Gold Trophies players can obtain, out of which two are Hidden Trophies.

1. S+ Rank Investigator

  • Objective: Complete the main story in Hardcore Mode with an S+ rank.

The S+ Rank Investigator is a Difficulty Trophy only obtainable if you complete an entire playthrough on Hardcore Mode and achieve an S+ Rank upon completion. Make sure you complete a New Game instead of New Game+ to achieve an S+ Rank.

2. Real Deadeye

  • Objective: Earn an S rank in all games at the shooting range.

Players run across five shooting range games, each belonging to a different chapter. You can also perform them directly in Chapter 15. You must clear all five of them with an S Rank to achieve the “Real Deadeye” trophy.

Each round comes with some objectives and a bonus condition. To obtain an S Rank, complete those objectives along with the bonus condition.

3. You’re Small Time!

  • Objective: Defeat Osmund Saddler

The final boss of Resident Evil 4 Remake you encounter is Osmund Saddler. After a cutscene, it’s time to dodge his tentacle-like legs and shoot yellow eyeballs attached to them. Finally, you get the chance to attack the giant eyeball poking out of his mouth.

Keep performing the same process till you successfully destroy the giant eyeball. After another cutscene, Ada throws a Rocket Launcher, which you use to put an end to Osmund Saddler.

4. Peerless Agent

  • Objective: Complete the main story on Professional Mode

You must complete the entire playthrough on that difficulty to gain the achievement of “Peerless Agent.” Obtaining an S+ Rank is not a requirement, thankfully. Lastly, make sure to have some save files in case you need to retry at any stage of the gameplay.


The 10 Silver Trophies - Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
The 10 Silver Trophies – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Players can achieve 10 Silver Trophies, including two hidden ones.

1. Mission Accomplished S+

  • Objective: Complete the main story on Standard Mode with an S+ rank

A difficulty trophy that is only obtainable if players complete an entire playthrough on Standard Mode and gain an S+ Rank for it.

2. Proficient Agent

  • Objective: Complete the main story in Hardcore Mode or higher

Another difficulty trophy that is achievable if you complete the game’s main storyline in Hardcore Mode difficulty. There is no need to achieve an S+ Rank if you need to collect this trophy; simply end the storyline.

3. Frugalist

  • Objective: Complete the main story without using a recovery item

Players can heal themselves by consuming a mixture of Herbs, using First Aid Spray, or eating Eggs. However, if you manage to beat the entire playthrough without using any of these healing items, you achieve the Silver Frugalist trophy.

It is nearly impossible to complete a game like Resident Evil without healing yourself even once. I suggest playing on Assisted Mode so you encounter the easiest combat.

I recommend using the New Game+ rather than New Game, so you are already pretty powerful and do not require any recovery item.

4. Sprinter

  • Objective: Complete the main story within 8 hours

One of the easiest Silver Trophies to obtain. You achieve Sprinter achievement while going for S+ Rank in Standard Mode for a difficulty trophy, “Mission Accomplished S+,” as it requires completing the game within 5 hours.

Just speedrun your way through the storyline. It is even better if you play on New Game+.

5. Silent Stranger

Objective: Complete the main story without talking to the Merchant once

The best way to obtain the Silent Stranger trophy is by playing the game on New Game+. The Merchant offers various items and upgrades that players can purchase.

Due to the New Game+ mode, you won’t be required to face the Merchant for those matters (unless you carried on bad weapons from previous gameplay.)

6. Minimalist

  • Objective: Complete the main story using only knives and handguns. (Excluding specific battles.)

Another trophy that should be obtained on New Game+ mode on the Assisted difficulty level. Make sure to carry a fully upgraded Primal Knife along with an upgraded pistol.

Also, carry a lot of healing items with you while performing this specific playthrough. In addition, there are a few exceptions where you are allowed to use other weapons.

7. Jack Of All Trades

  • Objectives: Complete all requests from the Merchant

You can obtain the Jack Of All Trades trophy in your first playthrough. There are 19 tasks you must perform, all given by a Merchant. Once the task is done, report back to any Merchant.

Upon completing all 19 requests, you unlock the trophy. And if not obvious by now, you can not obtain Jack Of All Trades and Silent Stranger in a single gameplay.

8. Revolution Wind-up

  • Objectives: Destroy all Clock Castellans

Destroying all available Clock Castellans may sound like a piece of cake, but tracking them down alone is a painful task.

There are 16 of these, with one located in each Chapter. Destroy them all to obtain the Revolution Wind-up trophy.

9. Grilled Big Cheese

Defeating Bitores Méndez - Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
Defeating Bitores Méndez – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • Objective: Defeat Bitores Méndez

In Chapter 6, you face Bitores Méndez as a Final Boss in a huge battle. The trophy “Grilled Big Cheese” is Unmissable, meaning that you obtain it no matter what because it is story-related.

To beat Bitores Méndez, for the first part of the fight, keep a considerate distance between you and him till he loses his bottom limbs from your attacks.

When the second part of the combat starts, you should get ready to dodge his attacks and take shots at him from your long-range weapon. You must also use your knife on him when the timing is correct. Upon successfully taking him down, you unlock the trophy “Grilled Big Cheese.”

10. No Thanks, Bro!

  • Objective: Defeat Ramón Salazar

The best way to defeat Ramón Salazar is by dodging the acid attacks he sprays at you. Hide behind anything in sight or moves around the battle arena whenever he uses his acid attacks.

While he is spraying, use the opportunity to shoot the giant yellow eyeball somehow. Make sure to throw a Grenade in his mouth at least once to unlock another achievement, “You Talk Too Much.”

Continue the shooting process till Ramón Salazar is on the ground. Now is the chance to use your knife and take that eye out.


All 25 Bronze Trophies
All 25 Bronze Trophies – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

There are 25 Bronze Trophies in Resident Evil 4 Remake, most of which are easy to obtain. Here is a list of all Bronze trophies:

Knife Basics

  • Objective: Parry an enemy with a knife.

Whenever you are in melee weapon combat, parry the enemy right before he attacks. This will crash your weapon against the enemy’s and result in the attack canceling out.

To parry, use L1 on PlayStation, Space Bar on PC, and LB on Xbox. The Knife Basic is the easiest to unlock, and you may obtain it within a few minutes.

My Preferred Piece

Upgrade your weapon at the Merchant's Shop - Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
Upgrade your weapon at the Merchant’s Shop – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • Objective: Upgrade a weapon.

Another unchallenging trophy; all you need to do is visit the Merchant and upgrade your first weapon in exchange for some money. You will earn the trophy “My Preferred Piece” right after.

A Masterpiece

Players can earn an Exclusive Upgrade for their weapon by either upgrading the desired weapon to its fullest or by using Exclusive Upgrade tickets. These tickets are available in exchange for some Spinel at the Merchant’s shop. Players must reach Chapter 7 to unlock this feature.

An Exclusive Upgrade of a weapon adds additional and unique attributes to it. After your first exclusive upgrade, you will obtain the “A Masterpiece” trophy.

Nice One, Stranger!

  • Objective: Complete a request for the Merchant

Players can perform 19 side quests given by the Merchant. They are also known as Requests from the Merchant. Upon completing your first request from him, you earn the trophy “Nice One, Stranger!”

Talk About a Near-Death Experience!

  • Objective: Rescue Ashley as she’s being carried away by the enemy

In Chapter 5, players need to protect Ashley from a bunch of enemies. During the process, one of them carries Ashley on his shoulder and starts walking away. Shoot him down to earn the “Talk About Near-Death Experience!” trophy.

Revolt Against The Revolting

  • Objective: Destroy a Clockwork Castellan

There are 16 Clockwork Castellans throughout the map. They are small-sized statues that you can destroy to unlock a Primal Knife. After successfully shooting down the first one of these figures, you will be rewarded a “Revolt Against The Revolter” trophy.

Harpoon Hurler

  • Objective: Defeat Del Lago

Del Lago is pretty easy to defeat despite its enormous size compared to other monsters and bosses you encounter later on. Simply ready your Harpoons and aim them.

After at least 3 minutes of hitting the giant lake monster with harpoons, you will successfully take it down and receive the achievement “Harpoon Hurler.”

Wave Goodbye, Right Hand

  • Objective: Defeat the Verdugo

At the end of Chapter 10, you encounter Verdugo in the sewers. To defeat Verdugo, turn on the switch around the sewer’s walls. These will shower Liquid Nitrogen which can be used to freeze Verdugo temporarily; therefore, take advantage of the situation and start shooting him along with occasional grenade attacks.

Repeat the process of freezing him once or twice, following up with non-stop attacks. He will eventually die, resulting in you earning “Wave Goodbye, Right Hand.”

You Used To Be A Good Guy

  • Objective: Defeat Jack Krauser

In Chapter 14, you face Jack Krauser again, this time in a parrying combat. The fight is pretty time-consuming and requires good parrying skills.

The battle also includes the use of ranged weapons. When you manage to take down Jack Krauser, you’ll earn the trophy “You Used To Be A Good Guy.”

Shield Your Eyes

  • Objective: Defeat 3 enemies at once with a flash grenade

Whenever you manage to defeat three enemies with a flash grenade, you obtain the “Shield Your Eyes” trophy.

Never Heard It Coming

  • Objective: Defeat a Garrador using only knives

You will face a Garrador in a dungeon in Chapter 7. Taking that one down is the easiest, so get ready for some action. Since Garradors are blind, the most efficient way to take one down is to sneak behind their back while crouching and strike with a melee weapon.

Dodge its attack and repeat the process till the Garrador is on the ground. Make sure only to use a Knife the entire time to unlock the achievement “Never Heard It Coming.”

Two Bugs, One Stone

  • Objective: Kill 2 parasites inside a Regenerador with a single bullet

Once you obtain the Biosensor Scope in Chapter 13, attach it to your Sniper Rifle and aim at the Regenerador. Take a shot when you successfully capture two parasites together and kill them with a single Sniper bullet.

You Talk Too Much!

  • Objective: Throw a grenade into Ramón Salazar’s mouth

This can be achieved while battling against Ramón Salazar in Chapter 12. You can achieve “You Talk Too Much!” by throwing a grenade into his mouth whenever the timing is right.


  • Objective: Use a cannon to defeat a zealot

Use one of the two cannons you encounter in Chapters 7 and 8 and launch it on one of the coming enemies. That’s all, and you will earn the Overkill achievement right away.

Hope You Like Thrill Rides!

  • Objective: Make it through both minecart sections in the underground tunnel without taking any damage

In Chapter 11, there are two minecart sections players pass through in a minecart. The first section is easy, and you won’t take any damage if you play carefully.

However, you need to keep an eye out for the second section. If you manage to make it through without taking any damage, you earn the achievement “Hope You Like Thrill Rides!”

Capacity Compliance

  • Objective: Reach the top of the clock tower without the lift stopping once

In Chapter 12, while you take a lift to reach the top of the clock tower, you will be swarmed by enemies. Make sure no enemy makes a close encounter with the lift.

Shoot them down with your gun or else they’ll jump on the lift, making it stop. If you indeed, stop the enemies and have a smooth trip to the clock tower’s top, you will earn the achievement of Capacity Compliance.

Smooth Escape

  • Objective: Escape on the water scooter without taking any damage

In Chapter 16, when you escape the island with Ashley, make sure your water scooter does not take any damage. Avoid all the obstacles, and the trophy Smooth Escape is yours.

Astute Appraiser

  • Objective: Sell a single treasure for at least 100000 Ptas

Firstly, obtain an Elegant Crown, as it is a treasure with empty slots. You can, later on, insert perfect combinations of gems and increase the value of the crown to 100k ptas. Now sell the crown to the Merchant and earn the achievement of Astute Appraiser.


  • Objective: Obtain all treasures indicated on the island treasure map in a single playthrough

If you collect all 39 treasures located on the village treasure map in one playthrough, you obtain the Bandit trophy.


  • Objective: Obtain all treasures indicated on the island treasure map in a single playthrough

There are 24 island treasures ready to be collected. If you successfully find them all in a single playthrough, you obtain the trophy/achievement, Burglar.


  • Objective: Obtain all treasures indicated on the castle treasure map in a single playthrough

If you collect all 41 treasures in the castle, all in a single gameplay, you will obtain the achievement, Raider.

Gun Fanatic

  • Objective: Obtain all weapons

Since there are 20+ weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake, it can be time-consuming to collect each one. However, if you do, you get a trophy/achievement “Gun Fanatic” in return.

Promising Agent

  • Objective: Complete the main story on Standard Mode or higher

A bronze difficulty trophy, “Promising Agent,” is only attainable if you succeed in completing an entire playthrough on Standard Mode or higher.

Amateur Shooter

  • Objective: Complete a game at the shooting range.

Players can partake in a shooting minigame. Complete it once to receive the achievement/trophy “Amateur Shooter.” You can find a Shooting Range in Chapter 3, Chapter 9, Chapter 11, and Chapter 14.

Trick Shots

  • Objective: Shoot through and destroy 5 targets at the shooting range with a single shot

It may sound tricky, but destroying five targets in a single shot is not that tough in a shooting range. When there are five targets in front of you, wait for them to come into alignment, that is when you take a shot and destroy them all.

Though complicated to collect, trophies are quite an entertainment to obtain. Each one comes with a unique and challenging task, eventually leading players to the rarest Platinum trophy in the game. If you like taking up the challenge, then our guide will assist you with your long trophy collection venture.

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