Resident Evil 4 Remake Wall With Four Slots [SOLVED]

With ten main puzzles in Resident Evil 4 Remake, players set out to solve and uncover their secrets! Find out how to solve Wall With Four Slots puzzle!

Resident Evil 4 Remake Wall With Four Slots
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Are you in search of Ashley and can’t seem to access the door for the Bindery? My guide on Resident Evil 4 Remake Wall With Four Slots will provide details and clues that have been hidden from players in plain sight! Before we start, players need to know that the remake of Resident Evil 4 differs from the original in many aspects.

The solutions to multiple puzzles will definitely vary from player to player as well including other details. Those details may include items hidden in different locations, and more. You will encounter this particular puzzle when you’re on your way to finding Ashley. To access the door in Bindery, you will have to carefully place the stones in their designated spot.

The door will not open if the order is incorrect. Additionally, you only need to locate three Lithographic Stones as one will already be found on the wall. You will also have to rearrange that stone accordingly to unlock the door.

Key Takeaways

  • There are ten main puzzles in Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • You will have to complete some of those puzzles to progress through the story.
  • You will find this puzzle in Chapter 8.
  • The puzzle “Wall With Four Slots” will require four Lithographic Stones to unlock the door.
  • You only need to find three stones to place on the stone wall.
  • The stones will be hidden inside the premises, so you won’t have to look elsewhere.
  • Stone B is lying on a bookshelf.
  • Stone C can be found on a pile of books (different from the location of stone B).
  • Stone D is inside a glass cabinet.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Wall With Four Slots

 Map of Bindery – Images By VeryAliGaming

Once you’ve reached Chapter 8 in Resident Evil 4, you will encounter the above puzzle before opening the door in the Bindery in search of Ashley. As mentioned above, the locations for finding stones B, C, and D, will vary and you may find them in different spots than those mentioned in this guide.

Stone B
Location of Stone B – Images By VeryAliGaming

However, the good news is, you’ll be able to find the Three Lithographic Stones in the same room. It will save you the time to search for them at different spots. I mean, how big can the room be? Anyways, without knowing how the stones appear to be, any player can have bitter luck finding them.

Stone C
Location of Stone C – Images By VeryAliGaming

Evidently, players can deduce the shape of the item they are supposed to look for, by viewing stone A which is already placed on the wall. By grasping the concept, there will no difficulty in finding the remaining three. Either way, below are the locations to find all three Lithographic Stones in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Stone D
Location of Stone D – Images By VeryAliGaming
Lithographic Stone BWalk toward the wall where you need to place all the stones. Look to your left and you'll find Stone B lying on a bookshelf.
Lithographic Stone CWhen you enter the room, look to your left and find a stack of books that are placed on the shelf. It will be in the corner.
Lithographic Stone DStone D will be on the left side of the room, at the same line where you find Stone C. There will be a glass cabinet next to a round table. You will need to break the glass using your knife to access the stone inside.

Basic Findings of The Puzzle

Now that we have found all three of the Lithographic Stones, here comes the difficult part; assigning them the correct slots! Before we run down the pattern, here are some things you need to know about the stones.

  • Each stone can be rotated or flipped to show the other side.
  • The stones have two distinct features; hexagon and square. These are the shapes that also link to solving the puzzle.
  • There are four icons aside from the two shapes; Helmet, Sword, Shield, and Armor.
  • Two icons will be shown in red color; helmet and shield. Coincidentally, the other two will be in black.
  •  When you approach the wall, you will be given a prompt to use the stones B, C, and D.
  • The order will be random so whatever position they get into first doesn’t matter because you’ll be assigning them the slot afterward.

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Correct Placement of The Stones

Wall With Four Slots Solved
The above pattern is the correct one, and once you have arranged the stones in this manner, the puzzle will be solved! – Images By VeryAliGaming

Once you have placed all three stones on the wall from your inventory, you will need to flip them for the appropriate shape and icon to appear. The information below is about the engravings on the wall.

  • The top side of the wall will have a square-shaped shield.
  • The left side will have a hexagon-shaped helmet. the shape will be partially erased but it’s a hexagon.
  • The right slot or side will have a square engraving partially erased.
  • Finally, the bottom side will have a hexagon shape.

Assign the slots with the appropriate stones in this manner;

  • The stone with the red square-shaped Helmet needs to be placed on the bottom side. Flipping the stone will bring forth the hexagon-shaped Armor.
  • The hexagon-shaped red Sword will be placed on the top side of the wall. When you flip it, the stone with a square-shaped red Armor will appear. The top side of the wall is where you need to place it.
  • You need to place the square-shaped red Armor on the bottom side of the wall. Flip the stone to reveal the hexagon-shaped armor.
  • You already know where the last stone goes; the right side of the wall. The piece will be a square-shaped Sword.

Final Thoughts

You can press “confirm” to initialize the sequence. An animation will take its place and the door will open! Also please note that the images do not include any of the Lithographic Stones. It’s because I had already solved the puzzle and forgot to take screenshots of the locations before picking up the stones! However, I have encircled the spots for all the stones you need to find in the room!

As I have mentioned before, the location of the stones might vary however, the puzzle will require the same order to be solved. If, for any reason, the location of either Stone B, C, or D is different than the one you find in your gameplay, do not hesitate! With that said, I conclude my guide on Resident Evil 4 Remake Wall With Four slots.

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