Resident Evil 4 Remake Wrench Tool: Location & Upgrade

Using your Biosensor Scope on the Regenerators located in the tubes would be best to obtain the wrench tool.

Wrench Tool
Resident Evil 4 Wrench Tool Location Guide

Finding the wrench tool in Chapter 13 will likely be one of the more infuriating challenges you face. You will require this item to use the Overwrite Terminal in the Incubation Lab.

Even though many of you have exhaustively searched the area, it’s possible that some of you won’t be able to find the Wrench. This guide will show you how to get this mysterious tool and where to find it.

Key Takeaways

To obtain the Wrench, follow these steps in Chapter 13:

  1. Location of the Wrench: Start by going to the Incubation Lab, where you’ll find the Wrench.

  2. Lab Access: Head south from the Override Terminal to reach the Lab area.

  3. Regeneradors: Inside the Lab, you’ll encounter four large capsules, each containing a Regenerador. Pass them and enter the adjacent room.

  4. Biosensor Scope: Return to the Lab with the Biosensor scope obtained from the table.

  5. Scope Attachment: Attach the Biosensor Scope to your weapon and use it to locate sleeping Regeneradors.

  6. Finding the Wrench: Use the scope to find the wrench tool inside one of the Regenerador’s stomachs.

  7. Break the Glass: Fire your shotgun at the capsule containing the Wrench. This will awaken the Regenerador inside.

  8. Defeat the Regenerador: Quickly eliminate the awakened Regenerador while avoiding harm to the other three.

  9. Use the Wrench: After getting the Wrench, head to the overwrite terminal and use it.

  10. Access Level 3: Go to the keycard machine and request Level 3 clearance. Finally, unlock the door at the Override Terminal.

Keycard Location

In Chapter 13, the confrontation with Ashley in the locked room is a pivotal moment. To free her, players need to ensure that their Keycards have been upgraded to their maximum capacity.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this:

  1. Restore Power: Head to the gated area immediately to the south of the Dissection Room. In this area, you will find a Power Control Lever. Interact with the lever to restore power to the facility.

  2. Open the Door: With the power restored, go to the room where the dissection is taking place. Use the control panel in this room to open the door to the room located directly to the north.

  3. Upgrade the Keycard: Inside the newly unlocked room, you will find a keycard machine. Approach the keycard machine with the Wrench in your inventory. Use the Wrench to upgrade your keycard’s clearance level to Level Three.

  4. Unlock the Door: After upgrading your keycard, head back to the Override Terminal located near the locked room where Ashley is being held. Use your upgraded keycard to unlock the door and gain access to the room.

  5. Confront Ashley: Once you have unlocked the door, you will be able to confront Ashley in the locked room, and the story will progress further.

Wrench Tool
Location Map Of Incubation Lab // Image Captured by Veryali Gaming

Upgradation Of Keycards

You can obtain a Level 2 Keycard by following these steps:

  1. Return to the Power Control Lever in the gated area.

  2. Flip the switch on the Power Control Lever to restore power.

  3. After restoring power, make your way to the Freezer area.

  4. In the Freezer, locate and interact with the panel at the back of the room.

  5. While engaging with this panel, the player must wait for the Keycard to upgrade while evading a second Regenerador.

Once the upgrade process is complete, you’ll have a Level 2 Keycard in your possession.

Unfortunately, to use the Keycard to contact Ashley, you’ll need to upgrade it one more time:

  1. Head to the Incubation Lab on Level 2 through the Systems area.

  2. Find the Keycard Lock across from where the Merchant is stationed.

  3. Unfortunately, the Level 3 Keycard is locked behind a panel that requires a Wrench Tool to open in the smaller room at the back of the Incubation Lab.

Wrench Tool
Wrench Tool // Image Captured by Veryali Gaming

Wrench Tool Location

Chapter 13’s Incubation Lab has the Wrench Tool.

  • You’ll be in a hallway just before you reach the door to the Incubation Lab proper.
  • You can find some Rifle Ammunition in the corridor, which will be helpful against the Regeneradors you’ll encounter here.
  • Cross the Incubation Lab to the other side and Grab the Hand Grenade on your way.
  • A Biosensor Scope is located here in the Incubation Lab. This particular attachment lets you visualize parasites inside Regeneradors.
  • The only method to defeat these monsters is to kill their Plaga parasites, which the Biosensor Scope can find.
Wrench Tool
Regeneradors inside tube // Image Captured by Veryali Gaming

The Biosensor Scope is a crucial tool for locating the Wrench Tool and defeating the Regeneradors. Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Acquire the Biosensor Scope: Make sure you have the Biosensor Scope in your inventory. It can be attached to various firearms like the Rifle, Stingray, or LE5. Choose a weapon and attach the Biosensor Scope to it.

  2. Equip the Weapon with the Biosensor Scope: Equip the firearm with the attached Biosensor Scope. This will allow you to use the scope’s X-ray view to locate items and Plaga parasites.

  3. Locate the Wrench Tool: Proceed to the Incubation Lab area. Use the Biosensor Scope’s X-ray view to scan the tubes in the lab. Look for a body that contains the Wrench Tool inside one of the tubes. The Biosensor Scope will help you identify it.

  4. Shoot the Tube: Once you’ve located the tube with the Wrench Tool inside, use your equipped weapon (with the Biosensor Scope) to shoot the tube. This will release the Regenerador contained within the tube.

  5. Defeat the Regenerador: After breaking the tube, be prepared to engage and defeat the released Regenerador. Aim for the Plaga parasites within its body, which will appear highlighted in yellow when using the Biosensor Scope.

  6. Retrieve the Wrench Tool: Once you’ve successfully defeated the Regenerador and its parasites, you can pick up the Wrench Tool as your reward. It will be available for your use in the game.

    X-Ray View
    Biosensor Scope’s X-Ray View // Image Captured by Veryali Gaming

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