Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Bosses And Recommended Strategy

An in depth guide about how you can learn about what chapter you encounter the bosses and how to beat them in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

All bosses resident evil 4 remake guide
All Bosses Guide | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

You encounter around 10 main bosses through the 16 chapters of the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Each offers different challenges for you to beat to progress through the story. Some are very large and terrifying to encounter, while others might not be that big but still provide a tough challenge. 

Key Takeaways

  • Chainsaw Sisters, Minotaurs, and Garradors can be considered Mini-Bosses.
  • There are around 10 Main Bosses.
  • Each of the bosses requires different ways to be fought.
  • Some Bosses have different stages.
  • All the Weaknesses of the Bosses are covered.
  • Best methods you can use to beat each of them.
  • Osmund Saddler is the Main and Final Boss of the Game.
bosses re4 remake
Extra content shop showcasing bosses | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming


These small bosses are not actual bosses, but fighting with them is challenging and almost feels like a boss fight.

Chainsaw Sisters

Mini boss re4 remake
Mini-Boss: “Chainsaw Sisters” | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

They show up in chapter 6 when you have to find a handle to unlock a door. You encounter them with a jumpscare while grabbing the handle from a table. Although they might seem very scary, they function as the other Ganado in the game.

Their weak points are their head and knees too. You can hit at these points to stagger or stun them, showing you a melee prompt. Execute those melees on them and use shotguns and grenades to damage them heavily. 

One thing to remember is to keep your distance from them. Do not parry their attacks, as it will cost you a lot of knife durability. So it is better to keep your distance from them and stagger them whenever possible.


There are two types of minotaurs that you will find in the game. One you will encounter early on in the village will come yielding a hammer.

Ensure you do not let him get close to you to swing his hammer, and you will be fine. You can also stagger them by shooting at their heads or kneecaps and then perform the melee attack on them.

Mini Boss RE4 remake
MIni-Boss: “Minotaur with a gun” | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The other minotaur you will encounter is on the Island. It will come wielding a machine gun attached to its hand as it is part of the combatants of the Island. To beat him, always stay behind cover so he can not shoot at you.

Always try to beat it first, then start killing the other enemies, as he can get annoying if he starts firing at you while you are in combat. Typical weak points like the head and knee also work on him too. 


Mini-Boss “Garrador” | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

When encountering a garrador in Chapter 7, remember it relies on sound as it’s blind. Stay quiet to avoid hostility. Its weak point is its exposed Plaga on its back. Engage it carefully; it can lunge and deal heavy damage.

My preferred strategy is to crouch to move silently, then shoot its weak point, preferably with a shotgun. Avoid hitting hanging chains, which triggers aggression.

An alternate method is to use flashes, grenades, and shotgun shots when it staggers. Costly but effective. If you have a bolt thrower or mines, they can also quickly eliminate the garrador, as it can’t locate the source of the shots.

Garrador And Armored Garrador

Armored Garrador
Mini-Boss: “Armored Garrador” | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

In Chapter 10, you’ll face two garradors, one in regular form and the other armored and tougher. The same weak points and techniques apply. However, there are many cultists in this encounter, making it challenging. Having heavy grenades helps.

You can use the garradors to clear the cultists. Create a sound near the cultists with a gun, then run away. The garradors will rush the area and attack, killing the cultists.

There are also bells in the area. Shooting a bell confuses the garradors, allowing you to shoot them without fear of counterattack.

unicorn horn re4 remake
Unicorn Horn Key Item | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Both of the garrador would drop off a unicorn horn which will be used in the locked gate in that area to further progress through your story.

Main Bosses

These main bosses are part of the story and are quite challenging to beat. Some of them can be trickier, while others might require a lot of firepower to beat them.

Del Lago

Del Lago
Boss: “Del Lago” | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

You will encounter Del Lago, also known as the lake monster, in chapter 3, when you have to cross the lake to progress through the story. It offers a unique battle on its domain of the lake.

There is no use of knives and weapons while fighting Del Lago. Your boat becomes hinged to the back of the Lake monster, and it takes you along with it while throwing different attacks at you. The only option to fight is the infinite ammo harpoon you have.

Del Lago Jump Attack | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  1. In the Del Lago boss fight, use harpoons to counter its attacks.
  2. Predict its movement and throw the spear at it.
  3. When it tries to lunge at you with its mouth open, shoot the harpoon at its weak point to avoid the attack.
  4. Del Lago may also dive and jump to chomp at you; quickly steer your boat to the sides to evade.
  5. Keep avoiding attacks and lake obstacles while throwing harpoons at its back.
  6. Eventually, it will be defeated, and you’ll see a large pool of blood in the lake.
Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Del Lago Killed In Lake | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

El Gigante

El Gigante
Boss: “El Gigante” | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

In Resident Evil 4, you’ll encounter El Gigante in Chapter 4. Despite its intimidating size, it has a weak point.

El Gigante deals severe damage up close, so it’s best to keep your distance. It may stomp or try to smash you if it gets close, so sprint to avoid these attacks.

It also throws large objects at you; wait for it to throw and then move to a different area to avoid them. Be prepared to react quickly and follow button prompts to save yourself from its charge attack.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
El Gigante Plaga Exposed | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  1. When facing El Gigante in Resident Evil 4, start by shooting its head to stagger it, then target the exposed Plaga for damage.
  2. Use melee prompts or continuous knife attacks.
  3. Look for cabins with supplies.
  4. If you saved the white dog, it can help distract El Gigante. Use rifles or grenades for extra damage.
  5. Defeat El Gigante to get a yellow diamond, sell it, or inlay it into treasures for more value.

Bitores Mendez

Mendez Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Boss: “Mendez” | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Bitores Mendez is the main boss of the village that you beat in Chapter 6. He is one of the leading men of Osmund Saddler and is the last enemy you encounter in the village area before entering the castle.

Armored El Gigante

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Boss: “Armored El Gigante” | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

You’ll encounter the Armored El Gigante in Chapter 8. It’s similar to the regular El Gigante but fully covered in armor, making it tough to damage in your first encounter.

Fighting it directly won’t be very effective. Instead, your goal is to reach the cannon.

  1. Remove objects attached to the cannon to take it to the top.
  2. While doing this, the Armored El Gigante will throw objects at you.
  3. Take cover behind wooden objects in the area to avoid these projectiles.
  4. Once you reach the cannon successfully, a single well-placed shot will defeat the enemy.
  5. A cutscene will follow, but rest assured, the Armored El Gigante will fall off on its own.


Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Boss: “Verdugo” | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

Verdugo is one of the creatures standing beside Ramon Salazar in some cutscenes when he shows up. It has no weaknesses as it is covered in an exoskeleton. You will first encounter Verdugo in chapter 10.

The only way to deal damage to Verdugo is by first showering it with some cold nitrogen gas. It will follow you around the area and throw attacks at you from vents.

Verdugo covered in Nitrogen | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming
  1. Dealing with Verdugo can be challenging, as it can attack suddenly from vents.
  2. You have a limited supply of nitrogen pipes in the area, so use them strategically.
  3. When Verdugo is near, hit the nitrogen pipe button and quickly move away, as it can harm you too.
  4. After nitrogen, use powerful weapons like magnum, shotgun, or rifle. Can also melee attack after nitrogen.
  5. You don’t need to kill Verdugo; stun it and run to the elevator to continue. Defeating Verdugo earns a gold monocle worth 30,000 Pesetas

Armored El Gigante And El Gigante

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Boss: “El Gigante And Armored El Gigante” | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

In chapter 11, face both El Gigante and Armored El Gigante with Luis’s help. Normal El Gigante can be beaten as before. Armored El Gigante requires more effort. Their attacks and weak spots are the same, but the armored giant’s weak points aren’t exposed.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Armored El Gigante Dropped In Lava | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

Defeat the normal giant with shots and melee prompts. To deal with the armored giant, lure it to Luis for dynamite. Shoot dynamite to expose its weak point and finish it.

Easier way: Stun giants between closed hatches, then open the hatch to drop them in lava. Shoot dynamite on the armored giant’s back while on the hatch gate, then open the hatch.

Stun giants to drop them into the hatch. If dropped in lava, you won’t get their item drops. Armored giants drops Red Beryl, and normal giant drop Yellow Diamond. Sell or use them for treasures.

Jack Krauser’s First Encounter (Human Form) 

Jack Krauser
Boss: “Jack Krauser” | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

Jack Krauser, Leon Kennedy’s former teacher, joins the cult to gain more power. He is a formidable enemy with excellent combat skills and great speed. You first encounter him in Chapter 11, and then again in Chapter 13.

  1. During your first fight with Krauser, you can only use the knife.
  2. Learning to parry with your knife is crucial.
  3. Additionally, be ready to quickly turn around using the designated button (e.g., “Q” on the keyboard) as Krauser may jump behind you and attack.
  4. This allows you to parry his subsequent attacks promptly.
  5. Search the area for herbs, as they can help you during the fight.
  6. Stay focused and be prepared to follow prompts to avoid Krauser’s attacks.
  7. If you manage to hit him enough, he will stagger, allowing you to initiate a melee attack.
  8. After enough hits and surviving the encounter, a cutscene will play, and Krauser will leave, allowing you to continue with the story.

Jack Krauser Second Encounter (Human Form) 

Jack Krauser
Boss: “Jack Krauser” in Second Encounter | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

In the second Krauser fight (chapter 13), switch between weapons and knives based on the situation. Watch for button prompts to avoid his attacks and dodge bear traps.

Traps by Jack Krauser
Traps Laid Out by Jack Krauser | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming
  1. Beware of mines; shoot them near Krauser.
  2. Destroy targeting machine guns.
  3. Take cover from Krauser’s long-range attacks and retaliate when he stops.
  4. Expect knife attacks and throwing knives; parry them. Prepare for surprise button prompts.
  5. Krauser may use an SMG, crossbow explosive bolts, and a flashbang. When he retreats, he’ll transform.

Ramon Salazar

Ramon Salazer
Boss: “Ramon Salazar” | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

You will encounter the boss fight with Ramon Salazar in chapter 12.

Defeating Ramon Salazar in Resident Evil 4 is easier if you take cover and shoot at his weak spot, which is in the mouth of the monster, exposing his body. Salazar drops acidic mines that explode if you’re too close, so be cautious. His most dangerous attack is the lunge chomp, which kills instantly, so keep your distance.

  1. Salazar’s main attack is the acid attack.
  2. You can easily avoid it by taking cover under the staircase or behind a pillar.
  3. Once his weak point is exposed, shoot it, preferably with a rifle to stagger him.
  4. After he’s stunned, perform the push prompt melee attack to deal significant damage.
  5. Maintain a safe distance when he’s on the ground.
  6. When he’s closer to you, use a magnum or shotgun for more damage.
  7. For long-range attacks, use a strong rifle or handgun to damage his eye from a distance and make him fall to trigger the melee prompt. Repeat this process to defeat Salazar.
Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Lip Rogue | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

Once Salazar is Defeated, he will drop the rogue lip item, which can be sold for 24,000 Pesetas.

Jack Krauser (Mutated Form)

Boss: "Jack Krauser"
Boss: “Jack Krauser Mutated Form” | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

Prepare with ample ammo and health items. Target Krauser’s head; he’ll block it when mutated. Time your attacks.

  1. Krauser’s speed is high, so shoot carefully and counter his dashes.
  2. Break free or counter when grabbed. Parry or dodge his thrusts and combos.
  3. Watch out for leap attacks. Use the small floor above for safety and supplies.
  4. Attack, dodge, and repeat to defeat him quickly in the small circular area.
Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Defeated Jack Krauser | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

You will get the Fighting knife by defeating him, which offers less durability but more power than the combat knife.

Osmund Saddler

Osmund Saddler
Boss: “Osmund Saddler” | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

Osmund Saddler is the cult leader in Resident Evil 4 Remake. His main weak points are the eyes on his mutated body.

  1. Shoot eyes on legs, tail, and central eye for damage.
  2. Use magnum, shotgun, or SMG when close; rifle for long-range.
  3. Melee attack prompt after enough damage.
Osmund Saddler
Osmund Saddler Melee Prompt | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

Saddler summons Novistadors; one-shot them with a upgraded handgun. Explode barrels when he’s nearby. Watch for platform breaks.Resident Evil 4 Remake BossesOsmund Saddler Evade Prompt | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

Repeat eye damage and melee attacks. In the next stage, evade tentacle attacks and shoot golden orb. Ada gives rocket launcher; use it to finish Saddler.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Last Rocket Launcher Attack On Osmund Saddler | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

My Thoughts On Boss

In conclusion, Resident Evil 4 Remake is packed with terrifying yet exciting bosses who are fun to fight. There are also unique boss fights, which require you to think a little differently.

Jumpscares always add to the fun of a boss showing up, and this game is full of it. If you are an old fan of Resident Evil 4, then you will realize that U-3 has not shown up in the game.

For those who do not know, U-3 is the second sidekick of Salazar and shows up as a boss fights in the original Resident Evil 4. Hopefully, U-3 will show up in a DLC or an expansion of the game, and Fingers are crossed!

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