Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses [Full List]

Learn about all the bosses and tips on how to defeat each of them.

All bosses resident evil 4 remake guide
All Bosses Guide | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Resident Evil 4 Remake is Packed with many Creative and Terrifying Bosses. While some require raw power to be beaten, some bosses require other ways to beat them. Unsurprisingly, The boss fights can be Challenging and equally daunting to win, but fear not, as we have you covered. Learn how to beat each Boss you Encounter to Save Ashley from the Cult called “Los Iluminados.”

Key Takeaways

  • In Resident Evil 4 Remake, there are different Mini-Bosses and Main Bosses.
  • Chainsaw Sisters, Minotaurs, and Garradors can be considered Mini-Bosses.
  • There are around 10 Main Bosses.
  • Each of the bosses requires different ways to be fought.
  • Some Bosses have different stages.
  • All the Weaknesses of the Bosses are covered.
  • Best methods you can use to beat each of them.
  • Osmund Saddler is the Main and Final Boss of the Game.
bosses re4 remake
Extra content shop showcasing bosses | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

You encounter around 10 main bosses through the 16 chapters of the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Each offers different challenges for you to beat to progress through the story. Some are very large and terrifying to encounter, while others might not be that big but still provide a tough challenge. 


These small bosses are not actual bosses, but fighting with them is challenging and almost feels like a boss fight.

Chainsaw Sisters

Mini boss re4 remake
Mini-Boss: “Chainsaw Sisters” | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

They show up in chapter 6 when you have to find a handle to unlock a door. You encounter them with a jumpscare while grabbing the handle from a table. Although they might seem very scary, they function as the other Ganado in the game.

Their weak points are their head and knees too. You can hit at these points to stagger or stun them, showing you a melee prompt. Execute those melees on them and use shotguns and grenades to damage them heavily. 

One thing to remember is to keep your distance from them. Do not parry their attacks, as it will cost you a lot of knife durability. So it is better to keep your distance from them and stagger them whenever possible.


There are two types of minotaurs that you will find in the game. One you will encounter early on in the village will come yielding a hammer.

Ensure you do not let him get close to you to swing his hammer, and you will be fine. You can also stagger them by shooting at their heads or knee cap and then perform the melee attack on them.

Mini Boss RE4 remake
MIni-Boss: “Minotaur with a gun” | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The other minotaur you will encounter is on the Island. It will come wielding a machine gun attached to its hand as it is part of the combatants of the Island. To beat him, always stay behind cover so he can not shoot at you. Always try to beat it first, then start killing the other enemies, as he can get annoying if he starts firing at you while you are in combat. Typical weak points like the head and knee also work on him too. 


Mini-Boss “Garrador” | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The first time you encounter, a garrador would be in chapter 7. In the dungeon, you will find the garrador chained to a wall. While they seem pretty scary, their main flaw is that they are blind and rely on sound to kill you. So as long as you do not make any noise, it will not get hostile. The weak point of the garrador is at its back, where the Plaga is exposed.

After you engage in combat with it, it will get aggressive and rush toward you to attack. It can lunge at you and deal massive damage, so avoiding getting in a close combat situation is better.

If you move while crouching, it will no longer be able to hear you. You can use this technique to avoid detection and go behind his back to shoot at its weak point, preferably a shotgun. Be careful not to hit the chains hanging from the roof in the dungeon area, as it will trigger the garrador to come rushing at you.

Another way to kill it fast is to bombard it with flashes and grenades while hitting its weak point with a shotgun each time it staggers. Although the method would prove to be costly, it will quickly take out the garrador with ease. If you are still holding onto the bolt thrower, you can usually use it or attach mines to it to kill the garrador quickly, as it can not detect where the gun is being shot.

Garrador And Armored Garrador

Armored Garrador
Mini-Boss: “Armored Garrador” | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

In chapter 10, you will encounter two garradors at once. While one garrador will be the same as before, the other will be in some armour and require more damage to be killed.

All the weak points and techniques mentioned earlier will also work on them. But in this Encounter, you will face a lot of cultists, which can prove to be troublesome as you have to fight all of them off at the same time. It will also come in handy if you have heavy grenades with you.

So you can use the garradors to clear all of them. You can do it by creating sound using a gun near the cultists and running away from that area. The garrador would rush that area and start attacking, resulting in the cultists being killed.

There are also bells in the area which you can use to beat the garradors. Each time you shoot the bell, the garrador would not be able to tell where the sound came from, and in that window, you can shoot at the garradors without being scared of them attacking.

unicorn horn re4 remake
Unicorn Horn Key Item | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Both of the garrador would drop off a unicorn horn which will be used in the locked gate in that area to further progress through your story.

Main Bosses

These main bosses are part of the story and are quite challenging to beat. Some of them can be trickier, while others might require a lot of firepower to beat them.

Del Lago

Del Lago
Boss: “Del Lago” | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

You will encounter Del Lago, also known as the lake monster, in chapter 3, when you have to cross the lake to progress through the story. It offers a unique battle on its domain of the lake. There is no use of knives and weapons while fighting Del Lago. Your boat becomes hinged to the back of the Lake monster, and it takes you along with it while throwing different attacks at you. The only option to fight is the infinite ammo harpoon you have.

Del Lago Jump Attack | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

It has different types of attacks it throws at you, each with its counter. Your primary attack is to throw the harpoon by predicting the direction of its movement and throwing the spear at it. The lake monster will also drive you into different obstacles around the lake, which you can avoid by steering in the opposite direction.

At some moments, Del Lago would unhinge itself from your boat. Then it will swim towards you with its mouth open to lunge at you. You must shoot the harpoon at its weak point and mouth to avoid the attack. It will also test your reflexes by suddenly diving inside the lake and jumping back up to chomp at you. It would be best to quickly steer your boat to the sides to prevent attack.

Avoid its attacks and the lake’s obstacles while continuously throwing harpoons at its back. After a while, it will be defeated, and a large pool of blood will be visible in the lake.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Del Lago Killed In Lake | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

El Gigante

El Gigante
Boss: “El Gigante” | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

El Gigante, as the name implies a giant plaga-infested being. You will encounter El Gigante guy in chapter 4. El Gigante might seem very scary due to its massive size but worry not, as it also has its weak point. 

El Gigante can deal severe damage up close, so keeping your distance is better. It will try to stomp you with its feet or smash you like a bug with its hand when it is near you. So if he is close to you and starts to attack, You should leave shooting it and sprint to avoid the incoming attack.

It will also throw big objects at you, which you can avoid by waiting for it to throw and then running in a different area. It will also rush at you to deal massive damage, So you need to react fast and do the button prompts to save your health from its charge attack.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
El Gigante Plaga Exposed | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

At the start, it is best to shoot at its head to stagger the big fellow. After a few hits, it will expose its Plaga, a severe weak point. You can stagger it and then shoot at its Plaga or get up close and perform the melee prompt to attack the Plaga with your knife continuously.

There are also small cabins around the fighting area where you can go and loot to get supplies like ammo and herbs. If you save the white dog near the Mendez mansion, the dog will also help you mid-fight. The dog can distract the giant and allow you to stagger it or hit its weak points. Keep hitting its weak points and shoot it with a rifle or throw grenades to deal good damage. 

The big guy will eventually fall if you can survive its attacks and keep hitting its weak points.

El Gigante would drop a yellow diamond which you can directly sell or inlay in different treasures to increase their value.

Bitores Mendez

Mendez Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Boss: “Mendez” | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Bitores Mendez is the main boss of the village that you beat in Chapter 6. He is one of the leading men of Osmund Saddler and is the last enemy you encounter in the village area before entering the castle.

We have already covered how to beat Bitores Mendez in our previous guide, so visit it to learn how to beat him and get the Mendez False Eye item from its corpse.

Armoured El Gigante

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Boss: “Armored El Gigante” | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

You will first encounter the Armored El Gigante in chapter 8. It is similar to the El Gigante, but the only difference is that it is fully covered in armour, so it is difficult to damage it. In your first Encounter against the giant, shooting at him would not make that much of a difference.

Fighting against it will not be of much use in your first Encounter. All you need to do in this fight is to make your way to the cannon. You have to take the cannon to the top by removing objects attached to it. Now, the armoured giant will throw objects at you while you go to the cannon.

To avoid them, you must take cover behind wooden objects around the area. After you reach the cannon successfully, it will only take one good shot to connect to defeat the enemy. Another cutscene would play out after a while but do not worry, as it will fall off on its own.


Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Boss: “Verdugo” | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

Verdugo is one of the creatures standing beside Ramon Salazar in some cutscenes when he shows up. It has no weaknesses as it is covered in an exoskeleton. You will first encounter Verdugo in chapter 10. The only way to deal damage to Verdugo is by first showering it with some cold nitrogen gas. It will follow you around the area and throw attacks at you from vents.

Verdugo covered in Nitrogen | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

It would be best to avoid its attacks as they can come suddenly from vents. Nitrogen pipes around the area where you fight with Verdugo are limited and can only be used once, so you must use them carefully. When Verdugo is following behind you, hit the nitrogen pipe button and get away from there, as it can also damage you.

When Verdugo is showered with nitrogen, it becomes a bit slow and can now be damaged by weapons. It has a lot of health, so you need a potent weapon like a magnum, shotgun, or rifle to give it enough damage to kill. As there are limited nitrogen buttons, you need to use them to kill them carefully. You can also melee Verdugo after spraying it with nitrogen and then fire at it. 

Though it can be tough to kill, the good news is that you do not need to kill Verdugo to progress through the story. You can avoid its attack and stun it just to run away. All you need to do is to survive until the elevator reaches and then get inside the elevator to escape Verdugo and progress through the story. But be careful as you will miss out on the rewards.

You will obtain the gold monocle if you successfully kill it, which can be sold for a high price of 30,000 Pesetas.

Armored El Gigante And El Gigante

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Boss: “El Gigante And Armored El Gigante” | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

You will encounter both the El Gigante and Armored El Gigante simultaneously in chapter 11. But worry not, as Luis will also be there to assist you. The normal El Gigante can be beaten using the methods mentioned earlier. In contrast, the armoured giant requires more effort to win this time. Their attack patterns remain the same, and their weak spots also are the same. But the weak areas of the armoured giant are not readily exposed.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Armoured El Gigante Dropped In Lava | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

To beat the average giant, keep shooting at its weak point and finish it after some melee prompts when it gets staggered. In comparison, the armoured giant would only get exposed after a short while when Luis goes and brings the dynamite. You need to lure the armoured giant to Luis so he can throw the dynamite at its back. Then you can shoot the dynamite to expose its weak point and finish it.

The other easier way is to stun the average giant between the closed hatch. You can open the hatch to drop it into the lava when it is stunned. Armoured giants can also be dropped off in the lava, but to do that, you need to shoot the dynamite at their back when it is on the hatch gate and then open the hatch to drop them off.

Remember, you must stun the Giants to throw them in the hatch to melt them; otherwise, they move to the side and avoid the opening hatch. If you kill the giants by dropping them in the lave through the hatch, you can no longer obtain the item they drop when killed.

The armoured giant would drop off a Red Beryl, and the average giant would drop a yellow diamond. Both these items can be sold separately, or you can inlay them in treasures to increase their value.

Jack Krauser First Encounter (Human Form) 

Jack Krauser
Boss: “Jack Krauser” | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

Jack Krauser is the teacher of Leon Kennedy and has taught him the soldier’s ways. In Resident Evil 4 Remake, he joins sides with the cult to seek more power. He can be a problematic enemy as he has excellent combat skills and breakneck speed. You will encounter him first in chapter 11, and then the second Encounter with him will be in chapter 13.

In your first fight with him, you can only use the knife. You need to learn how to parry using your knife, as that will be the most crucial step timely. Another tip is to know the button to turn around quickly, as Krauser tends to jump behind you and then attack. On the keyboard, it is the “Q” button. It is beneficial to turn around and parry his subsequent attacks immediately.

Make sure to search around the area as there are a lot of herbs there that can help you along your fight. You need to be careful and focus on the fight, as there will be prompts to avoid the attacks of Krauser. If you hit him enough, he will stagger and give you the option to melee him.

After you hit him enough and survive, a cutscene would play out, and then Krauser would leave, and you can progress through the story.

Jack Krauser Second Encounter (Human Form) 

Jack Krauser
Boss: “Jack Krauser” in Second Encounter | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

The second time you fight with Krauser in chapter 13, he will also use his guns and knife. Depending on the situation, you must switch between a weapon and a knife to deal as much damage as possible. Once again, there would be many push-button prompts you need to complete to avoid his attacks, so keep your eyes open. There are also bear traps on the ground that you need to avoid.

Traps by Jack Krauser
Traps Laid out by Jack Krauser | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

The area you fight him is also riddled with many traps, so you need to be careful not to trigger a mine. You can also shoot at the mines to damage Krauser when he is near them. The area also has machine guns that will shoot at you once they detect you, so destroy them along the way.

Krauser will also shoot at you from a long distance, so take cover behind objects when he hits and shoot at him when he stops. There is a mix of many attacks Krauser can throw at you. He will attack you with a knife and also throw a knife at you, which you can parry.

He will also show up with many surprise attacks dodged by the button prompts. Krauser will shoot at you with an SMG and explosive bolt from a crossbow and can also throw a flashbang before disappearing if you are dealing good damage to him. After you cover a certain distance, the next stage would be his mutated form.

Ramon Salazar

Ramon Salazer
Boss: “Ramon Salazar” | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

You will encounter the boss fight with Ramon Salazar in chapter 12.

It is easier to beat Ramon Salazar if you can take cover with time and shoot at his weak spot. His weak spot is in the mouth of the monster, which exposes his body. Salazar drops off acidic mines, which explode if you are too close, so you must be careful. The most dangerous attack is his lunge chomp attack which kills you instantly. So it would be best to keep your distance from him to avoid instant death.

The main attack of Salazar is his acid attack. It is easy to avoid attack by taking cover under the staircase or behind the pillar. After that Salazar’s weak point is exposed, so shoot at it, preferably using a rifle to stagger him. Once he is stunned, you can perform the push prompt melee attack on him to deal massive damage.

You must always keep a safe distance from him when he is roaming around on the ground. While he is closer to you, it is best to use a magnum or a shotgun to deal more damage. For Long Range, use a strong rifle or handgun to damage his eye from a distance and make him fall to give you the melee prompt. Repeat the process to end the little guy finally.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Lip Rogue | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

Once Salazar is Defeated, he will drop the rogue lip item, which can be sold for 24,000 Pesetas.

Jack Krauser (Mutated Form)

Boss: "Jack Krauser"
Boss: “Jack Krauser Mutated Form” | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

This time Krauser is not playing around. He will be a lot stronger than in our previous fights. Ensure you are stocked up on ammo and health items, as you will need plenty of both. The only weak point of Krauser is his head. But after he mutates, when you shoot him, he will block his head from being shot with his mutated arms, so you need to time your attacks.

Krauser has a lot of speed now, so he will avoid your fire by dashing multiple times. So you must shoot him carefully and prevent his next attack after the dash. If he grabs you, you can break free or immediately counter him using your knife.

When he thrusts at you while rushing you or throws a combination of melee attacks, You can either parry those attacks or dodge them by running away from his attacks. You Must also be careful of his leap attacks as he will jump up to a mountain and leap at you to deliver massive damage. Also, you can use the small floor above by climbing it and shooting from there.

The circular area is small, so you can climb up to avoid attacks. Up there are also some supplies you can grab. You can deal some damage, run before his next attack, and keep doing that to finish Krauser off quickly.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Defeated Jack Krauser | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

You will get the Fighting knife by defeating him, which offers less durability but more power than the combat knife.

Osmund Saddler

Osmund Saddler
Boss: “Osmund Saddler” | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

Osmund Saddler is the prominent cult leader of “Los Iluminados.” While Salazar, Mendez, and Krauser all worked under him. He is the Final and the main boss of Resident Evil 4 Remake. Osmund Saddler will mutate into a giant creature after a cutscene that you will fight.

The main weak point of Saddler is the many eyes on his mutated body. You can shoot the eyes on his legs, tail, and central eye in his original head to deal significant damage. Depending on the range of distance he is from you, you can use different guns to explode the eyes. It is best when Saddler is close to you is a magnum, shotgun, or SMG; it is best to use a rifle for long-range.

Osmund Saddler
Osmund Saddler Melee Prompt | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

After you deal enough damage by shooting at his weak points, he will stagger down and be stunned. Opening a melee attack prompt that you can use to deal even more damage. After some time, Saddler will summon a lot of Novistadors. You can one-shot these flying creatures with a fully upgraded handgun to earn loot from their bodies.

There are also a lot of explosive barrels you can shoot at when Saddler is near to deal a good amount of damage. You must also be careful, as Saddler will break off many platforms to close off the area. You can avoid his melee attacks by sprinting or dealing damage to his eye before his melee attack lands at you.

Repeat this process of going after his eyes and making the melee attack when he gets stunned to damage him. You can easily take him to the next stage.Resident Evil 4 Remake BossesOsmund Saddler Evade Prompt | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

In his next stage, Osmund Saddler will take his main body inside a golden orb while his tentacles would attack you. Avoid his attacks by pressing the evade button when it pops up and continue shooting at the golden ball. You can shoot with a rifle to deal as much damage as possible.

After you inflict enough damage, a cutscene will play where Ada Wong will pass you the unique rocket launcher with a red end. Use this to shoot the rocket at the golden orb to finish Osmund Saddler for good finally.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses
Last Rocket Launcher Attack On Osmund Saddler | Image Credit: VeryAli Gaming

Closing Remarks

In conclusion, Resident Evil 4 Remake is packed with terrifying yet exciting bosses who are fun to fight. There are also unique boss fights, which require you to think a little differently. Jumpscares always add to the fun of a boss showing up, and this game is full of it. If you are an old fan of Resident Evil 4, then you will realize that U-3 has not shown up in the game.

For those who do not know, U-3 is the second sidekick of Salazar and shows up as a boss fights in the original Resident Evil 4. Hopefully, U-3 will show up in a DLC or an expansion of the game, and Fingers are crossed!

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