Resident Evil Village Recommended PC Specs

Resident Evil Village. is just around the corner and today, Capcom has decided to share the minimum and recommended specs as well as target frame-rate and ray-tracing requirements on PC. It is not demanding without ray tracing in use, however, you will need beefy hardware in order to max it out.

It goes without saying, you’ll need a pretty powerful PC in order to run the game with ray-tracing and high settings but fortunately, once the shiny reflections are set off, the game will be playable on much lesser GPUs.

Official Specs Required


Ray Tracing OFF

Ray Tracing ON


Ray Tracing OFF

Ray Tracing ON

That’s All From Me

Do you have a beefy PC setup that will allow you to experience Resident Evil Village in all its glory? Let us know in the comments.

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