Resident Evil 4 Remake Sword Puzzle Guide

Find how to solve the sword puzzle in the Treasury in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Resident Evil 4 Remake_ The Sword Puzzle (Guide)
Resident Evil 4 Remake: The Sword Puzzle (Guide)

The Resident Evil 4 Remake creators once again prove their love for puzzles by blocking your way with the sword puzzle as you make your way through the Treasury of the Castle in the game.

This particular puzzle isn’t a long one, but it’s definitely a bit confusing since there’s little indication of what exactly is blocking your way and few clues as to which part of the room contains your way out.

Key Takeaways:

  • The sword puzzle is in the Treasury of the Castle in Chapter 7 of Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • You must collect three swords from the murals lining the wall with the gate.
  • The fourth sword is beyond the larger gate separating the room.
  • To open the gate, you must shoot the three targets hanging from the walls on either side of the room depicting a deer, a bird, and a snake.
  • From left to right, place the Iron Sword in the first mural, then the Golden Sword, the Bloodied Sword, and then the Rusted Sword in the final portrait.

Finding the Sword Puzzle

Finding the Sword Puzzle
Finding the Sword Puzzle (Credit: WoW Quests YouTube)

In Chapter 7 of Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will make your way through a castle of dark rooms filled with enemies, traps, and treasures. When you find the Dungeon Key with the inscription: Ha muerto la luz, you will fall through the floor and find yourself in a lengthy, brutal fight with a Garrador.

Once you have defeated him, you must proceed up a few ladders and find your way back to Ashley. Proceeding past the storeroom, you will find yourself in the Treasury. This will be a large well-lit room with the only exit gate locked and decorated on either side with large murals with depictions that will be very important to you.

The murals are positioned with two on either side of the gate. They appear to show the life of a knight in a very brief story. The leftmost portrait shows a knight standing at attention with a sword held in front of him in a regal pose. The following picture shows the same figure on his knees before a person with a crown holding sword above him. This is presumably a king knighting this person.

The next mural is hung on the other side of the locked gate and shows two knights fighting in the midst of a battle, one of whom we can assume to be the same figure shown in the previous portraits. The final picture depicts a grim image of the headstone of a grave with a sword placed in front of it.

The final thing of importance you must note in the Treasury is beyond a large, locked gate blocking the other side of the room. Through the bars of the gates, you will see a sword embedded in the ground and a few peculiar decorations hanging from the walls.

Solving the Sword Puzzle

Solving the Sword Puzzle
Solving the Sword Puzzle 

The first thing you must do to open up the locked gate and proceed to the next room of the Castle is to step up to the murals. When you get close to them, you will observe that you have the ability to collect specific swords from three of the four murals.

From the leftmost mural showing the lone knight, you must collect the Golden Sword. You must collect the Rusted Sword from the portrait of the knighting beside it. While you can interact with the third picture showing the battle, you will see that it is empty of any collectibles. The final sword you must collect is the Iron Sword from the final mural depicting the grave.

Once you have collected all three swords from the murals, head to the large gate dividing the Treasury. The gate will have a depiction of a deer, a bird, and a snake at the very center. Beyond the gate, you will find the last object you need to solve the sword puzzle.

Inside the room, you will see three circular decorations hanging from the top of the walls on either side of the room, with one of the three images on each. You must shoot the image of the deer on the left side of the room and then the bird and snake images on the right side to open the gate.

Proceed through the now-open gate to find and acquire the final sword in this room: the Bloodied Sword. This area will also have other valuable objects hidden in various containers for you to collect.

Now that you have all four swords, you must return to the murals on either side of the gate and place the swords in each portrait in the correct order. The image of the only knight on the left will need the Iron Sword to be placed inside. You must then put the Golden Sword in the picture of the knighting next to it.

The third image, which depicts the battle and is on the right of the gate, will have to contain the Bloodied Sword. You must place the Rusted Sword in the final mural showing the lone grave.

So, moving from the leftmost mural to the rightmost, you must place the swords in the following order:

  1. Iron Sword
  2. Golden Sword
  3. Bloodied Sword
  4. Rusted Sword

Once you have done that, the gate will open, and you can proceed through to the next room.

Ending Remarks

That is all that you need to know about how to solve the sword puzzle in the Treasury of the Castle in Chapter 7 of Resident Evil 4 Remake. If you keep the order of the swords well in mind, you will have very little trouble getting through it. Remember to collect the treasures you find once you are done. Happy gaming!

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