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Respawn May Release New Game Modes for Apex Legends

Apex Legends New Game Modes? Caustic to be Nerfed says Respawn

Respawn Entertainment may be releasing new game modes for Apex Legends. The “leak” was announced on February 2nd on the Apex Legends News Twitter. Respawn Entertainment states in the post “Later this year, we’ll launch new ways to play #ApexLegends that take us beyond battle royale”. It doesn’t seem out of the question for Respawn to enhance Apex Legends with some new game modes.

We’ve seen Activision add new game modes and maps for Warzone such as Rebirth Island and festive game modes. Many Twitter users speculated on what the game modes could be from team deathmatch to PVE. However, it seems that team deathmatch is the most likely to be added to the game.

As a result of players discovering “arena mode” in the game code. Additionally, it was discovered that the mode would take place in King’s Canyon. Although this looks promising there is still not enough evidence to confirm a new game mode is in the works.

Would Apex Legends Benefit from PVE?

On the other hand, it could be argued that a PVE mode would offer a lot more diversity in gameplay. Additionally, it would offer new ways to play other than PVP. It could be argued that a team deathmatch mode wouldn’t be as impactful. As the mode wouldn’t offer many variations of gameplay. You can get Apex Legends Coins [Online Game Code] here.

What new game mode would you like to see added to Apex Legends? let us know in the comments.

Nerfs Coming to Caustic in Next Update

If you have been playing Apex Legends recently you may have noticed more Caustic players than ever before. On the other hand, maybe you’ve been giving the evil scientist a bit more attention.

Respawn Entertainment confirmed it on a Reddit AMA. Respawn’s Associate Live Balance Designer John Larson agreed with the community that Caustic is “undeniably Strong”. Larson gives a brief summary of why Caustic is so strong. Blaming it on the update that allowed teammates to traverse through Caustic’s gas without any repercussions. Larson stated that Caustic will be getting nerfed in the next Apex Legends update.

“Long story short, we hear the community feedback, as a player, I feel it’s valid, the data backs up that he’s strong, and he’ll be getting some attention in the near future. In regards to Apex becoming “Ability Legends,” as new characters are introduced, it’s important they take up unique design space. This opens the door to potentially devastating synergies between legend abilities.”

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