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RetroN Sq: Play Gameboy Games on Your TV | VeryAli Gaming

You’ve probably had a lot of time to play some old favourites this last year. Now, you can play them on your HDTV with the RetroN Sq.

Pure Nostalgia!

LA-based manufacturer Hyperkin’s new console RetroN Sq lets you play classic Gameboy and Gameboy Color games on your TV. We finally have the opportunity to play Gameboy games without having to worry about the sun.

Almost four years ago, the RetroN Sq was an April Fool’s prank. Now, you can pre-order it for $74.99. And it is pure nostalgia! First off, the console looks like a Gamecube. Second, it supports Gameboy and Gameboy Color games. Third, it holds cartridges like a Nintendo 64. Fourth and finally, it has a D-pad and four-button controller like a SNES. Feeling reminiscent yet?


Unlike the Gameboy, RetroN Sq is not the handheld type of portable. It is, however, small enough to easily transport across town. So, you can play it with your childhood friends. Just like old times! Except that you have the driver’s license now. Of course, like old times it would also be a single-player console. Each RetroN Sq comes with a single controller. You can play it on HDTVs. Currently, there are two color options. If you’re feeling serious, there’s a black-and-gold option that was revealed at CES 2020. Or get “hyper beach”, which is a fun, retro teal hue. 

RetroN Sq Hyper Beach
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Future Ideas

Looking for a Gameboy Advance-playing console? No need to worry. It won’t be long before the RetroN Sq runs games like Metroid Fusion and The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Gameboy Advance compatibility is currently in beta.

If you’re tired of emulators and ROMs, and you get made fun of for letting all your childhood cartridges collect dust in a box in your closet, the RetroN Sq is the answer to all your prayers. After all, it costs less than most AAA titles nowadays.

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