Returnal: How To Defeat The Third Boss Nemesis [Easy Steps]

Here is everything you need to know to defeat the third boss in Returnal.

Returnal_ How To Defeat The Third Boss (Nemesis)
Returnal: How To Defeat The Third Boss (Nemesis)

Nemesis is one of the toughest bosses in Returnal, the roguelike action game for the PlayStation 5. Located in the Derelict Citadel area of the game, this formidable foe can easily wipe out an unprepared player in just a few hits. This makes it incredibly hard to defeat the third boss of the game.

Key Takeaways

  • The fight against Nemesis has three phases.
  • Fire only at the red heart in Nemesis’s chest to defeat the third boss.
  • Phase One has three different bullets fired by Nemesis and two minions attacking.
  • Dashing and dodging are the best ways to survive this round.
  • Phase Two is similar to Phase One but with stronger and faster attacks, more minions, and Nemesis being able to move around.
  • Whenever Nemesis moves around, find the area where the minions have gathered and wait for it.
  • Phase Three requires you to move towards Nemesis on floating platforms while avoiding attacks.
  • Move quickly between platforms and ignore minions, only attacking Nemesis.

Preparing For The Battle

Returnal Nemesis Preparing
Credit: SweetJohnnyCage YouTube

Before starting, I highly advise bringing your best weapons and gear for the battle. Here are some tips for preparing for the battle:

  • Upgrade your weapon: The best weapon for the job is the Hollowseeker, which significantly damages Nemesis. Make sure to upgrade it as much as possible before the battle.
  • Collect artifacts: Artifacts like the Astronaut Figurine and the Icarian Grapnel can benefit the fight, providing extra protection and mobility.
  • Use consumables: Items like the Silphium Vial and the Apex Sphere can help you survive longer in battle. Make sure to collect as many consumables as possible before the fight.
  • Familiarize yourself with the arena: The battle with Nemesis occurs in a circular arena with several platforms. Explore the area beforehand to understand the layout and where you can take cover.

Taking Down Nemesis

Returnal Nemesis Taking Down
Credit: SweetJohnnyCage YouTube

Once you’re prepared, it’s time to face Nemesis. To defeat the third boss of Returnal, you must survive the fight’s three phases. Here are my personal tested strategies that you should focus.

Phase One

Returnal Nemesis Phase One
Credit: SweetJohnnyCage YouTube

The fight will start off without giving you a chance to get your bearings. You will wake up on the strange, barren ground where everything has a red tinge.

Here’s how to approach Phase One of the battle:

  1. Initial Setup: The fight starts suddenly on a red-tinged barren ground with Nemesis in front of you and two minions on either side. Your main target is the red “heart” in the center of Nemesis’s chest.

  2. Nemesis’s Attacks:

    • Purple Orbs: Purple orbs spawn on either side of Nemesis and move quickly toward you. Dodge by changing your position after they appear.
    • Blue Orbs: These orbs are often fired alongside minion attacks. They come in sweeping waves or stacks aimed at your position. Dash to the side at the last moment to avoid them.
    • Orange Orbs: Slower and easier to avoid, these orbs may distract you from other attacks. Stay focused, and don’t let them catch you off guard.
  3. Minion Attacks: The minions execute attacks as well. Occasionally, one will fire a sweeping yellow laser across the battlefield. Jump or dash through the laser when you see it coming.

  4. Minion’s Fire Attack: If the fight takes too long, the minions will initiate a new attack. They descend to set the battlefield on fire in certain areas. Nemesis also fires blue and orange bullets. Move in a circular path to avoid bullets and stay away from the fire.

  5. Prioritize Nemesis’s Heart: Focus your attacks on Nemesis’s heart; this is the only part that weakens its health. Don’t waste time or ammunition on the minions; defeating Nemesis requires targeting its heart.

One of the best ways I recommend is to finish the phase One as quickly as possible to avoid the overwhelming minion attack. Keep your focus on Nemesis’s heart to progress in the battle against this formidable boss.

Phase Two

Returnal Nemesis Phase Two
Credit: SweetJohnnyCage YouTube

Phase Two will start with the ground beneath you shifting and splitting off into separate floating platforms.

  1. Platform Shift: Phase Two starts with the ground beneath you shifting into separate floating platforms. Nemesis also changes its position. Head to where you see the four familiar aliens floating as Nemesis temporarily disappears.

  2. Target the Heart: Your target remains the same – the red heart glowing in Nemesis’s chest. When Nemesis reappears, start shooting immediately.

  3. Enhanced Attacks:

    • Nemesis still fires the same three colored bullets (purple, blue, and orange) at you.
    • It may combine orbs like orange and blue to attack simultaneously.
    • Blue orbs still come in waves and sweeps, but their speed increases, requiring precise timing to dodge.
  4. Increased Minions: Phase Two has four minions, two on each side. Sometimes, two minions attack simultaneously from both sides with the sweeping yellow laser, requiring double dodging.

  5. Floating Platforms: The battlefield is now floating platforms, tilting the screen and challenging bullet judgment. Use your grappling hook to jump between platforms.

  6. Nemesis’s Relocation: Nemesis can change locations rarely during the fight. Locate the aliens and jump to their position, and Nemesis will reappear there.

  7. Quick Finish: End the fight as quickly as possible by targeting Nemesis’s chest with a powerful weapon.

Phase Three

Returnal Nemesis Phase Three
Credit: SweetJohnnyCage YouTube

As soon as Phase Two ends, Nemesis will destroy the battlefield.

Phase Three of the Nemesis boss battle features the following:

  1. Changing Battlefield: As Phase Two ends, new floating platforms offer advantages and challenges. Jump between platforms to dodge attacks, but you can’t control their locations.

  2. Approaching Nemesis: In Phase Three, Nemesis moves farther away. Get as close as possible to ensure accurate and damaging shots.

  3. Attack Patterns: Nemesis continues firing three colored bullets in varied patterns, favoring wide-range attacks.

  4. Minions’ Laser: Minions unleash a joint yellow laser attack at you, but their attacks are weaker than Nemesis’s.

  5. Platform Destruction: Minions can destroy platforms you stand on, so be vigilant and switch platforms to avoid danger.

  6. Platform Use: Utilize the floating platforms for mobility and protection.

  7. Focus on Nemesis: Concentrate on damaging Nemesis’s red core to defeat the boss.

Phase Three offers a more advantageous terrain, but remain cautious of minions’ attacks and platform destruction as you work toward defeating Nemesis.

My Advice For Nemesis Battle

The Nemesis boss fight is indeed going to be brutal, with a lot of challenges from all sides. But the best advice I can give you is to keep your focus on beating the Nemesis’s red core to death. You must utilize all the resources for this fight and even accumulate them to prepare for this massive battle. 

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