Returnal Tower Of Sisyphus [Full Guide]

Tower of sisyphus
Tower of sisyphus

Are you stuck in the endless Tower of Sisyphus, or have you not reached there and want to know about it? Read this article to clear out all your confusion about the Tower of Sisyphus in Reutrnal!

Key Takeaways

  1. The tower consists of 20 chambers grouped into phases.
  2. Unlock upgrades, weapon traits, and adjust settings before starting.
  3. Use translocators, watch out for trap rooms, and utilize healing rooms.
  4. Check new weapons for attributes and unlock them by defeating enemies.
  5. Some parts of the mode are locked until you gain specific permanent improvements.
  6. Enter the mode next to the crashed airship in the Overgrown Ruins or Echoing Ruins.
  7. Target Algos’ eye in the center of its skull to deplete its health.
  8. Be aware of health bar multipliers in later rounds.
  9. Avoid Algos’ frequent attack of blue orbs by zigzagging to dodge.

The Tower of Sisyphus

Tower of Sisyphus. Image Credits:Elbethium Gaming
Tower of Sisyphus. Image Credits: Elbethium Gaming

The Tower of Sisyphus in Returnal is a complex and challenging environment. Here’s a summary of important points to keep in mind when dealing with this area:

  1. Phases and Chambers:
    • The Tower of Sisyphus consists of multiple phases, each containing 20 chambers.
    • Each chamber has a Translocator that transports you to the next room under certain conditions.
  2. Room Types:
    • There are three main types of rooms in the tower:
      • Enemy Rooms: These rooms spawn monsters and turrets that attack you.
      • Trap Rooms: Some rooms have traps and a switch to disable them. Navigate carefully.
      • Healing Goods Rooms: These peaceful chambers may contain healing items, fabricators, or other unique objects.
  3. Translocator Activation:
    • In enemy rooms, the Translocator activates when all opponents are defeated.
    • Trap rooms require you to flip a switch to open the passage to the Translocator.
    • Healing goods rooms provide a respite from foes and traps.
  4. Chamber 20:
    • Upon reaching chamber 20, a blue spherical Translocator takes you to a circular battleground where you’ll face Algos.

The Tower of Sisyphus is a challenging area in Returnal, and navigating its various chambers and phases requires careful strategy and combat skills. Good luck!

Entrance To The Tower of Sisyphus

You can play a unique mode called the Tower of Sisyphus in addition to the main narrative. But, if you’ve only recently begun playing, it can take some time before you can reach the location.

You can see the entrance to this mode next to the airship that has crashed in the following locations:

  • Overgrown Ruins
  • Echoing Ruins

When you initially spawn near the crashed airship or if you’ve faced defeat during your run, you’ll notice two routes on the mini-map. These routes are marked by rectangular entrances, with one of them having a circle on top. This particular entrance leads you to the Sisyphus Tower.

Recommended Pre-requisites

You shouldn’t speed through the Tower of Sisyphus. The tower can be reached gradually but there are some things that we recommend you consider before going to the tower. Here they are below:

  1. Unlock permanent upgrades for enhanced combat abilities.
  2. Level up weapon traits by using them in battles.
  3. Adjust settings for optimal performance, including “Aim Assist” and “Always Sprint.”
  4. Obtain the Icarian Grapnel to reach the tower’s high entrance platform.
  5. Utilize special Translocators with a yellow aura for speed boosts after clearing enemy waves.

Things To Remember During The Tower of Sisyphus

Entering the Tower:

  • Access the entryway, but there’s a cost associated with it, similar to losing a run.
  • Scan the Xenoglyph (Xynotech) near the main door after grappling to the top to enter.
  • Alternatively, use the yellow spherical Translocator to reach the tower.

Important Points:

  • Avoid entering the tower in the middle of a run, as it resets your loadout, and unnecessary items are lost.
  • Your health won’t regenerate unless the tower is fully completed.

Beginning the Tower Descent:

  • When you arrive at the tower, you’ll find one of Selene’s bodies with an audio clip explaining the tower’s mechanism.
  • Proceed straight and enter the next doorway, where you’ll find another Translocator.

Further Information About The Tower

Although the chambers in Tower of Sisyphus are produced at random, the following advice might be helpful for anybody playing the mode:

  • This game style is excellent for obtaining weapon attributes. Every few chambers, a new weapon appears. You may check to see whether it contains any new or locked attributes.
  • You can quickly earn new qualities whenever you want because so many foes spawn in the region.
  • Several portions of the mode are locked off unless you receive specific permanent improvements. But, even without these enhancements, you may go through the phases very far.

In the final stages of the tower, you’ll encounter dazzling white foes. Similar to the shining yellow passive enemies in typical biomes that grant Obolites, defeating these foes unlocks a portal. Passing through this portal takes you to a unique chamber, where you can discover a variety of essential items.

How to Beat Algos In Tower of Sisyphus

Algos Image Credits:Elbethium Gaming
Algos Image Credits: Elbethium Gaming

We mentioned that you will see a specific boss Algos in the Tower of Sisyphus. You’ll see him each time you enter chamber 20 in a particular phase, although it changes as the steps continue. The boss’s eye in the center of its skull is a point of weakness. Shoot at this eye until the boss’s health is completely depleted.

Here are some of the tips to avoid Algos’ attacks use most frequently:

  1. Zigzag to dodge the rapid-moving blue orbs Algos hurls at you. Use your dash to pass through them if necessary.
  2. When Algos fires a laser followed by yellow orbs, time your sprint to pass between the laser and any nearby yellow orbs.
  3. In later phases, Algos may use mirror-like hands to shoot fast blue orbs. Be prepared for this attack and look out for additional simultaneous attacks.
  4. Watch out for Algos’ ability to delay orbs, which comes in two forms: a burst of slow-moving yellow orbs from its head and purple orbs that gradually transform into yellow orbs and descend from above. Dodge accordingly to avoid getting hit.

Note to remember

The boss’s health bar will receive multipliers as you approach it in later rounds. This implies that for each step, you must empty the health bar once, twice, and so on. The boss will get more aggressive and start employing new moves while upgrading his or her older ones each time you remove a health bar from the screen.


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