Rimworld Proves That Players Are The Best Story Tellers

Rimworld is an indie simulation game where players are the storywriters or storytellers. Players must survive in the wild by forming a colony or colonies and working together to escape through a spaceship. Sounds simple? Now if it was this simple I wouldn’t be playing this for 2 weeks straight, 24/7.

Key Takeaways

  • Rimworld gives the capability to use a huge amount of modifiers and customizable options to start a playthrough.
  • It features ever-expanding options to customize your colony/colonies by giving roles and equipment to colonists to make your perfect empire.
  • AI storytellers create random events from time to time where the player has to deal with a unique situation each time the storytellers trigger.
  • Endless replayability with different types of experiences each playthrough and modding support to further increase the chaos if you wish to do so.

Rimworld pushes the limits of what a simulation game can be. This makes the game a simulator like none other. Players themselves will make their own stories and if they want, add a little bit of spice to it through ethical means or by some questionable acts. This is Rimworld.

Once Upon A time

Players start with an option to customize their playthrough with different modifiers. After players are done with modifiers they can randomize and choose the colonists that they would be using to create colonies and manage them. By default, the player starts with three colonists.

Colonists have different traits which are a combination of positive and negative traits. As an example, one of my colonists was a farmer, but he also had the psychopath trait which made things, well …. interesting. Each colonist feels unique and serves as a building block of your story. How you manage your colonists is up to you.

The Colonists Generator | Captured By : VeryAli Gaming

The player then chooses the type of land they want to start in. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Some are unplayable but can be made fun if given time.

From Colony To An Empire

As the game begins you command your colonists to scavenge materials to start your colony. Each colonist can be given a role and different equipment. Players can build different structures to create layouts that are limited to the imagination. Walls, barricades, shelters, towers, utilities, and much more are available as options to build.

The colony can be expanded as much as the player desires. These colonies will feel more like empires as soon you get a grasp of the game’s systems. Managing hunger, creating defense, tasking colonists with hunting, and researching for improvements in structures and technology are just the surface of things to ensure the survival of colonists.

The Colony | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Players are given limitless freedom of how they want their colonists to be, who does who, and how the structures look and function. You can create the type of faction you always dreamed of wanting to be in a game and declare wars or make a peaceful haven. No matter what you want to do its possible.

Randomness Is The Name Of The Game

Rimworld might give you a lot of tools to make and customize your colony. But it’s not all fun and game. The game has a system that produces random events that throw the player into the most unexpected situations.

Rimworld wouldn’t be Rimworld if it wasn’t for the random events that took place during playthroughs. Wild animals attacking the colony, bandits stealing supplies, storms and acid rains, plagues, infections, and war declarations by other factions, are just a few of the thousands of events that can take place.

The game has AI storytellers that act as variables that produce random events. Randy Random is my favorite because he can either make your day or just ruin it. Some storytellers favor the players while others try to give you a hard time.

Randy Random | Capture By: VeryAli Gaming

These random events test the player’s wits and their decision-making. The player needs to be ready for anything to deal with and create an optimal group of colonists and colonies to not have a hard time during these incidents.

Ready To Create Your Adventure?

Rimworld is a game where the involvement of AI storytellers with an ever-expanding option of making your colony creates a unique experience for each player no matter how many playthroughs the player has completed.

The game’s main objective may be survival but all the fun lies in the chaos that the game provides which even I can’t get enough of. This is the reason why Rimworld also has almost infinite replayability. the game also has modding support which adds even more options to the already stacked game.

Rimworld is an indie game but it outclasses most AAA simulation games that exist these days. I am sure that Rimworld will be a great time for you once you start and will allow you to make the type of story you want it to be., which I hope will be interesting to your friends once you tell them the tale you forged.

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