Roboquest Is The Best Rogulite Shooter To Ever Exist

Ever wished that Doom Eternal had the visuals and loot system of Borderlands?

Roboquest is an FPS rogue-lite shooter that is also known as “the shooter that plays like Doom Eternal and looks like Borderlands”. The game does have a gameplay system that resembles Doom Eternal and is visually inspired by the cartoony/comic aesthetics of Borderlands games but it is much more than that.

Key Takeaways

  • Run and Gun your way through crowds of enemies in this perfect rogue-lite shooter that will keep you engaged for hours.
  • Make your build as you play through the game with the different level-up rewards, purchasable perks, weapon attributes, and active abilities.
  • Unlock secret stages and new classes by discovering easter eggs that are hidden throughout the game which increase the replayability of the game significantly.

RoboQuest has a lot of potential to take over many rogue-lite shooters these days.

Intense Gameplay

Roboquest’s gameplay is intense and quite fast-paced. It has every movement mechanic that makes a great shooter game. Slide cancel your way through stages or rocket jump by exploding rockets and grenades below you just before jumping to get a jump boost. The game’s movement is one of the best I have ever seen in an FPS.

Gun go Brrrr | Captured By : VeryAli Gaming

At the start of a playthrough, the game is quite relaxed and chill, but as soon as you are 10 minutes in, your screen is filled with particle effects and bullets of enemies. Stages become a bullet hell and the game will feel like playing Doom Eternal in later stages as you rely on your movement and aiming skills to progress.

The game also has passive skills that activate through certain actions. It also has active skills which have a cooldown that can be used to deal damage, create defense barriers, and much more depending on the class you have chosen. Mixing skills and abilities combat feels like dancing through the battlefield.

Perks | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Stages have rails and other objects that can be used in your favor. Each stage is set in a unique environment that has different layouts and enemy types. In this way, the game introduces a good skill ceiling where players must memorize the enemies’ moves and how the environment interacts with them.

Massive Arsenal

The game has a huge amount of weapons. Player can equip themself with assault rifles, SMGs, throwing knives, punching gloves, Launchers, and many more weapons which will take a lot of time if I were to mention all of them.

These weapons are very unique when compared with other shooter games which makes every run feel different. Want to throw snowballs at enemies using a cannon? Well, you can do it here and it works perfectly too.

Selection of Guns | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Each weapon has its own attributes and rarity. Rarity decides the amount of attributes a weapon will have and attributes can fully change the gun for the better or worse. If you pick up a weapon and use it in a playthrough, you better hope that it doesn’t have bad attributes in your next one when you find it.

Deeper Than You Think

RoboQuest does look like Borderlands and its gameplay is very exhilarating and satisfying like Doom Eternal but the game is much more deeper than it looks.

The game has a Basecamp in which each building provides information and upgrades as you play more. Even if a run is unsuccessful, you will come back stronger with better perks and upgrades that can be unlocked at the Basecamp. I always find this place quite relaxing after coming from intense gunfights and I always appreciate its cozy and bright design.

Many secret levels are hidden but they reward the players with power crystals which have their own perks. These levels test the skill of players in terms of aim, movement, or awareness. They add a great twist to your playthroughs if you get tired of the main path.

Multiple classes bring a lot of ways that you can deal with enemies. As you level up, you are given the option to select upgrades according to the build you are going for in the run. I use Commando the most because its kit is based on dealing damage and exploding your way through enemies feels great.

Classes | Capture By : VeryAli Gaming

Everything that has been mentioned till now is what makes RoboQuest a movement-based shooter unlike any other. Combining all these options and variations in builds that the game provides, the game has infinite replayability.

Lock ‘n Loaded

If you love fast-paced shooters then I highly recommend giving this hidden gem a try. The game also has a Demo in case you want to try the game a bit before buying. I am sure you will like the game once you give it a chance.

RoboQuest seems to have a very bright future ahead and will make its mark as one of the best FPS games to ever exist.

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