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Rockstar Games Teasing a Return to Vice City for Grand Theft Auto VI?

Rockstar Games –other than a very blatant teaser in November — has been on radio silence when it comes to anything in the shape of news about Grand Theft Auto VI. However, Rockstar Games did leave a teaser in the latest heist in GTA 5.

A litany of rumors surround Grand Theft Auto VI despite Rockstar Games having not even confirmed development. Most of the current rumors and reports seem to corroborate that the game will take players back to the last century and that it will be based in Vice City.

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Players who participated in the 100 Billion Heist Challenge that went down in November, will have received the first of the easter eggs in the form of a free jacket. To most the Panther Varsity Jacket is nothing to get excited about; however, there is something hidden on the back of it.

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A panther and the phrase “Hostes Ad Pulverem Ferire” is depicted on the back. This same text appears on the front of a building in the original GTA Vice City. Some were to quick to point out that it could be a harmless homage to Vice City but others believe it is a nod towards Rockstar Games‘ intent to return to the neon city.

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The update also added a minor character by the name of Gustavo, who can be found wearing orange and white Hawaiian shirt and is awfully similar in appearance — in both dress and looks — to Gonzalez from Vice City and Vice City Stories.

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These could both, again, just be a simple nod to Vice City; however both of these call backs do raise intrigue in the minds of many, that this could be a real hint from Rockstar Games that they do intend to go back to Vice City for the up and coming Grand Theft Auto 6. (Get GTA V for only $12 here)

Do you think this is more of a homage or a straight up tease from Rockstar Games? Let us know in the comments. In the mean time you can check out our coverage of a recent Bethesda tease concerning Elder Scrolls VI or our coverage of GTA V’s Cayo Perico.

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