Ryse: Son Of Rome, The Forgotten Action Game By Crytek

Crytek is responsible for many great action games, but there is one game that has been forgotten by most.

Crytek is renowned for the Crysis series and the online extraction shooter that is Hunt: Showdown. In 2013, Crytek launched Ryse: Son Of Rome, an action game that has faded into obscurity.

Key Takeaways

  • Released on the same day as Xbox One, Ryse: Son of Rome supports great visuals and accessibility options that still feel good to this day
  • The game boasts an action-packed story that will have you slashing and bashing your way to break enemy frontlines and avenge your family.
  • The game allows you to command your comrades in the story mode or team up with friends in multiplayer to experience Crytek’s finest offering at the time.

Ryse: Son of Rome had a strong launch and was considered a great game. However, as time passed, it was forgotten, like many other hidden gems that deserve more attention. So why is the game no longer popular? Was it even good? Let’s find out.

The Next-Gen Experience

Ryse: Son of Rome was released on the same day as the next-generation Xbox console, the Xbox One. Fans were already excited and Ryse: Son Of Rome added a lot to it when the game was showcased and the trailers that were shown, looked promising.

People were impressed with the visuals as they were not pre-rendered and were the same throughout the game. The excitement for Crytek’s newest title was at its peak.

The Beauty Of Next-Gen | From Youtube

The game had amazing visuals and a smooth flow, truly delivering what was promised to the players. They witnessed the next-gen capabilities of the Xbox One and got a glimpse of the quality of future game releases.

Microsoft also showcased a multiplayer mode called ‘Arena,’ promising better latency rates and network capabilities. With improved servers compared to previous console generations, the multiplayer had almost no lag and played smoothly. Ryse: Son of Rome, truly felt like a complete package for action lovers.

Nothing But Action

Ryse: Son of Rome’s primary focus was on action and its impactful, vicious combat. Right from the start of the game, you’re thrown into a battlefield where you’re taught the basics. This kind of tutorial leaves a great impression, sparing players from a slow and boring tutorial stage.

In certain stages, you’ll find yourself alone, hacking and slashing your way through hordes of enemies, or leading your soldiers through the frontline. Crytek’s ability to create immersion here is commendable for its time. You’ll genuinely feel like the leader of an army, commanding them to form lines, attack specific points, and create a bond with them.

On The Frontline With Your Brothers in Arms | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

While I didn’t find the combat particularly deep, its speed and immersion were enough to keep me hooked on the game. The inclusion of parries, counters, and executions added depth, but it was the dynamic camera and swift character movements that truly made combat worthwhile. Thanks to this design, I could progress through the main story without feeling like it was becoming repetitive.

You can play in the chaotic arenas alone or experience this action with your friends too. With the coop mode, you can seamlessly experience the survival mode and have a great time together.

Chaotic Multiplayer

What Went Wrong?

Ryse: Son Of Rome was a great game but it had very little content which would increase its replayability. After release, the game wasn’t updating or bringing new content that would bring the players back to the game.

The multiplayer was supposed to increase its lifetime but many considered the combat repetitive and the story was the only fun experience. Multiplayer was considered stale and felt like a testing feature of Microsoft.

There was also controversy over microtransactions and booster packs. Many considered these features pay-to-win or unnecessary in a game where the main focus is the single-player offline experience.

These made a lot of players uninterested in the game since microtransactions were starting to become common at that time and players would get furious over a mention of it. They later made the microtransactions in the game free, but the damage had already been done.

A Sequel?

Ryse: Son of Rome was a great action game that deserves some modern love and an overhaul. Despite its flaws, the game did many things right for an action title. The feeling of leading an army while being a powerhouse yourself is something no other action game has been able to provide.

I hope Microsoft considers remaking the game so the potential would not go to waste. A sequel to the game could work too as there are many instances in the story that can develop the premises of the sequel if they wanted to make one. A spin-off game based on a character of the story would also be a great way to bring back the intense battles

I hope that Crytek and Microsoft bring us another game for this title as it did action correctly and is still beloved by fans of action games.

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