Ryujinx Bayonetta 3: How To Increase Performance

There are two ways to improve your gameplay for Bayonetta 3. The guide goes through those methods by offering a solution!

Ryujinx Bayonetta 3

My guide on “Ryujinx Bayonetta 3” will demonstrate how players can increase their performance and framerates to play Bayonetta 3 at its full potential. It is quite evident that a Nintendo Switch Console is incapable of providing sufficient power/FPS to run the game.

You cannot tinker with the hardware itself, and it seems impossible to run Bayonetta 3 while relying on the console to fix things naturally. The issues most players run into are standard. 

For instance, there is an increased drop in the game’s framerates caused by the Switch console, which prevents the players from enjoying the game without lag and performance issues. 

However, as Bayonetta 3 is only limited to the Nintendo Switch, there is nothing that players can do to make changes to the game, increasing its performance.

Fortunately, there are a few methods, two of which players can do to fix common issues found in Bayonetta 3. Players can run the game on an emulator; if I may, Ryujinx would be their best option.

It is a Nintendo Switch emulator you can use to play Bayonetta 3, allowing you to play the game at 60 FPS. The Switch console, however, has a tendency to lower the frame rates to 30 FPS, which is why you need an emulator!

Key Takeaways

  • Run Ryujinx for Bayonetta 3 and enjoy the game at 60 FPS.
  • Playing games on an emulator comes with a price tag. They are prone to bugs and crashes, which you will have to bear while playing Bayonetta 3.
  • If you intend to play the game on the Nintendo Switch, there is a way in which you can increase its performance.
  • You can overclock the console and increase its performance more than what it was intended to provide.

Ryujinx Bayonetta 3 Best Settings

Ryujinx Emulator
Ryujinx is a Nintendo Emulator, and you can run Bayonetta 3 on 60FPS 4k!

You will need to download Ryujinx on your PC depending on the System you have, i.e., Windows, Linux, or macOS. After the download is complete, you can install Bayonetta 3.

Ryujinx System Settings
You can also enable Vsync!

After that, open Ryujinx Settings and click on System. You have to ensure that PPTC, FS integrity checks, and Host Unchecked are enabled. You can also lock your FPS to 60 and enable Vsync.

Ryujinx Graphics (Native)
The best Graphic Settings to play Bayonetta 3 on Ryujinx!

Next, you have to click on Graphics and ensure the Resolution Scale is selected for Native(720p/1080p) and the Graphic Backend is set to Vulkan. You’ll also see the Anisotropic Filtering and Aspect Ratio options on your screen. They must be set at “Auto” and “16:9,” respectively.

Ryujinx Graphics (2x (1440p-2160p)
You can also change the Resolution Scale to 2x (1440p/2160p).

If Native(720p/1080p) does not work for you, return to Graphic settings and set the Resolution Scale to 2x (1440p/2160p), and click on “apply.”

Run Bayonetta 3 on Ryujinx and enjoy the game!

How To Increase Nintendo Switch Performance

There is a method known as “Overclock,” which increases the speed and performance of any system, but in our case, it is the Nintendo Switch. Overclocking your console will not damage any hardware or the System. Therefore, it is safe.

So, how can you overclock the console? It is an easy and simple step you can follow, which involves copying and pasting the required files. I’ll not go into its details as I’m sure you’ll be able to find the instructions elsewhere.

However, once you’re console is overclocked, you’ll have the option to maximize CPU, GPU, Memory, and more. You’ll need to simultaneously press the L button and move the D-Pad down and right Joystick.

Overclocked Nintendo Switch Module
Maximize your Switch performance!

A menu will pop up, giving you plenty of options to tweak around with – there are different methods to overclock your Nintendo Switch. However, you need to find one which is entirely safe and avoids technical work.

With that, I conclude my “Rujinx Bayonetta 3” guide. I hope players can enjoy playing Bayonetta 3 to its full potential regardless of a few bugs and glitches some emulators bring along with them. 

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