Diablo Immortal Sandstone Golem: Definitive Guide

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Diablo Immortal is one of the hottest games on the block. The game had a lot of hype before its release, which continued to develop. The game pushes the players to their limits with challenging events and quests. Sandstone Golem Diablo Immortal is one of them. This Sandstone Golem Diablo Immortal guide will walk you through this quest to inform you of everything you need to know.

Diablo Immortal was first released in June 2022 as a mobile phone game. It saw a massive reception by players due to its intricate design and the legacy built by its predecessors. The game’s story lies somewhere between Diablo II and Diablo III and allows players to feel the same vibe as before. The game’s mesmerizing map will enable players to explore and adventure into the deepest parts of hell and back.

Moreover, the game has a unique character-building mechanic, enabling players to choose their own factions and class. They can build up on their stats according to these classes if they wish. This creativity allows players to fight the challenging monsters of the game in their own way. The Sandstone Golem in Diablo Immortal is one of them, and you will need some preparation before fighting him.

Sandstone Golem Diablo Immortal

The Sandstone Golem is one of the most challenging bosses in Diablo Immortal, but it also provides players with incredible loot. Like Vitaah, who requires you to be prepared and skilled to fight, Sandstone Golem challenges your wits. You will need to have a high character level to take on this boss and progress further in the game.

Moreover, to ensure that you can take on this monster, have a powerful class build. You can choose from six classes, depending on your players. You can go, Demon Hunter, if you want to have a high damage output. This will allow you to dodge and evade the sandstone golem attacks while hitting him back.

However, if you are one of those who like your minions to do all the work for you, you can go for Necromancer. This class summons dead monsters to fight your battles for you as you reap all the rewards.

Once you have built your kit powerful enough, it’s time to find the Sandstone Golem.

Location of The Sandstone Golem

Location of the Sandstone Golem
Location of the Sandstone Golem

The sandstone golem isn’t just the typical monster you can walk up to and fight. Sandstone golem needs to be summoned for you to be able to fight him; doing that is a tedious process. To call the sandstone golem, collect five lost pages scattered across the Library of Zoltun Kulle. You can find them throughout the library, so be on the lookout. These pages are straightforward to notice, so you can easily find them.

Next, once you have succeeded in collecting five pages, you can combine them to get a Portal Tome. If you have extra pages, keep gathering them, as you can hold up to five portal tomes in your inventory simultaneously. These portal tomes are really crucial for you to find the Sandstone Golem. These Tomes transport you to the hidden chambers of Zoltun Kulle. But, from time to time, it opens a portal to the World Bosses of Diablo Immortal.

Finding the Sandstone Golem

Moreover, the only way to know what kind of portal it is is to go through it. Also, once you open a doorway, it will use one of your tomes, so no, don’t waste them. If you try to open a portal with a party, your chances of finding a World Boss increase, so make sure you have reliant comrades as you head into battle.

There are two World Boss that you can find. One of them is the Flescraft hydra, and the other is the one we want, the Sandstone Golem. Once the Sandstone Golem is summoned, you can find him on the marked spot on the map. His summon will be sent out as a server-wide notification to all the players. It will take three minutes to gather your supplies and allies to take on the monster. If you are struggling in the fight, call upon other parties for help, as it will also give them rewards if they fight the monster.

Once the monster is summoned, all that’s left is to subdue him. Fighting him can be tricky. That’s why we have figured out his attack patterns and some tips to help you along with this fight.

Sandstone Golem Attacks

The Sandstone Golem has three attacks for you to counter and stand victorious after the fight. The first attack is his Area of Effect (AOE) Slam. He slams the ground with such power that it sends out shockwaves over a vast radius. Anyone standing close by or caught in this radius is hot by a lot of damage. If you are a close-range fighter, you won’t be able to dodge it, so make sure you have points in Vitality to withstand it.

Attributes with stats (Vitality)

Secondly, he has a dash. In this, the Golem dashes forward in the direction he is facing and deals damage to whatever is in his path. Anyone caught in his dash is sent sideways with a considerable amount of their health chunked—this is why you need to prepare some movement speed to block his attacks and secure your victory.

Lastly, he has a slam which makes debris fall down on players. He slams the ground, sending shockwaves and causing debris to fall from the sky. The radius of the junk will be shown on the floor, so you will be fine as long as you stay out of it. However, make sure to dodge it as it would otherwise deal a lot of damage.

Fighting the Sandstone Golem in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Sandstone Golem
Fighting with the Sandstone Golem

These Sandstone Golem aren’t that out of the ordinary skills; however, his huge HP Bar makes him an issue. As you can easily get caught up in his attacks, he can win battles by sustaining all your damage. To avoid this, you need to make sure that you have a DPS.

Moreover, to achieve that, you can invest points in your primary attributes to increase your strength or Antecedence, depending on your class. If you feel that your health bar is too low to fight head-on with the stone golem, make sure to increase your Vitality stat and keep healers in your party. However, don’t jump to using your potions and only save them for emergencies.

Coming back to the fight, your best bet to defeat this humongous monster is to keep raining down firepower on him. The more DPS you can output, the easier it will be for you to take him down. The most potent class to take on this monster is the Demon Hunter as it has the most DPS and the most maneuverability. Once you have the basics to fight this guy, all you have left to reap is the rewards for your efforts.

Rewards from the Sandstone Golem

Sandstone Golem Diablo Immortal Rewards
Sandstone Golem Rewards

Deating the Sandstone Golem will give you your rewards for your hardwork. The rewards could be 2 or 3 random items and a bunch of XP. One of these rewards is the Guilty of the Nameless. Upon returning this item to Iben Fahd‘s Sanctum, you will gain permanent buffs to your resistance. This will allow you to counter your enemy’s potency and stay mobile more during a fight.

But, the reward’s highlight is the enchanted dust you get from slaying this monster. Enchanted dust is vital in Diablo Immortals if you wish to become strong. You will find this dust as you beat stronger and stronger monsters and keep on climbing in the story.

Furthermore, Enchanted dust is necessary for you to level up your gear. If you wish to participate in the Rite of Exile, you will need some good armor as players against you will also have excellent equipment. To ensure you come out on top, make sure you collect a bunch of enchanted dust.

This brings us to the conclusion of our Sandstone Golem Diablo Immortal guide. Let us know if you were able to beat the Sandstone Golem Diablo Immortal and stand victorious.

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