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Scalpers Set Their Sights on Stardew Valley Board Game

Out of stock and limited to the US you can see where this is going…

ConcernedApe developer of the extinguished indie farming simulator Stardew Valley recently adapted the RPG to a 1-4 player board game. It features the familiar crops, characters, and animals that you grew to love in the game. Additionally, The Stardew Valley board game includes an incredible amount of detail and cards, plus the art is fantastic.

It is stated on the Stardew Valley website that the Stardew Valley board game includes but is not limited to:

  • 84 Season Cards
  • 31 Villager Cards
  • 8 Grandpa Goal Cards
  • 26 Bundle Cards
  • 19 Tool Upgrade Cards
  • 50 Item Cards

So far the game is only available in the US and will set you back a modest $55. Although it looks promising that Euro fans will be getting a chance to get their hands on the game soon. Eric Barone replied to a German fan on Twitter, who asked if the Stardew Valley board game will ever ship to Europe, by stating:

“We will try to meet the demand as best we can, so if there is a lot of demand in Europe (So far, it seems that way!), then we’ll do what we can to get the game there. It will probably take a while, though especially with the lockdowns.”

As you can imagine fans of the game quickly gobbled up all the stock as the board game is perfect to play with friends and family amidst the global pandemic. However, it seems a bunch of scalpers procured the board game in a plot to make a nefarious profit by taking advantage of the limited availability of the Stardew Valley board game.

Many fans of Stardew Valley will be wanting to get their hands on the board game. Unfortunately however, they will discover that the game is only available on the market for 3 times the cost of its original price.

Heading over to eBay and searching for the board game will grant you a list of incredibly overpriced Stardew Valley board games for sale by the scalpers who are making an insane profit exploiting fans.

What Can Stardew Valley Fans Do?

There are a few things that Stardew Valley fans can do to combat the scalpers. First off before bidding on or buying an item always do your research first. There are many people out there that will not take the time to do a quick google and see the original price. The board game costs 55$, that is a huge difference.

Secondly it pays to be patient, while it’s frustrating that we have to wait for new stock. You will save a lot of money and will actually support the developers and creators of the product.

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