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school answers persona 5
school answers persona 5l

In Persona 5, it’s important to delve deep into the metaverse, fight the shadows that life hidden within society and ultimately steal the hearts of the world’s most corrupt criminals and villains. However, it’s equally important that you pass all your Persona 5 exams and remain a model student. You see, Persona 5 is a game that marries a classic JRPG with the somewhat mundane life simulation genre. However, the final product is far from mundane. Persona 5 oozes style and class, so even something like passing your exams is made fun and rewarding.

Key Takeaways

  • In Persona 5, passing exams is important as it increases your knowledge and charm stats and rewards you with gifts from Sojiro.
  • The guide provides all the answers to every exam in Persona 5, divided into four sections, from Exam One beginning on May 11th to Exam Four beginning on December 20th.
  • For Exam One, the answers are “An optical illusion” and “visual information, brain, different cognitions.”
  • Exam Two, the answers are “Nouveux riche” and “Gentleman thief, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, He was boiled alive.”
  • In Examination Three answers are “The name of the one who proposed it” and “A doctor, It could execute people quickly.”
  • Whereas, for the Fourth Exam, the answers are “D” and “Not their real voice; they speak the same, Supplement the voice.”
persona 5 school answers
persona 5 school answers.

However, unlike in reality, we don’t expect you to knuckle down and study; that’s not what video games are for. Video games are about escapism, not more schoolwork. So with that in mind, we have done the homework for you, sat through those treacherous study sessions and here we have a guide that will help you ace every single Persona 5 exam—allowing you to whizz through your paper at breakneck speed and be the envy of all your peers.

Why Do I Need To Pass My Persona 5 Exams?

persona 5 school answers
Persona 5 Exams

Much like in real life, studying can seem like a pain, but passing your exams with flying colours is worth doing in the long run. In Persona 5, if you study hard and answer questions correctly in class, you will increase your knowledge stat. Doing this will allow you to get better grades in your exam, which will increase your charm stat. Then, on top of all that, if you get a good grade, Sojiro will reward your efforts. In short, this is something that is worth doing. Here is a list of all the answers listed below.

Exam One – Beginning May 11th

May 11th

Answer one – “An optical illusion

Answer two – This is an essay question that requires the answers visual information, brain and they have different cognitions, in that order.

May 12th

Answer One: Magistrate’s patronage

Answer Two – The name of a sum of currency

May 13th

Answer One: Ignorance

Answer Two: Four

Exam Two – Beginning July 13th

July 13th

Answer one – Nouveux riche

Answer two – This is an essay question that requires the answers Gentleman thief, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and He was boiled alive, in that order.

July 14th

Answer one – It’s not related to crabs

Answer two – Television

July 15th

Answer one – B4-sized paper

Answer two – together, senses

Exam Three – Beginning October 17th

October 17th

Answer one – The name of the one who proposed it

Answer two – This is an essay question which requires the answers  A doctor, and It could execute people quickly, in that order

October 18th

Answer one – It has 32 faces

Answer two – slave labour

October 19th

Answer one – Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Answer two – The Imperial household agency

Exam Four – Beginning 20th December

20th December

Answer one – D

Answer two – This is an essay question that requires the answers, Not their real voice; they speak the same and Supplement the voice

21st December

Answer one – hearts

Answer two – It includes a number

22nd December

Answer one – Japan

Answer two – dreadnought

So that’s our guide to every exam within Persona 5. What do you make of this guide? Was it helpful to you? What part of Persona 5 do you find most appealing? Do you want to see more guides for Persona 5? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading Veryali Gaming.

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