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Here is the complete guide to all Scorn achievements in the most suitable gaming style

Scorn welcome screen
Scorn-Recent Released

Scorn is the latest ravishing addition to the Xbox game pass. Released on October 14, 2022, the state-of-the-art masterpiece is for gaming connoisseurs who love to play zombie or Alien oriented games. See the Scorn System requirements before installation. Like any other competitive game Scorn also has checkpoints and you have to grapple to complete those to excel in the game. These checkpoints are termed Scorn Achievements. Let’s dive into the 100% completion Guide of Scorn Achievements.

Key Takeaways:

  • All the achievements are story related and you cannot miss anything to ace the game.
  • The Extraction and Hand-in-Hand achievements make a total of 100G game scores and the rest of them make 80G.
  • Scorn includes a total of 5 acts to ace all the achievements and all of them are necessary.
  • The game includes mini puzzles located in mysterious buildings to upgrade keys and rifles.

Here is the list of all the Scorn achievements to get an idea of what you are going to experience:

  • 001 Extraction
  • 002 Hand-in-Hand
  • 003 Hazardous Occurrence
  • 004 Close Encounter
  • 005 Key Possession
  • 006 At the Lower most point
  • 007 Station to Station
  • 008 Detachment
  • 009 Fluid Flowing within
  • 010 Perception Beyond
  • 011 Fin

001 Extraction

When you will start the game you will find yourself in linear corridors and there will be only one path that you can take. You will eventually hit the door that you have to then squeeze through and put your hand into a machine that gives you a key device on your wrist. With that key, you can open the door which you will find locked initially when you get to the room. Then use the sprint to get through it before it closes.

Sprint is the left bumper on the Xbox Controller. After crossing the door you will enter the main puzzle room. You will see a tower in the middle. Initially bear right and go through this first little tunnel, the contraption for extraction on the right. You have to go up by the lift. Scones are rather confusing in the fact that it shows you all these different components to the puzzle before you get to or add classes at the start of the puzzle. The point where we need to start is hidden away up here on the top of the lift.

Trickiest Part

Now bear right and go into this big open room. Take control of the crane arm on the right-hand side. Two eggs have two little lights on them that will look like eyes. To complete this first puzzle move these eggs to the top left where the bright light is coming. That’s where the Korean arm will carry them out.

Move these eggs to the right place. Now with both eggs in place move to the Korean arm and transfer the egg over to the conveyer belt which will move it downstairs to the second part of the puzzle. This was the trickiest part of puzzle one.

Trickiest part of 001 Scorn Achievement
Eggs with two little lights

Now turn around and head back down through the lift into the big open room with the tower in the middle. He is on the opposite side of the room.

When you will find him above this other Korean arm all you need to do is step up here and activate the controls and then the Korean arm should be already in the correct position. Press A to lift him from the roof. Move the Korean arm down and press A again to pop him into his chair.

Second Procedure – extraction

Push him further along the conveyer belt until we get to the next contraption. That’s going to do a little bit more extraction to him. Push the cart a little further along you will then meet a section of track that can be turned so you can turn the track in a different direction. Don’t push him onto that just leave him before you reach.

So that you can see that there this is what you need to turn around because by default that position will send him down a dead end and you will have to pull him back out.

What you need to do now is climb up to the top of the tower this is where the real controls are for the track. Once you reach the top there is a little console. Here it will change the view to it kind of top-down. For the 001 Scorn Achievement change the two of these tracks. He is going to end up going through the top door at the very north of the map.

Final Step

Push him till the end of this length of track, where you will enter a room with what looks like a saw contraption. Now move the Korean arms and press a few buttons to get him extracted from his pod. Press E to pick him up and move it right as far as it will go until it reaches the second pod.

Press A again to drop him. Extract him from his pod again. Once you extracted just go up to the pod and press here which will unlock the 001 extraction and 100 G Scorn achievements Points.

Final Stage of 001 Scorn Achievement

002 Hand-in-Hand

The 002 Scorn Achievement which is also called Hand-in-Hand involves escorting the scone to a slightly different room which involves a different extraction or surgical procedure. You will have this achievement pop up on your screen just press Enter to start. Go to the load and load act one again.

Unfortunately, there are not any checkpoints within the act so what this is going to do is throw you back to the very start of act one so you will repeat the Korean puzzle up on the top of the lift.

Once the guy has been down just return to the tower to change the tracks and change the very first track that will send him into a slightly different extraction. Once you have finished the procedure in that room it will unlock the 002 Scorn Achievement.

Change the bottom track and you will see he will go into the second room on the southeast side of the building. Go back downstairs and push him through into that room and then as the first room there will be a couple of Korean arms and consoles to lift him up and then form a procedure.

Once that procedure has been formed it will have a little bit of mishap and you will pick up his hand which is left on the floor that will pop the 002 achievements.

All you need to do with that hand is to place it inside one of those tubes that will meld a key to that hand and then you can open the door which will lead you into the act and you will earn the 002-Hand-in-Hand achievement.

one of the best of Scorn Achievements
Hand-in-Hand Top-to-Bottom View

003 Hazardous Occurrences

Now you will see a roundabout with multiple hallways and a pillar in the center. All you have to do is to wander through these hallways and find a gun.

Once you have a gun move to the hallway on the left side and use your gun to move a crane to unlock the battery. Crane will escort the battery into the other hallway with a pillar in the center.

One of Scorn Achievements
Battery 1 to destroy Pillar

Now walk through the game and you will find a second hallway. You need a floating object to lift the other two hidden batteries. Move to the central pillar and use your hands to rotate it clockwise. It will release a floating object to lift the battery and put it into the pillar.

Move into the place facing the pillar upfront to pull back the floating object from the pillar. Repeat this process for the second battery. Now a blast will occur and you will be unconscious. You will open your eyes in an unconscious state in a purplish hallway and achievement will be unlocked.

Third achievement of Scorn

004 Close Encounter

This achievement is also story related and cannot be missed. You will open your eyes in the hallway and will find a creature in the center of it. You just have to wander around in that super spooky hallway. Then you have to take the lift and will find a skeleton holding a key which is of the orientation of the cylinder.

To go back, you have to connect multiple hallways using your hands. you will pull up a trigger and it will connect the hallways. Just keep looking for puzzle locks to upgrade that cylindrical key.

Once it’s updated Move back to the place facing the creature and put that key into it. Use your Xbox controller to fit that key right into it and solve the puzzle like this:

  • 2 times down
  • 1 time left
  • 4 times up
  • 1 time left
  • 4 times down
  • 1 time left
  • 2 times up
  • 1 time left
  • 2 times up

Once it fits just move toward the creature and it will unlock one of the most important scorn Achievements.

Puzzle to upgrade key
Cylindrical key to unlocking Achievement

005 Key Possession

Now you will see a person coming out of the flower of that central creature and that creature will die instantly. Now you need to upgrade your weapon. Move back to the main hall and you will find an area with 4 hulls in the middle of the building. You have to upgrade your weapon and make sure the transition of red lights into white will unlock the key possession achievement.

Killing the flying creature for 5th achievement
Key Possession Puzzle

006 At the Lower Most Point

This achievement will automatically get unlocked when you will start act 4. Just look at your saved files to confirm.

007 Station to Station

Now you have to ride a monorail to reach the other side and it will unlock the achievement. Then you will have to fight with a creature using your rifle. After trouncing that creature there will be an object coming out of his body. Take that thing and go back to the point where you used your skeleton key to turn the red light into white. Insert that thing and key into the machine and then you will see your one red light will convert into white.

Killing boss in Station-to-Station
Station to Station

008 Detachment

You will see a trapped creature just try to detach him from the trap. That creature will have a lizard shape body and you will see a vessel falling on the ground. Just pick up that vessel and move to the main area. Here you will unlock the railings and then walk down the stairs to the left. Keep walking towards the mysterious castle and wander around you will see a creature lying.

Most import scorn Achievement

009 Fluid Flowing Within

Put the vessel which you found in the previous achievement into the machine right above the lying creature. Once it’s done it will move the creature up and then you have to put yourself into a trap and then a spooky robot will operate on your body in an unconscious state of mind.

Translocating brain in vessels for Scorn Achievement

010 Perception Beyond

After the 009 achievements, you will translocate your mind into the vessels and you will wake up having a new body that was previously lying in front of you. Now you will have to wake up and run towards the main area where the spooky robot was operating on you. Life your ripped body and you will see a door locked. Switch the scene and then unlock that door using your hand by moving to the right side. That will complete the achievement.

011 Fin

After the 010 Achievement, that door will be opened and you have to walk through the door you will see a lot of creatures along the path and suddenly you will be attacked by the creature and that creature will shatter your body and you will find yourself trapped in it.

Last Achievement
Fin-End of Game


In conclusion, Scorn has all the valuable qualities with the arduous checkpoints to ace the Scorn Achievements. This game must play for all the vivacious gamers who love to complete challenging tasks. All achievements offer diverse challenges to gamers ranging from grinding puzzles to fighting with Scorn bosses. 

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