Scorn: All Monsters Guide [Complete List]

Scorn has all sorts of horrific monsters and creatures to combat. Here's a full guide on all Scorn monsters that you'll need to defeat.

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This guide will tell you all you need to know about Scorn monsters.

Scorn is a game that’s ripe with body horror creatures and beings that are hardly human. Scorn monsters are remnants of humans that have been patchworked and bred into new entities. Calling the game “Lovecraftian” sounds a bit too generous.

With that being said, here’s a list of all monsters encountered in Scorn. Some of these are hostile while others wait for a merciful death. This guide will help you identify the creatures and figure out how to defeat them.

Key Points:

  • You can find several monsters throughout Scorn.
  • The first monsters we find are the Moldmen and Drones.
  • Crater creatures include Workers and Chickens.
  • You can also find Homunculi that you can insert into Cyborgs.
  • The Shells appear at the end of the game.
  • Lastly, there’s the Parasite that also doubles as your weapon.

Assembly Creatures

Born in the grotesque and inhumane factory known as the Assembly, these creatures are the first you encounter in the game. They are products of an industry that breeds and processes humans for packaging as fuel.


Moldmen are the first creatures that the protagonist encounters. They are just what they sound like – molded men. These creatures are real-life humans that aliens have artificially bred to be used as fuel.

Moldmen from Scorn.
Moldmen are the first creatures you encounter.

Moldmen are first pressed into molds (hence the name) and then left to dry out. Once they become usable packages, the aliens use them as a source of fuel. The story of these creatures is one of sorrow and utter misery.

The first puzzle that you encounter in the game revolves around these creatures and their assembly line. Here, you will find a terrified mold person that you can either save or not.

Once you save this creature, you will need to use them to open the gate. However, once you do open the gate, they will be locked behind it, their deafening screams echoing through the room.


You can find Drones in the Assembly. You must release them from their stations. These are also made from organic matter and feature large green bubbles. They are described as fertilizer drones.

A Done from Scorn.
Drones shoot out deadly mist.

Drones do not actively attack the protagonist. However, they do shoot out a mist-like substance that will hurt you to walk through. You can easily kill these drones with a few shots from a pistol.

Crater Creatures

Some of the first creatures that you will encounter in Scorn are the Crater creatures. These creatures are native to the enormous unending vertical hole bored into the Earth called the Crater.


The most common Scorn monsters found throughout the Crater, the Workers are quadrupedal beasts. The official Scorn Artbook also dubbed these creatures as “bears”.

A Worker from Scorn.
Crater Workers.

Oftentimes, you will find them acting completely docile. You will encounter them walking through passageways and waiting behind doors. However, once they spot the protagonist, they begin to attack.

They have only two moves. Either they lunge at the protagonist and deal damage or they fire sharp projectiles from their chests. They may also bite the protagonist if they get close or attack the player with a red tongue-like organ.

While the most common and easily defeated creatures, the Workers are extremely dangerous in swarms. These creatures are responsible for the biological turmoil and ruin that litters the place.


While not given an official name, these creatures resemble chickens, at least to an extent. These creatures are the second most common creatures that you can find throughout the Crater.

Chickens have only one attack: shooting a projectile at the player that’s similar to the player’s main pistol. You can easily defeat these creatures, though they do tend to be quite agile and can even hop.

Big Worker

Throughout the game, you can find larger versions of the Workers. Akin to charging bulls or yaks, these larger Workers are slightly harder to defeat than their smaller counterparts.

However, unlike the Workers, their only move is to charge at the player and knock them down. This means that dodging and side-stepping are crucial to defeating these creatures.

Additionally, players must shoot at least twice with the Riot Shotgun. Using any other weapon will not prove as effective and may require more time and effort.


Sad but terrifying, homunculi are the very few creatures in the game that are not human. They are made from a certain hallucinogenic matter and are completely artificial.

Described as living batteries, these monsters are completely docile and do not attack the player. Well, that is at least until the player inserts one into a Cyborg husk.


No, these aren’t your typical human-machine hybrids. Scorn takes Cyborgs to the next level with a grotesque twist: they are made from dead humans. And there’s not even a guarantee that the parts used in the cyborg are from the same human.

A Cyborg from Scorn.
Cyborgs activate when you insert a Homunculus in their chest.

Designed as flesh and metal husks for the Homunculi to pilot, Cyborgs are inactive on their own. However, when you insert a Homunculus into the cavity in their torsos, they become highly dangerous.

A Cyborg is the first and only major boss that the player must fight. The Cyborg will follow the player around the room and shoot projectiles after every few seconds. You must side-step the projectiles. Hence, the player must always be moving.

If you would like to know more about how to defeat the Cyborg in Scorn, then head over to our official guide.


You can find worms attached to the ceilings of certain rooms. Completely sessile, these creatures shoot acid at the player. They are not too difficult to take out but can be frustrating to defeat.

Luckily, a few shots from the pistol are enough to take care of them. These Scorn monsters only appear in some places in the Crater.

Crater Queen

Dubbed “the Crater Queen” in the Scorn Artbook, this is a monstrous being responsible for birthing the Crater creatures.

Described as a hunched monster with an elongated neck, the Crater queen is unable to move. Instead, she moves her long neck and ghastly face to stare at the protagonist.

The player must kill the Crater Queen by slicing her flesh from three different rooms. She is passive and does not harm the player. After putting her out of her misery, you will receive an important item that you need to progress further into the game.


Floaters are the flying equivalents of the Workers. These resemble flying heads with their brain matter exposed. However, they are far from one single discernible organism.

A Floater from Scorn.
Floaters are passive and don’t attack you.

Much like jellyfish, they pulsate in the air and can lunge forward. These Scorn monsters do not do much harm to the protagonist. And you can easily defeat them with just one pistol shot. Floaters are born out of the heads of dead Workers.


Shells are creatures made from gore and remnants of once-living humans that walked the Earth. They are created by compressing the fleshy masses into a humanoid shape. However, the resulting abomination is far from human.

Shells concept art.
Shells are telepathically-controlled entities.

A Shell does not retain the consciousness of its original humans. Instead, any conscious being can control it telepathically.

The process starts with a person’s consciousness being transferred into a new physical entity. This entity is humanoid but the aliens have modified it to be self-sufficient.

We only see this entity near the end of the game. But since we don’t want to spoil it for you, it’s best if you play the game and find out what happens yourself.

The Parasite

The Parasite is the main antagonist of the game. It is the remnant of the first humanoid creature that we get to play in the prologue. The once human parasite now resembles an elongated reptile that latches onto the protagonist.

Parasite from Scorn.
The Parasite depletes your health.

This creature becomes the player’s primary weapon and inventory. It is capable of holding items for the player. However, the Parasite gradually leeches the life forces from the player. And you must remove it near the end of the game.


Scorn is one of the very few games that truly instills the horror of alien colonization inside us. And its many monsters are not far from a testimonial to this.

To conclude, Scorn has a diverse index of different creatures, each with its twisted concept. The creators specifically designed each monster to be unique with a special type of movement and attack.

We hope this guide helped you understand more about the different monsters in Scorn.

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