Sekiro Best Prosthetic Upgrades: Top 5 Ranked

Looking for the best prosthetic upgrade? Look no further, this guide is all about the 5 best ranked Sekiro Best Prosthetic Upgrades.

Sekiro Best Prosthetic Upgrades
Sekiro Best Prosthetic Upgrades: Top 5 Ranked

These shinobi prosthetics are incredibly diverse and function not only as special attacks during combat but also greatly help with stealth and farming golden items. I will be listing the top 5 Best Prosthetic Upgrades.

Every player’s playstyle might benefit from some alternate choices, but these are what I would consider the best ones to save those crafting materials for. Also, check out the Sekiro Lightning Reverse to defeat enemies that use lightning-based attacks.

Key Takeaways

  • The top 5 best prosthetic upgrades include the Great Feather Mist Raven, the Golden Vortex, the Lazulite Shuriken, the Mountain Echo, & the Long Spark.
  • The Great Feather Mist Raven is a valuable tool for offense and defense, inflicts fire damage, and can get the player behind an enemy.
  • Golden Vortex allows the player to strip golden items right off any enemy without killing them, making it the ultimate farming tool.
  • A balanced & all-around tool in the player’s arsenal is Lazulite Shuriken which can interrupt many of the weaker attack animations, inflict posture damage, & stagger most enemies.
  • Mountain Echo allows the player to set up tricky stealth kills easily, pull individual units from a pack, and call enemies over to take them down.
  • The author’s favorite all-around prosthetic upgrade is the Long Spark, throwing out a barrage of firecrackers that briefly stun nearly every enemy in the game, especially beast-type enemies.

Summary Table

No.NameAwarded ForEmblem costEffect/Ability
1Great Feather Mist RavenBest Prosthetic Upgrade for Aggressive Offense.3Inflicts fire damage and gets you behind an enemy
2Golden VortexBest Prosthetic Upgrade for Efficient Farming.4Strips golden items right off of any enemy without having to kill them
3Lazulite ShurikenBest Prosthetic Upgrade for All-Around Combat.1Can interrupt many of the weaker attacks.
4Mountain EchoBest Prosthetic Upgrade for Stealth Combat.3It allows you to set up tricky stealth kills easily.
5Long SparkBest Prosthetic Upgrade for Crowd Control.2Throws out a barrage of firecrackers that briefly stun enemeis

1. Great Feather Mist Raven

Best Prosthetic Upgrade for Aggressive Offense.

Why did I Choose Great Feather Mist Raven?

I chose this prosthetic for its blend of powerful offense and surprising evasive possibilities. The fire damage opens up enemy weaknesses, and the teleport grants huge tactical advantages and intense fights.

Sekiro Best Prosthetic Upgrades
Using the Great Feather Mist Raven
NameGreat Feather Mist Raven
Spirit Emblem Cost3

Great Feather Mist Raven Stats Table. 

The Great Feather Mist Raven might initially seem like an evasive tool. Once upgraded, its added ability inflicts fire damage along with getting you behind an enemy. This can often lead to some of the best mid-combat openings you could ask for.

Using this often makes it pretty easy to burn through your spirit emblems, but luckily, it only consumes them when the ability hits. The Great Feather Mis Raven prosthetic can fundamentally change how the player approaches combat situations. I found it to be great for both offense and defense if managed correctly.

  1. To add the icing to the cake, it makes you look extremely cool. It is also ideal for dealing with enemies that have you surrounded.
  2. The only major downside is the somewhat long charge time.
  3. It leaves you open to getting attacked by enemies, and your ability cancels if you get hit.

  • High damage.
  • Teleports behind enemies.
  • Fire status effect.
  • Versatile for offense and defense.

  • Long charge time leaves you vulnerable.
  • High spirit emblem cost.

2. Golden Vortex

Best Prosthetic Upgrade for Efficient Farming.

Why did I Choose Golden Vortex?

I chose this prosthetic upgrade for its unique economic benefits. Stealing valuable items without unnecessary kills speeds up progression and makes upgrading other tools much easier.

Sekiro Best Prosthetic Upgrades
Stealing an item from an unsuspecting enemy
NameGolden Vortex
Spirit Emblem Cost4

Golden Vortex Stats Table. 

The Golden Vortex is your magic ticket to maximizing golden farming items from enemies. This can greatly assist with funding the other upgrades. This tool – like the base version before it – can whisk away some low-tier enemies instantaneously.

Additionally, the Golden Vortex variant has the special ability to strip golden items right off any enemy without having to kill them. This turns this prosthetic into the ultimate farming tool.

Find a group of enemies near a checkpoint and activate this skill. Repeat this process to reap the rewards and get upgrades faster than expected.

You will learn to love this upgrade – especially in the late game. It is vital if you’re trying to upgrade the rest of the prosthetics easily. Since it doesn’t deal a lot of damage, you are better off using it to farm items instead of attacking.

  • Steals items without killing.
  • Perfect for farming.
  • Can kill weaker enemies.

  • Low damage output.

3. Lazulite Shuriken

Best Prosthetic Upgrade for All-Around Combat.

Why did I Choose Lazulite Shuriken?

I chose this prosthetic upgrade for its balanced nature and high posture damage output. It complements Sekiro’s aggressive playstyle while offering ranged options to deal with various enemies.

Sekiro Best Prosthetic Upgrades
Staggering an enemy with the Lazulite Shuriken
NameLazulite Shuriken
Spirit Emblem Cost1

Lazulite Shuriken Stats Table. 

In all of its various forms, the shuriken is surprisingly effective when combined with the chasing slice and midair prosthetic arts in the skill tree. If you want to inflict the most posture damage, the highest tier of the Lazulite version is the way to go.

Shurikens can interrupt many of the weaker attack animations and, when followed up with the chasing slice; provide you with a safe way to close the gap. One of the best all-around tools in your arsenal, the Lazulite Shuriken deals a good chunk of damage and staggers most enemies.

You can cancel out most enemies’ attacks by using this tool and creating an opening to strike. Plus, you can use this in midair or even when dodging an attack.

  • Steals items without killing.
  • Perfect for farming.
  • Can kill weaker enemies.

  • Low damage output.

4. Mountain Echo

Best Prosthetic Upgrade for Stealth Combat.

Why did I Choose Mountain Echo?

I chose this prosthetic upgrade for its underappreciated tactical potential. Manipulating enemy positions and setting up stealth kills adds a whole new strategic layer to Sekiro’s combat.

Slaying the Guardian Ape grants you with the Finger Whistle
NameMountain Echo
Spirit Emblem Cost3

Finger Whistle Stats Table. 

The Finger Whistle is a tool for you to pull individual units from a pack, but the Mountain Echo doubles its creative freedom. It allows you to set up tricky stealth kills easily. This version of the prosthetic allows you to hold down the button for a moment to lay down a sound trigger that plays after a delay.

If you find two strong units standing back to back, you can use Mountain Echo to call one over. You can safely take down your enemies due to this tool with no fighting whatsoever if properly used.

This can be a vital trick to use on some of the mini-bosses scattered throughout the world and can greatly assist you with thinning the herd.

  • Excellent for stealth.
  • Isolates enemies.
  • Creative tactical uses.

  • Less direct combat impact.

5. Long Spark

Best Prosthetic Upgrade for Crowd Control.

Why did I Choose Long Spark?

I chose this prosthetic upgrade for its crowd control and effectiveness against beast-type enemies. The prolonged stun opens up multiple possibilities for follow-up attacks or strategic repositioning.

The Long Spark in action
NameLong Spark
Spirit Emblem Cost2

Long Spark Stats Table. 

Moving on to my favorite all-around prosthetic upgrade in Sekiro; the Long Spark. This throws out a barrage of firecrackers that briefly stun nearly every enemy in the game. Against beast-type enemies, the effect is doubled.

The Long Spark variant stays active longer than the default firecrackers and helps you get in some free hits. It also allows the player to reset a situation that’s getting out of hand safely.

This is another tool that greatly benefits from the midair prosthetics art in the skill tree. Doing so will allow you to either lead n with the stun or safely retreat away.

The Long Spark will always have your back if you want to distance yourself from the enemy to get your bearings. Since there is a decent amount of beast-type enemies in Sekiro, you can use this tool to stun them.

  • Stuns most enemies.
  • Especially beasts.
  • Long duration.
  • Allows for counterattacks or escape.

  • Primarily a setup tool.
  • Less direct damage.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  • Loaded Axe: Powerful overhead attack, but slow windup and limited combo potential.
  • Sabimaru: The poison effect is useful but often outclassed by direct damage in most boss fights.
  • Flame Vent: High fire damage but short range and situational use can make it less versatile.
  • Divine Abduction: Can forcibly turn some enemies into allies, but effectiveness depends heavily on the specific enemy, making it inconsistent.
  • Loaded Spear: This deals good posture damage, but other options might offer more tactical advantages or versatility.
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What Would I Recommend?

The Great Feather Mist Raven is an absolute game-changer. Not only does it give you a slick escape option, but the fire-infused upgrade turns it into a devastating offensive tool. When you time it perfectly, you can teleport behind an enemy mid-attack, setting them ablaze and leaving them wide open for a brutal counterattack.

The Golden Vortex might sound like a niche tool, but trust me, it’s a lifesaver when farming for upgrade materials and Sen. Being able to yoink valuable items off of enemies without having to kill them speeds up the grind massively. It can turn tedious farming routes into a quick and profitable run!

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