Sekiro Lightning Reverse: Location, Tips, And Guide

Using the Sekiro Lightning Reverse technique is a crucial gameplay mechanic. It can help you win the fights which you would have normally lost.

Sekiro Lightning Reverse
Sekiro Lightning Reverse

While playing Sekiro, you might have noticed enemies that use lightning-based attacks or combat. These are extremely powerful attacks that can diminish your health bar in one hit. You might find them difficult to dodge since they cover a wide area. The only way to deal with them properly is to use the lightning reverse. Worry not because my guide will help you master the Sekiro Lightning Reverse.

The very first time you are introduced to a lightning attack is with your fight against Genichiro. After you damage him enough, he will start performing the lightning attacks, which can potentially one-shot you. To counter this, you must redirect his attack and throw it back at him.

Key Takeaways

  • The only effective approach to deal with adversaries who use lightning-based attacks is to use the lightning reverse.
  • You do not need to do anything in order to use this attack.
  • To utilize it, you must first jump before quickly pressing the attack button.
  • Bosses that primarily use lightning-based attacks are three in number.  Isshin, the Sword Saint, and Genichiro.

Where to get the Lightning Reverse

Sekiro Lightning Reverse
Performing the Lightning Reversal Technique

While you can find a scroll in the room where you fight the Ashina Elite, you don’t have to learn or put points in this attack. During your fight with Genichiro, you will automatically be taught this move and have to use it to defeat him. Once he reaches his third and final phase, he will start using lightning attacks.

You will have to redirect his attack to deal damage to him. When you use lightning against an enemy, they will be stunned for a few seconds, giving you ample time to land a few hits safely. The best part about this is that you can use this attack anytime you want without any requirement.

How to Use the Lightning Reverse

Sekiro Lightning Reverse
The boss fight against the Divine Dragon

If you want to master this move, you’ll have to learn the timing. I cannot stress this enough, but this technique is all about timing and waiting for the opportune moment to strike. To use it, you will have to first jump and then quickly press the attack button at the exact moment the lightning hits you.

If done correctly, Sekiro will automatically gather the lightning in his blade, and you will be able to aim it at an enemy. It’s relatively simple to use once you’ve practiced it enough times. Otherwise, it can be quite tricky as you’ll constantly get hit with lightning instead of redirecting it.

Limitations of the Technique

Sekiro Lightning Reverse
Failing the timing can lead to an early death.

Unfortunately, the Sekiro Lightning Reverse technique has its fair share of limitations. While the move is overall superb, it can backfire on you if not done correctly.

The Timing can be Tricky

Since you have to jump and press the attack button exactly on time, you are prone to mess up the timing and take damage instead. Especially when you are first introduced to this technique, you’ll have a hard time landing it precisely. Since every enemy has its pattern, you will have to learn them to know when the lightning will strike you.

However, you can overcome this problem easily. With enough practice, you’ll be able to master the timing quickly. All you have to do is know the pattern of the enemy’s attacks and jump at the right time. Once you do that, there is no stopping you from redirecting lightning at your enemies.

You are Vulnerable to Attacks

This goes hand to hand with the previous limitation. If you mess up the timing, you take the damage of the attack and are vulnerable to further attacks from the enemy. This is because you are stunned if you get hit by lightning.

An alternate way to avoid all of this is to dodge the attack, but it is quite difficult to pull off. Not only that, but it also will take you a long time to defeat the enemy since lightning deals a lot of damage.

Which Bosses Perform Lightning Attacks

Sekiro Lightning Reverse
Using the technique against Isshin the Sword Saint

There are mainly three bosses that use lightning-based attacks. You will have to deflect it to deal damage to them and defeat them.

Rematch With Genichiro

The first time you face off against Genichiro is when the game wants you to lose. While you can defeat it; but to progress, you’ll have to let him win. However, during your rematch with him, Genichiro uses lightning attacks, which you can easily deflect to damage him instead. This fight isn’t necessarily hard as much as it is a tutorial for the Sekiro Lightning Reverse technique. This is the first time you learn this technique and you can use it freely after this.

Divine Dragon

The Divine Dragon is a boss that can only be defeated if you correctly use the lightning reversal. Since lightning is his main weapon, it’s only natural that you counter it to damage him. You’ll have to get your timing right and jump as soon as the area is flashing. Once you jump, press the attack button, and Sekiro will do the rest of the work. Repeat this process a few times until his health bar lowers, and then you can use the execution to finish off this mighty dragon.

Isshin, the Sword Saint

Isshin is the final boss of the game, depending on which ending you choose. He is an extremely difficult opponent with all of his fast-paced movements and huge area-effect attacks. To top it off, he also uses lightning attacks, which are surprisingly difficult to counter. His pattern is different with each attack, so he can be hard to predict, but eventually, you’ll be able to tell when he’s about to use a lightning attack.

Thankfully, Isshin gets stunned after you counter his attack, giving you breathing room and time to attack him. The lightning reverse makes an otherwise impossible boss fight a bit convenient.


The Lightning Reversal can be challenging to pull off, especially when you first learn it (Even for me!). But with enough practice, you’ll master it in no time. It is advantageous and comes in handy quite a lot. Use it effectively against bosses, and you’ll be destroying them in no time.

That about does it for this guide about the Sekiro Lightning Reverse. I hope you found this useful and will perform this technique to make the game a bit easier. Please leave a comment telling me about your favorite boss in the game and which one you found most challenging.

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