Xenoblade 3 Sena: Skills & Best Build

Sena is a playable character in Xenoblade 3 hence this guide will inform you of everything related to the character.

Sena Xenoblade 3 [Definitive Guide]
Sena Xenoblade 3 [Definitive Guide]

Sena is a Soldier hailing from the land of Angus and resides in Colony Gamma within the Aetia Region. What sets her apart is her unique trait as a human with blade abilities, a race initially introduced in Xenoblade 2. Blades are weaponized beings that respond to their “Driver” through a crystal core.

Despite her human origins, Sena wields formidable power with her massive hammer, proving that her stature doesn’t reflect her combat prowess. She shares a deep bond with Mio, whom she regards as an older sister and affectionately calls “Mimi.” While initially shy, Sena becomes lively and outgoing when she gets to know someone better.

Key Takeaways

  • Sena is a playable character in Xenoblade 3 and is part of the Ogre class, hails from the land of Angus and has blade traits, even though she is human.
  • Sena has a close relationship with Mio, who she considers her older sister.
  • Arts used by Sena that maximize damage include Hammerhead and Maximum Voltage.
  • In the ouroboros mode, Sena can use the Earth Crusher and Dino Upper arts to deal massive damage.
  • Skills and items such as Merciless Pummeling and Attack Stone enhance performance in combat.

Sena Build Summary

For your convenience, we have added a summary table for the Best Sena Build:

No.Skillset ArtArea of EffectEffect
1Sena Combat ArtsBig ImpactSingular TargetFrontal Attacks deal blowback damage
2Sena Combat ArtsHammerheadSingular TargetSide Attacks do 120% increased damage
3Sena Combat ArtsMaximum VoltageOn Character20% increased damaging attacks that enemies cannot block
4Ouroboros ArtsEarth CrusherSingular TargetAt interlink level 3, Launch all enemies
5Ouroboros ArtsMortal BulletSingular TargetKnockback and Blowback are ineffective during this art
6Ouroboros ArtsDino UpperSmall frontal fieldWeakens enemy defense while dealing Blowback
7Sena Combat ArtsGlitter StreamSingular TargetSide Attacks deal Break to enemies
8Sena Combat ArtsMystic VisionOn Character25% increased Critical Hit Chance , 25% increased Critical Hit Damage
9Sena Combat ArtsEtched DeepSingular TargetLaunched enemies take more damage

Sena Xenoblade


Next in this Sena Xenoblade 3 guide, we have her skillset. Sena starts off as part of the Ogre Class. The Ogre class is known to have potent attackers who can decimate their foes in a single blow. Such is the case for Sena, who can push past anyone standing in her way with a single swing of her hammer. She is a character that you would definitely want on your team as that reliable damage dealer.

However, to fully utilize her properly, firstly, let us discuss what arts work best on her early.

Sena Combat Arts

Art Area of Effect Effect
Big Impact Singular Target Frontal Attacks deal blowback damage
Hammerhead Singular Target Side Attacks do 120% increased damage
Maximum Voltage On Character 20% increased damaging attacks that enemies cannot block

As Sena is part of the Ogre class and will most likely act as the primary damage dealer, it is crucial you take arts that maximize her damage. Hammerhead is perfect for this as it exponentially increases your attack damage allowing you to defeat any foe you face. Especially with a good team drawing aggro, the side attacks would be much easier to hit, allowing you to get the increased damage.

Another excellent art is the Maximum Voltage which increases your damage and makes your attacks unblockable. This is such a powerful skill as it guarantees that your attacks will land while giving your increased damage regardless of the circumstances. Such an art is the perfect fit for Sena.

Ouroboros Arts

Arts Area of Effect Effect
Earth Crusher Singular Target At interlink level 3, Launch all enemies
Mortal Bullet Singular Target Knockback and Blowback are ineffective during this art
Dino Upper Small frontal field Weakens enemy defense while dealing Blowback

The ouroboros state allows you to transcend past your regular attacks and deal massive heaps of damage with the extra arts at your disposal. The unrelenting attacks you can deal while in the ouroboros mode will cement your victory.

Soul Tree Abilities

The Ouroboros mode works if you can keep attacking without any worry about being interrupted. Thus you can go for the following Soul Tree abilities depending on which suits your needs the most.

Skill Effect
Merciless Pummeling Increased Combo and Skill Chain
Attack Stone Auto-Attacks deal more damage


Item Effect
White Wraps Ungrounded enemies take increased damage
Attack Stone Auto-Attacks deal more damage

Attack stone works best on Sena early game as it allows you to deal more damage with every hit. This will decrease the time it takes you to defeat an enemy and enable you to be more efficient. However, you can take white wraps if you wish to do some combos with your teammates. It increases your damage to enemies in the air.

Proficiency in Classes

In Xenoblade, you can change your character’s class as you progress through the game. Such is true for Sena Xenoblade. Thus, let us look at which classes Sena excels at and what is best suited for her.

Order  Class Role Proficiency
First Ogre Attacker S
1 Heavy Guard Defender A
2 Tactician Healer/Utility B
3 Zephyr Defender B
4 Swordfighter Attacker C
5 Medic Gunner Healer C

As you can see, Sena shows the most proficiency in the Ogre Class. Her attacking capabilities are too good not to use her as an attacker. However, this does not mean that every attacking class suits her. She doesn’t have much attack speed nor too much mobility making the Flash Fencer and Swordfigher class less compelling for her.

If you wish to use Sena to fill a spot in the team, it could be defender or Healer. Her defensive capabilities are pretty strong, making her a good pick. However, her healing abilities are not up to par with other characters, so only use her if you have no other choice.

Best Sena Build

Sena with Angus Soldiers
Sena with Angus Soldiers

Like every other game, you need to have a particular build to bring the best out of a character. That holds true for Sena as well. Her attacking capabilities are maxed once you use the following build. She breaks past the shackles of reality, and her damage transcends to higher levels.

The best solo Build you can go on Sena is the DPS combo Crit with the Incursor Class. This build showcases severe damage and crit chance, enabling you to one-shot your opponents out of existence.

Sena Combat Arts

Art Area of Effect Effect
Glitter Stream Singular Target Side Attacks deal Break to enemies
Mystic Vision On Character 25% increased Critical Hit Chance
25% increased Critical Hit Damage
Etched Deep Singular Target Launched enemies take more damage

These combat arts turn Sena into a Goliath for anyone bold enough to face her. The increased damage is enough to break past any formidable opponent. Etched deep even allows you to deal more damage to enemies who are flung up, making her even more robust in aerial battles.

Master Arts

Art Effect
Shield Bash Topple your enemies
Soaring Tempest Jump into the air, spin, and deal damage to nearby enemies
Shadow Eye Take 50% less aggro
Deal more Attack Damage

Master Skills

Art Effect
Swift Death 50% increased damage to enemies below 30% health
Critical Strike 30% increased Critical Strike Damage
Ultimate Qigong Attacks landed shred through 30% of enemies’ defense.

Swift Death is an outstanding skill to have. It allows you to finish off low HP enemies and can be you as the final decisive blow. Critical Strike allows your Critical Hits to deal increased damage enabling you to reduce the enemies’ HP massively.


Item Effect
Saturni Rings 40% increased Attack Damage
Mercurii Rings 60% increased Critical Strike Chance


Item Effect
Steelcleaver 20% increased Attack Damage
Swelling Blessing Buffs are 25% more effective
Analyze Weakness 20% increased Critical Strike Damage

The Gems and Accessories complete the whole build by adding some extra attack damage. These items come in handy and can be the difference maker in a fight. It might like it’s a lot to find in this build, but trust me, it is all worth it. The damage you will deal with this build will be so tremendous that no one will be able to stand up to you.

All you have to do is ensure that it suits your playstyle, and with some experience, you realize when to use which art and skill. That will boost the effectiveness of this build, allowing you to excel past your limits with this Sena guide.

Sena is an extremely powerful character in the right hand. Her offensive capabilities ensure no one can stand up to her and her team. If you go for the mentioned build, you can dish out massive damage and cement yourself as one of the most powerful fighters in the game.


 The xenoblade franchise provides players the opportunity to interact and play multiple charismatic characters. One of the game’s protagonists, Mio, has been quite the favorite. If you want more information on her, check out our Xenoblade Mio guide.

Besides Mio, you also have Rex and Nia, both famous for their characteristics. Just like Sena, the abilities they bring to the battlefield are nothing short of brilliant. Hence we encourage you to check out the Xenoblade 3 Best Builds guide so that you can take full advantage of the powerful characters and classes.

This concludes our Sena Xenoblade 3 guide. Let us know down below which is your favorite Xenoblade character!

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