Wild Hearts Sharp Scales Location [Guide]


Do you need to know where Sharp Scales may be found in Wild Hearts? You’ve come to the correct spot because we’ll go into great depth on how to utilize this item in Wild Hearts as well as where to get it!

Wild Hearts offers various resources and components that may be acquired by eliminating kemonos. These resources can then be utilized to create or improve armor, increase the size of dragon pits, prepare food, etc. One of these resources is sharp scales. Read the article to find out how to acquire these items!

Key Takeaways

  • Sharp Scales look like pointed spikes and can be used for crafting and upgrading new armor.
  • You need to finish chapter 2 and defeat a few small kemonos to be able to get to Akikure Canyon to find Sharp scales.
  • Sharp Scales are found on the bodies of Small Kemonos found in the wild. The Akikure Canyon and Harugasumi Way are the sites where the player can find this item.
  • Nightshade monitors and Shardshower monitors are the enemies that the player needs to eliminate to be able to acquire these scales.
  • You can find these monsters with ease by turning on the small kemono feature in the detailed map option in Wild Hearts.
  • You can use this item to improve the strongest armor sets or sell them to earn fast cash.
  • Find and eliminate these little monsters repeatedly to gather lots of sharp scales and use them for later purposes.

What Are Sharp Scales

Sharp Scales are described as a material obtained from a rather small, lepidote kemono. It requires careful handling due to the sharp spikes on its surface. It is also labeled as a Forging Material.

Players can get various resources from the smaller Kemono monsters scattered across the landscape, such as Sharp Scales in Wild Hearts, that they can use to enhance their best weapons and armor. After finishing Chapter 2 of the main tale, players can upgrade equipment using obtained materials like Sharp Scales.

This item may only present a little difficulty for players, even though it is not as simple to locate as the Silken Thread and is also not as challenging as certain boss-exclusive items.

Finding Sharp Scales

Sharp scales Location Image Credit TheZanzibarMan
Sharp scales Location. Image Credits: EternityInGaming

Similar to the items dropped when players beat bosses in Wild Hearts, Sharp Scales are found on the bodies of Small Kemono found in the wild. Many of these Kemono that drop pointed scales are only available to hunt after players finish Chapter 3 of the story.

Eliminate These Enemies

Here is the list of Kemonos that you need to eliminate to get sharp scales:

Sharp scales Location Image Credit TheZanzibarMan
Sharp scales Location. Image Credits: EternityInGaming
  • Shardshower Monitors: The Shardshower Monitor resembles a vivid blue bearded dragon.
  • Nightshade Monitors: The Nightshade Monitor has black scales and spines covering its appearance.

The Shardshower Monitor and the Nightshade Monitor are two Tiny Kemono that, upon defeat, grant Sharp Scales. These Kemono can spawn in a variety of places, but activating the Detailed Map View when exploring the environment increases the likelihood that players will locate them. The Small Kemono Filter makes it easier to see either of the monitors in Wild Hearts.

eliminiating kemono to get sharp scales Image credit
Eliminating kemono Monitor to get sharp scales. Image credit: EternityInGaming

Players must complete Chapter 3 in order to visit these places since the Shardshower Monitor frequently appears there as its usual Home. These scales may occasionally be seen at Natsukodachi Island as well, thanks to the Shardshower’s sporadic appearance there as an invasive species.

In contrast, the Nightshade Monitor may be found both naturally and invasively in two places:

  • Harugasumi Way
  • Akikure Canyon.

The threat posed by these Kemonos is very little. But the player still should at least unlock more weapons in Wild Hearts to easily combat these monsters.  If players leave regions and come back to reset their spawn rates, they may need to battle these Kemono several times in order to harvest Sharp Scales in Wild Hearts.

Detailed Map Feature of Wild Hearts
Detailed Map Feature of Wild Hearts. Image credit: EternityInGaming

Importantly, don’t forget to use the Detailed Map and choose the Small Kemono function if you’ve explored the whole area and are still unable to locate these Kemono. You may use this handy tool to navigate your mouse across the map and find your target.

Purpose Of Sharp Scales

As mentioned before, Sharp Scaled is a special material that can only be discovered in the locations discussed above. Only the strongest armor sets gained by hunting enormous kemono monsters should be upgradeable using sharp scales. Players/Hunters will have to eliminate those weaker kemono monitors throughout Chapter 3.

The sharp scale is also a very useful tool in Wild Hearts. Because you’ll need it to develop and make formidable armor, it’s preferable to keep it rather than sell it. We advise storing the rare substance and making the most of any possibilities you come across to harvest or utilize it. Getting it early and storing it for later purposes will be highly rewarding for a player who is just starting out in the game!

Moreover, in Chapter 3, armor obtained by defeating smaller kemono monitors is enhanced and manufactured of sharp scales. You might also sell these unusual materials for quick cash. But, because you’ll need them later on in the game, we don’t advise doing so!


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If you’re just getting started with Wild Hearts, you can look at Wild Hearts All Monsters and Where to Find Them! If you haven’t played Wild Hearts yet, available platforms include the PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (EA App, Steam, and Epic Games Store).

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