Sons Of The Forest Shovel Cave: Location + Exit

The shovel cave lies near the western edge of the island's main mountain, situated along the edge of a stream. Get the shovel and exit out!

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The Shovel cave is home to a sizable population of monsters such as Mutant Babies, Fingers, and Twins in Sons of the Forest. Pick up a weapon before you go in there; it will only benefit you later. It’s rather dark inside. For that, I strongly recommend getting out your lighter or making a torch to see where you’re going.

Key Takeaways

  • The cave lies on the western edge of the island’s main snow-capped mountains.
  • Get the rebreather, rope gun, grenades, and a time bomb before entering the cave.
  • Get into the cave using the rope gun and use the rebreather while underwater.
  • You will also find the shovel in this cave after eliminating monsters and finding your way deep inside the cave.
  • The Shovel is located at the very end, near the body of a maintenance worker.
  • You will exit out of the cave with the same path that you entered with bigger monsters this time.
  • Blow up the last monster blocking your way out and exit the cave. 

Finding The Shovel Cave

Shovel Cave Entrance
Shovel Cave Entrance. 

The cave lies on the island’s main mountain and is situated along the edge of a stream. Find the cave’s entrance west of the island’s central range of snow-capped mountains. You will see three bodies standing in the water nearby; that is the entrance.


Before entering, make sure you have the following items because you’ll need them to navigate this cave and get the Shovel:

  • Rebreather
  • Rope Gun
  • Grenade and Time bomb

We all know that you went into the cave to find the shovel. You can get the shovel once you have the rebreather and rope cannon as we mentioned before.

shovel near the lights in the shovel cave.
shovel near the lights in the shovel cave. 

This won’t be simple, so get ready to save up a lot, sneak past creatures, or run away from them if you’re not well-supplied. There are many monsters in this area, so you definitely won’t last through many battles without good armor and supplies.

Here are brief instructions on how to get to the shovel inside the shovel cave:

  1. Save your game at the cave entrance for a checkpoint.
  2. Use the Rope gun to advance deeper into the cave.
  3. Swim down into the water below and eliminate basic enemies by drowning them.
  4. Proceed and slide down, then navigate a narrow gap indicated by a light.
  5. Quickly run to the water to avoid big monsters.
  6. Clear out more enemies when you exit the water.
  7. Continue forward until you reach a path filled with enemies.
  8. Defeat these enemies and find a bunch of glowing lights.
  9. The shovel can be found near the body of a maintenance worker at the end.

You’ll be able to access new regions and objects you couldn’t before because you now have the shovel. You can also get a more thorough guide on the shovel location and how to acquire it. Check out Sons of the Forest Shovel Location.

My Experience With Shovel Cave

It is a dark cave with a challenge of lots of dangers lurking in the shadows. Still, it is a nice touch to the thrill of the game that allows players to explore the dark side.

Now that you have the shovel, it is time to leave. All you have to do is turn around and return the way you came after making it to the end of the cave.

Here are instructions on how to exit the cave:

Last monster and cases on the bottom
The last monster and cases are on the bottom. 
  1. Go back into the water, swim your way back, and emerge on the other side.
  2. Get to the path where you discovered bombs, C4 Bricks, and circuit boards earlier.
  3. Continue retracing your way back.
  4. A mutant will suddenly break through the wall, putting you in a similar position to one you should have already encountered while entering the cave.
  5. If you get in a deadly situation, make a time bomb and blow the mutant up!
  6. You will see the barred walls of the cave have an opening in them.

Go out of it, and you have successfully gotten out of the cave, congratulations!

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