Wild Hearts Silken Thread [Guide]

Guide To Silken Threads

Do you want to know where to find Silken Thread in Wild Hearts? You are at the right place because we are going to tell you where to find Silken Thread and how to use it properly in Wil Hearts in detail!

Key Takeaways

  • Silken Threads look like spider webs and can be used for crafting and upgrading armor.
  • The Akikure Canyon is the only site where the player can find Silken Thread.
  • You need to finish chapter 1 and defeat a list of kemonos to be able to get to Akikure Canyon to find Silken Thread.
  • Kingtusk, Spineglider, Lavaback, Gritdog, and Earthbreaker are the Kemonos that the player needs to eliminate.
  • Gather lots of Silken thread and don’t sell it to use it for later purposes.
  • You can use Silken thread to improve the strongest armor sets or sell them to earn fast cash.

Materials gathered from cocoons discovered in Akikure Canyon are converted into Silken Threads. That is why they are very helpful for making armor. Silken Threads are a forging material, therefore you may use them in the Forge Karakuri to make new weapons or even alterations to existing gear.

Silken Threads are necessary components in Wild Hearts. They are used for creating armor and weapons, especially cladding. That can help players withstand the kemono waves they will encounter shortly. 

Locations Of Silken Threads In Wild Hearts

Silken Thread Location Image Credit TheZanzibarMan
Silken Thread Location. Image Credits: TheZanzibarMan

The Silken Thread has an unusual look. The plant’s white-gray hue stands out in contrast to Akikure Canyon’s natural surroundings. Your attention will also be drawn to its peculiar form, which resembles a cross between a mushroom and a mound of bones wrapped in cobwebs. After finding it at least once, you can thus see this mushroom from tens of meters away.

The Akikure Canyon is the only site where this item often spawns, therefore players must unlock it if they want to discover it. Players must complete Chapter 1 of the main tale and eliminate a few Kemonos to unlock the canyon.

Eliminating Kemonos To Get Silken Thread

The Kemonos that the player has to eliminate to get to the location of the Silken Thread are as follows:

  • Kingtusk: A huge boar Kemono and the last challenge before you may enter Minato’s city.
  • Spineglider: A flying Kemono that is aggressively angry against invaders and fiercely guards this region.
  • Laidback: A giant Kemono that can quickly pummel and shoot molten rock into the air across a large region with its long arms.
  • Gritdog: A Kemono with otter-like characteristics that can mold sand into many shapes using magnetic fields.
  • Earthbreaker: Another Godzilla-looking giant Kemono that can shake the earth with its size and strength.

After taking down multiple main plot bosses and finishing Chapter 1 of the tale, this region becomes accessible. The Silken Thread is situated within Akikure Canyon. As you go to Akikure Canyon, you’ll see the thread blooming on the ground along the main road and everywhere else

Gathering Silken Thread Image Credit TheZanzibarMan
Gathering Silken Thread. Image Credits: TheZanzibarMan

Moreover, while exploring the Akikure Canyon, be careful to gather a sizable quantity of this item. As previously said, you won’t have any issue gathering it, and you may use it to enhance some of the early armor and weapons you were carrying at the time.

Ultimately, satisfying all the requirements will make the player able to reach the Akikure Canyon successfully. Several spider webs are forming on the ground in that region, and they are easy to see. Players can gather the threads by interacting with those webs.

Usage Of Silken Thread in Wild Hearts

Silken Thread is a unique resource found only in the Akikure Canyon region as stated previously. You can use Silken thread to improve only the strongest armor sets obtained via hunting massive kemono monsters. These powerful kemono foes, whom hunters will encounter throughout Chapter 3, will be more difficult to defeat than their previous counterparts.

Furthermore, the silken thread is a helpful item in Wild Hearts. It’s better to keep it than sell it because you’ll need it to improve and create powerful armor. As early access to Silken Thread may be quite valuable, we advise preserving the unusual substance and making the most of any opportunities you come across to harvest or use it.

Moreover, armor won by slaying large kemono monsters is upgraded and made of the required item from Chapter 3 onward. You may also get fast cash by selling these uncommon resources. But we don’t recommend doing so since you’ll need them later on in the game.


Ultimately, that is all there is to know about Silken Thread in Wild Hearts and how to acquire this useful mid-game item. If you liked reading the article and found it helpful, please give us a like! Sharing this guide with your friends will help us a lot! Your feedback and response to our guides are our priority!

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