Diablo Immortal Skarn: Location and Strategy Guide

Diablo Immortal Skarn
Diablo Immortal Skarn

The final boss of Diablo Immortal, Skarn is cold, calculating and brutal. Having taken an interest in humanity because of their “Angelic Sin,” Skarn believes that only through Hell can mankind find their salvation.

Key Takeaways

  • Skarn is the final boss of Diablo Immortal and can be found in the Realm of Damnation after finishing the main quest line and completing the Pit of Anguish dungeon.
  • The player needs to be at least level 56 to fight Skarn.
  • In phase 1 of the fight, the player needs to stick close to Skarn and dodge his attacks while using their most damaging abilities. They should focus on attacking him during his healing charge-up ability and eliminate his minions quickly.
  • In phase 2, Skarn creates clones of himself and the player has 8 seconds to find and attack the real Skarn, who has a red glowing circle underneath.
  • After defeating Skarn, the main quest is finished and the objective is to reach level 60 and start farming legendary items.
  • Skarn is fairly unknown in the realm, however, despite his immense power and high standing in Hell.

Finding Skarn in Diablo Immortal

Skarn can be found at the end of the game, after finishing the main quest line of Diablo Immortal, in the Realm of Damnation. The Realm of Damnation is Skarn’s home, and can be found after Frozen Tundra. To be able to fight him, the player must finish a dungeon called the Pit of Anguish. Doing so opens up the portal to Skarn.

It is important to note, however, that the player cannot fight Skarn Diablo Immortal until they are at least level 56. Once the player is level 56 or higher, the portal in the Pit of Anguish will take the player to the boss fight. 

Defeating Skarn in Diablo Immortal

Phase 1

The key to beating Skarn is to stick as close to him as possible. Although at first this may seem counter-intuitive, the player will find that the closer they are to him, the faster it is to move around him and thus, the faster it is to dodge his attacks, especially the energy beam called Ray of Doom.

skarn laser diablo immortal
Skarn’s laser in Diablo Immortal, courtesy of VindicatedTV

As such, movement abilities are key. Dodge his attacks and continue attacking him with your most damaging abilities. This will whittle down his health. If done correctly with the right build, the boss will lose his health at a reasonable rate.

His basic attack is hurling a slow moving fireball towards the player. This fireball does not track and has a small hitbox, therefore sticking close to Skarn and rotating around him will ensure it never touches you. 

After these few attacks, Skarn will move on to using his other attacks. One of these is a chare up ability that heals him. During this charge-up attack, Skarn is extremely vulnerable.

The player should go all in, using their most damaging abilities as fast as possible. If done correctly, the damage done will out perform his healing, resulting in a net benefit to the player.

skarn charge up diablo immortal
Skarn’s charge up ability in Diablo Immortal, courtesy of VindicatedTV

After about 66% of his health is remaining, Skarn will summon AI controlled Minions to attack the player. As a result, the player must use evasion and evasive abilities to dodge and outpace these minions.

Moreover, it is important to focus on the minions first and eliminate them as quickly as possible, before focusing on Skarn himself.

skarn minions diablo immortal
Skarn summoning minions in Diablo Immortal, courtesy of VindicatedTV

Phase 2

Phase 2 is where things get tricky. This part starts once the boss is at 1/3rd of his total health. At this phase, Skarn creates 3 other clones of himself. As a result, the player now has to fight 4 Skarns and figure out who the real Skarn is.

The player only has 8 seconds to find the real Skarn and kill him; if the player does not kill the real Skarn, the scenario repeats and the Skarns are randomized again.

skarn clones diablo immortal
Skarn summoning minions in Diablo Immortal, courtesy of VindicatedTV

The trick to finding the real Skarn is to look under them; the true Skarn will have a red glowing circle underneath. Although it may be hard to see as it blends with the background, a high brightness setting facilitates spotting it. Once the real Skarn has been found, the player should rush towards them and use their most damaging attacks to quickly finish them.

As always, sticking close to him and constantly rotating around him is key to avoiding his attacks. Because of this, the Demon Hunter is uniquely suited to soloing Skarn, and the best build for him can be found here.

Once this is done, Skarn respawns in his original form. The same attack patterns repeat until the boss’s HP is completely gone. Depending on the damage output, it can take up to 3 respawns until Skarn is defeated.

What’s Next?

After defeating Skarn, the main quest is finished. The objective now is to reach level 60 and start on the endgame dungeons. Higher difficulties are unlocked which facilitate the farming of legendary items.

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