Callisto Protocol Skunk Gun [Full Guide]

This article guides how to unlock the Skunk gun and use it effectively.

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All you need to know about the Skunk gun in Callisto protocol

Skunk Gun is the first shotgun and the second gun overall that a player unlocks in Callisto Protocol. Visually, it appears as a small and harmless gun, but it carries the potential to get the job done.

Key takeaways:

  • Skunk gun is the second gun of the game and the first shotgun you unlock.
  • There are two opportunities that you can avail yourself of to get your hands on it.
  • The first is while undertaking chapter 3, and the second is while completing chapter 4.
  • The gun is one of the first of the game, so you must upgrade it after some time to keep it relevant.
  • The upgrades make the gun more stable and damage-inducing.

If you find it hard to explore new places on the map, you can have difficulty discovering the schematics of the Skunk gun. Also, you would need some help finding the other collectibles. Here is where all collectibles of Skunk gun are hidden.

3D printing the skunk gun
3D print the gun at the machine

Although the gun is meant to be unlocked in the initial stages of the game, not all players can find it. Skunk gun has immense importance, so the game should not be progressed with possessing them. Each player must find the weapon and have it in their initial arsenal.

Unlocking Skunk Gun

Callisto Protocol encourages its players to explore more while playing the game. There are items spread across the map, and Skunk Gun is one of them. You will only get your hands on this gun if you explore the map.

Skunk Gun is unlocked the same way as other guns are unlocked. Although, the more challenging task is to find its schematics. The process of crafting is the same.

Firstly, the schematics of a gun are to be found. This is the most time taking task and the one to be taken care of as a priority. Note that the schematics are found by exploring the map. If you look carefully, the schematics are close to the locations you visit on a mission.

The next step is relatively easy after the schematics of a weapon have been acquired. You can go to the 3-D printing machine and upload the schematics. Then, you can craft the gun.

So, to unlock Skunk Gun, you will need to know where to find its schematics. You can find the schematics in two instances: chapter 3 and chapter 4.

Chapter 3: Aftermath

Undertaking Chapter 3 is the earliest time you can find the schematic of Skunk.

Do as the mission ask you to do. When you are tasked to access Shu, you will grab a fuse close to a gate leading to Workshop 0302. After picking the fuse, return to the path you came from. Climb the ladder and go to the upper level. Then, get off and go past the spiked walls.

Go around, and you will have the ‘D4 Basement Storage’ sign on the wall at your side. Get up high onto the platform and fall on the other side after crossing the D4 Storage Sign. You will be squared up with a control switch that requires a fuse, which you already have.

Skunk gun schematic location Callisto Portocol
The first place to find the skunk gun schematic is in chapter 3

Insert the fuse into the panel. This will activate the switch and unlock the gate. You will see a vent in the wall. Enter it. You should find the Skunk Gun Schematic on a table on your right.

If you cannot acquire the schematics at this game stage, you have a second chance in the next chapter: Habitat, Chapter 4.

Chapter 4: Habitat

If you didn’t get hold of the schematics in chapter 3, this is your next and final chance to capture the schematics of the Skunk Gun.

Continue with the mission and stop when you reach the point when you have to go to the biodome, which is triggered after you go down an elevator. Find Jupiter in the background to confirm that you are in the right place. Destroy the robot patrolling the area and proceed to the Oxygen Processing area.

After you enter the Oxygen Processing Area, you will find an upgrade station on your right, a Botanical H624 to the left, and a locked door ahead. Ignore the upgrade station and the locked door and go towards the Botanical H624 area.

Find your path past the rotating containers that possess plants. Keep going to the end of the course and then take a right turn. You will be headed towards Utility Hall H626 area. You will find a chest on your left and a path on your right. Please just ignore the chest and follow the path.

Squeeze through the narrow path on the left and be careful of an attacking alien. You will encounter a tiny alien that will start attacking you. Get over it. Afterward, you will find a crate on your right. The schematics will be placed on top of the box.

Second location of skunk gun schematic
Find the skunk gun schematic in chapter 4

Take the schematics back to the upgrade station and buy the weapon after paying 800 credits.

Now, if you failed to unlock the Skunk Gun after mission 3, you will have unlocked it after chapter 4. The weapon is excellent to use early on in the game, but as the game progresses and the missions get harder to undertake, the gun seems weak in power.

Skunk Gun Upgrades

Since the gun is unlocked early in the game, the weapon will not have substantial power by default. You will need to improve it to make it more effective and relevant for the later and more difficult stages of the Callisto Protocol. The gun demands upgrades.

The efficacy of the gun can be monumentally improved by equipping some upgrades with it from the Reforge station.

The ammo for Skunk gun self creates. This happens after the skunk gun has been crafted and is under use. Therefore, you should not be worried about it.

There are four upgrades for the Skunk gun. Each choice of the upgrade has advantages; the more improvement it offers, the more Callisto credits it takes away. Therefore, this is up to the player, who upgrades his pockets and allows him to select.

The upgrades available for the gun are mentioned here.

High-Capacity Magazine Upgrade

High-capacity magazine upgrade demands 400 Callisto credits. This upgrade is the cheapest that the game has to offer. Therefore, only a little improvement will be observed in the gun, but it is still a good deal for a few credits.

This upgrade increases the magazine size of the weapon. Magazines of higher capacity can now be inserted into the gun. The magazine size is doubled to 4 rounds per magazine from the initial two rounds per magazine.

Stability Upgrade

The stability upgrade takes 1200 Callisto credits. The next upgrade also takes 1200 credits, and hence a decision is to be made by the player. He should consider his preferences and take the promotion that suits him more. This upgrade provides stability, while the other provides more damage.

This upgrade adds a foregrip to the gun. The addition of a foregrip helps significantly reduce the weapon recoil. Moreover, the weapon stability of the system is also improved.

Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade

Magnum rounds damage upgrade also takes 1200 Callisto credits like Stability upgrade. While the stability upgrade adds foregrip to provide stability, the magnum upgrade provides more damage for the same amount of credits.

This upgrade increases the damage delivered by the weapon. It adds an extra fuel to all ammunition, so the damage to the enemies increases.

Swarming Rounds

Swarming rounds is the maximum upgrade that the game offers. So, this upgrade also takes a huge amount of higher Callisto credits. The upgrade is for a high 3600 Callisto credits.

This ultimate upgrade of the gun takes the weapon to a new level. The weapon is modified to exhaust fire and swarm enemies. Additionally, this upgrade gives the edge needed to deal with the upcoming problematic missions.

Upgrade of skunk gun
Swarming round upgrade of Skunk Gun

Upgrading Skunk Gun seems to be not up to the mark with upgrading other shotguns, Stun Batton and Hand Cannon. The upgrades of the Skunk gun are expensive compared to the price of different firearms.

Ending Notes

Only because the Skunk gun is unlocked early doesn’t mean that the weapon is incapable of dishing out severe damage to enemies. The gun carries colossal significance as the game progresses if it suits your gaming style.

As the game progresses and the missions become more challenging, it is up to the player if you need to discard the weapon and select one that suits the style more or continue with it. Regardless, the Skunk weapon can prove to be a great shotgun.

After partial or complete upgrades, the skunk gun becomes a nightmare for enemies.

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