Slime Rancher 2 Best Largos [Top 7]

This Best Largos guide will inform you of all the largos you can find in-game and which are the best among them.

Slime Rancher 2 Best Largos [Top 7]
Slime Rancher 2 Best Largos [Top 7]

Largo Slimes are formed when a pure Slime consumes a plant that is not of its kind. These Largo Slimes are larger than pure Slimes and cannot be stored in a vacuum pack. Once a Slime becomes a Largo, it cannot be transformed back into a pure Slime.

Largo Slimes inherit the traits, skills, and preferences of the Slime they were before transformation, as well as the type of Plort they ingested when they were a pure Slime. When Largo Slimes are fed, they generate two Plorts—one for each of the base Slime types. However, when they consume their preferred foods, this increases to four Plorts, or two of each type, making them more valuable for ranching.


Key Takeaways

  • Largos are integral slimes to your success in-game as they help run a ranch.
  • Some Largos are most rewarding than others.
  • It is easy to make largos if you know the required materials and steps.


Pink Largo

Best Slime Largos

Largo Slimes are hybrids of different Slime types, sharing physical characteristics with both parent Slimes. Here’s how they work:

  1. Hybrid Nature: Largo Slimes combine traits from two source Slimes, differing only in type. They can produce various types of Plorts simultaneously.

  2. Diet Control: You can modify a Largo’s diet by mimicking the behaviors of its source Slimes. Feeding it the source Slime’s favorite food will make it adopt that source’s behavior.

  3. Creation: Any Slime produced from two source Slimes is considered a Largo Slime.

  4. Efficient Plort Production: Largos are excellent for Plort farming because they can access preferred foods efficiently, reducing the need for multiple corrals.

  5. Hybridization: Feeding one type of Plort to a different type of Slime will create a hybrid Largo Slime with traits from both source Slimes. For example, a Boom Plort fed to a Cotton Slime creates a Cotton/Boom hybrid Largo.

  6. Transport: Largos cannot be transported using warp technology; they must be produced or transported manually.

Note: Some Slime types like Puddle, Fire, Quicksilver, Lucky, Gold, Twinkle, and Glitch cannot be turned into Largos.

Ringtail Hunter Largo

The Ringtail Hunter Largo is a unique and powerful combination that will aid you greatly. This combination allows you to expand the diet of your slimes and increase the number of precious plorts that you get. It is the best combination to go for as it makes it more efficient to feed the Hunter slime by raising its diet.

However, the ringtail slime can turn into a stone if you don’t proceed with caution. Hence make sure you have a dark corral to avoid such a case. You can find the required slimes in the Starlight Strand.

Tabby Phosphor Largo

Phosphor-Tabby Largo in Slime Rancher 2
Phosphor-Tabby Largo in Slime Rancher 2

Oone of the ideal slime combinations is the Phosphor Tabby Largo. Here’s why:

  1. Phosphor Slime: These bright and cheerful slimes are only visible at night, making them a unique and attractive addition to your ranch. However, they require a solar shield to protect them from sunlight, as they disappear if exposed for too long.

  2. Tabby Slime: Tabby Slimes are playful and amusing, making them great companions for Largo formations.

Pink Rock Largo

One of the best largo slime combinations is the pink rock largo. The Pink Slime is the official mascot of Slime Rancher. These happy blobs are everywhere, along with the grumpier Rock Slimes, which their spikes can distinguish. Combining these slimes into a largo makes sense because they may be found early on and will provide you with a quick boost in plorts and Newbucks.

While Heart Beets are the preferred food for Pink Slimes and Rock Slimes, you can feed the Largo anything to quickly produce plorts, earning you between 10 and 22 Newbucks.

Boom Rock Largo

The Boom Rock Largo is an explosive addition to your ranch. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Explosive Nature: Boom Rock Largos create a fiery combo, helping you craft and earn more Newbucks.

  2. Diet Efficiency: Combining them removes dietary restrictions, making it easier to provide for them. They prefer a diet of meat and veggies.

  3. Caution Needed: Be cautious when handling Boom Rock Largos, as they can damage you. Make sure to have automatic plort harvesters to collect their Plorts safely.

  4. Location: You can find these slimes in the Ember Valley.

Honey Crystal Largo

Caution is advised around unique Slimes due to their varying strength and behavior. This applies to both Hunter Slimes and Crystal Slimes.

Converting them into Largos is recommended, despite the danger of Crystal Slime spikes. Crystal and Honey Slimes yield 60 and 45 Newbucks, respectively. Largos keep the original slime’s favorite food, so feed Honey Slime a Crystal plort for easier management. They eat fruit and veggies.

Honey Hunter Largo

Slime Rancher Honey Hunter Largo
Honey Hunter Largo

Consider creating Honey Hunter Largos for these reasons:

  1. Moss Blanket Location: Moss Blanket is central for ranching.
  2. Valuable Plorts: Honey (45 Newbucks) and Hunter (60 Newbucks) Slimes have high-value Plorts.
  3. Early Availability: Encounter both early in the game.
  4. Diet with Fruit: Honey Hunter Largos prefer mint mango, allowing fruit in their diet.
  5. Feral Behavior: Keep them fed and relaxed to prevent them from going feral. Use a taming bell if needed.

Cotton Tabby Largo

Lastly, our Best Largos guide has the Cotton Tabby Largo. This is an exceptional starting combo that will help you progress quickly in-game.

  1. Ease of Capture: Both Cotton and Tabby Slimes have a calm demeanor, making them easy to capture and bring back to your ranch.

  2. Valuable Plorts: Tabby Plorts are worth 22 Newbucks, and Cotton Plorts fetch 15 Newbucks.

  3. Expanded Diet: Transforming them into largos expands their diet. This is particularly helpful for feeding Tabby Slimes, as they change from carnivores to herbivores as largos.

  4. Crafting Value: Cotton is valuable for crafting, adding versatility to your resources.

  5. Location: You can find these slimes in the Rainbow Fields. They have a diet that includes both meat and veggies.


These are all the best largos in the game that will make the game more immersive for you. Each of them has its own benefits and will be valuable as a partner. You should take the Slime, which fits your playstyle and needs the most as all of them are pretty good. They will significantly aid you in fights and will keep you company.

Moreover, there are different resources you can use in-game to create the best sanctuary for your slimes. Among these resources is the radiant ore. The radiant ore is crucial in creating various items and is something you cannot miss. New players usually have a hard time finding these ores, so check out our Radiant Ore guide if you are having difficulty.

With that, we conclude our Slime Rancher 2  Largos guide. Let us know down below which largos is your favorite!!

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