Slime Rancher 2: How To Get Radiant Ore [Explained]

Slime Rancher 2 How to Get Radiant Ore
Slime Rancher 2 Radiant Ore Guide

Radiant Ore is one of the essential and most desired resources in Slime Rancher 2. Has multicolour and a square shape. It is utilised in the Fabricator to enhance and unlock certain abilities and items or instruments.

Radiant Ore
Radiant Ore Slime Rancher 2 (Image Credits: Trophy Tom)

Furthermore, you can boost your energy, health and many more. Most Importantly, you get the jetpack through it. It can be tricky and hard for you to get it as it requires a daring journey to get Radiant Ore.

However, during the venture, you traverse more and new areas on the map, so the struggle doesn’t go to waste. Finding Radiant Ore demands more than one step and can confuse players. Here we will guide you on how and where to find them without making things complex.

Now let’s get right into it.

Key Highlights

  • This guide will help you find Radian Ore.
  • It’s an easy-to-follow guide, so all those just getting started with the game can follow it without much effort and get their hands on rare loot.
  • Everything is broken down into step-by-step processes, so if you want to come back to this guide for assistance, you know exactly where to look.


Slime Rancher 2 is a life simulation game developed by Monomi Park. The game is available on Windows 10 and Xbox series X|S. This game is full of adventures and thrilling journeys. It includes collecting resources, unlocking and buying items, and exploring and travelling through new areas.

The Graphics are so fascinating and colourful that they make it look super amazing. There is a great variety of slimes in Slime Rancher 2, i.e., Cotton slime, Flutter Slime, Angler Slime, Batty Slime, Ringtail, and the list continues.

Slime Also, there is variation in food. Some slimes have their favourite feed, while some can feed on anything. Newbucks is the currency that players use in the game to buy stuff. They can earn it through selling items.
We see new zones on the rainbow island: The conservatory, The Rainbow Fields, Ember valley, and Starlight Strand. The main goal is building a ranch, feeding and raising the slimes. You must keep on exploring the island and focus on harvesting.

One of the most challenging tasks in Slime Rancher 2 is to take care of your slimes and keep them in place and under control. Players have to feed them their prefered food to fulfil their nutritional needs.

The game has so much for players to do, and they can never get bored doing tasks or making progress through the story.

How To Get Resource Harvester

You have to perform these tasks to craft the resource harvester in Slime Rancher 2.

Cotton Plorts And Newbucks

The very first thing you need to do is to get yourself the Cotton plorts and 450 Newbucks.

Cotton Plorts and Cotton Slimes
Cotton Plorts

You can get the plorts through the Cotton slimes. One can find them on the west side of the conservatory. Also, you will come across them at the start of your expedition. The preferred food of these pink-coloured cotton slimes is water lettuce.

And as you feed them, they yield two cotton Plorts. If you don’t have the water lettuce, you can go for any other vegetables, but you only get one plort.

The Plort Market
Newbucks and Plort Market

Newbucks are the kind of currency in Slime Rancher 2, and you can buy the resources and make advancements in items by spending them. Here you can get the Newbucks by selling the plorts in the plort Market.

Resource Harvester

the second step is to get the resource harvester.

Buy Resource Harvester
Resource Harvester

Go to the refinery after having the 10 Cotton plorts. And then shoot them into it. The refinery is located downstairs in the Lab. Now head to the Fabricator and buy the resource Harvester. It allows you to harvest your materials.

Best Area To Find Radiant Ore

Radiant Ore in Slime Rancher 2 is placed randomly, and there is no fixed location for them. They can be found on the rainbow island, but besides this, there is the best place where you can locate them quickly.

Feed Pink Gordo

Pink Gordo is one of the slimes in Slime Rancher 2.

Pink Gordo Slime
Feed Pink Gordo

That best area is Ember valley, but to get access there, you are obligated to feed Pink Gordo, A big buddy. Keep feeding until it blows up. Usually, 30 shots of food are consumed for the explosion, but as these slimes can eat anything, you can feed them everything you want.

The surrounding region has carrots and pogo fruits that can be used for Pink Gordo food consumption. As you move to the Rainbow Fields’ northwestern side, the path is on the right, and by going down this path, you can look for these enormous Pink Blobs.

Activate Portal

The portal takes you to your desired location.

Portal Activation
Activate Portal

The next step is to set foot on the geyser. The geyser shoots the water upward, and when you stand over, it makes you jump higher in the air and then get on the cliffs. On reaching there, move towards the portal and activate it to teleport to the Ember valley.

The Ember Valley

In Slime Rancher 2, Ember valley is the best place to get Radiant Ore.

Ember Valley In Slime Rancher 2
The Ember Valley

This valley is a vast place with lava pools and rivers. It is a home for various types of slimes. The primordy oil and lava dust are in abundance here. The Radiant Ore spawn locations are random, so you must search for them.

Accumulate 10 ore in total. Apart from this, you can collect other useful materials.


We hope that you like our work and efforts in writing this guide. This article gives you a complete insight on How to attain the Radiant Ore in Slime Rancher 2. The guide explains the whole process in steps to make it convenient for you. Don’t forget to leave a review and share it with your friends.

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