Sniper Elite 5 Best Rifle: Top 6 Secondary Weapons

Sniper Elite 5 Best Rifle
Sniper Elite 5 Best Rifle

Sniper Elite 5 Best Rifle

Apart from the heavy sniper rifles to put down the Nazi security from a secure location, players must also fill their secondary arsenal with suitable weapons. Some players consider knives to get up close and personal. Meanwhile, some prefer pistols or standard rifles, mainly SMGs and heavy rifles.

Key Takeaways

  • Stengan MK2 is a primary weapon that deals enormous damage. This weapon does damage of 35 HP with a fire rate of 530 rpm. Players can obtain this weapon after clearing chap 6, “Liberation.”
  • Type 100 deals damage of 34 HP with a fire rate of 800 rpm. Players can unlock this weapon after completing chap 5, “Festung Guernsey.”
  • M1A1 Gov is an Smg that deals explosive damage of 45 HP with a fire rate of 680 rpm. To get this weapon, you have to complete at least two missions at the start of the game or the Prologue.
  • Machine Pist.44 is the most powerful gun in the game; it deals damage of 45 HP with a fire rate of 500 rpm. First, complete all three missions early and then complete the next mission, War Factory, to unlock the weapon. Machine Pist.40 deals damage of 39 HP with a fire rate of 550 rpm. To get this secondary weapon, you have to complete the kill challenge in the first mission, “the Atlantic Wall”.
  • Welgun Smg has an audible range of 44m but has a slow fire rate. To unlock this weapon, you have to complete the starting missions of the game. 

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Sniper Elite 5 Best Rifle
Sniper Elite 5 Best Rifles

Aiming your weapon’s cross to take a slow-motion shot of the Nazi’s head indeed sounds satisfying. But in the end, players will blow their cover and expose themselves to threats at the close range.

Considering a solid long-range rifle that can be switched easily is a considerable aid to make out alive during a tense situation. 

Here is the list of top secondary best rifle in Sniper Elite 5 to pursue your gameplay in multiple directions. 

Stengun MK2

Apart from the massively powered sniper rifles in the game, players will be able to get their hands on the Stengun MK2.

This piece of art is a primary weapon of the foes in France and does enormous damage with a favorable fire rate. Just because the enemy uses the weapon on the battlegrounds does not mean you can never utilize it yourself. 

Sniper Elite 5 Stengun MK2
Stengun MK2

On top of that, Stengun MK2 also comes with colossal customizability that can push the weapon outlook and performance even further. Although, many players would complain about it being low damage dealing weapon. But what it lacks in damage, it makes up for noise reduction, which is crucial to infiltrating high-enemy locations. 

Stengun MK2 comes with a standard 32 mag. Although, it can be upgraded to 12 shells if you are opting for a resourceful playthrough in Sniper Elite 5. On the other side, the stats of the rifle are also entry-level.

Using the weapon will dish out damage of 35 HP with a Fire Rate of 530 rpm. Even with that damage and fire rate, early-level players can sweep clean the areas with a large pool of Nazi enemies. Players can obtain this weapon only after clearing mission # 06, known as Liberation

Type 100

Another most preferable rifle in Sniper Elite 5 is Type 100. You will find the weapon mostly among players in the PvP. The main reason is the whopping fire rate and the damage it deals with each bullet. 

Sniper Elite 5 Type 100
Type 100

The base weapon comes with a muzzle brake that serves the purpose of negating recoil by 50 percent. With the incredible fire rate, a muzzle brake is a significant aid to help control the weapon during the heat of battle.

Although, Type 100 still might not satisfy fast-paced action players as it is not reliable in most situations. But still, with huge recoil recovery and damage output to pierce through the enemy’s armor, the weapon is worth the try. 

Speaking of stats, Type 100 delivers damage of 34 HP with a Fire Rate of 800 rpm. Moreover, the huge upgrade choices available in the game will enhance the damage output and the fire rate. Obtaining the weapon also involves clearing a specific mission in the game. For that instance, you might want to complete mission # 05, known as Festung Guernsey

M1A1 Gov

Another best rifle in Sniper Elite 5 goes by M1A1 Gov. It is an SMG with immense capabilities that will pave action gameplay. The only downside of this weapon is that it only has a magazine size of 20.

With that, players will spend most of the time reloading the gun, which can get frustrating at times. But in the end, the weapon has a vast potential for assisting players in their combat needs. 

Sniper Elite 5 M1A1 Gov
M1A1 Gov

The cherry on top is that you can get your hands on this weapon early in the game. Plus, it has an iron site to allow players to take an accurate shot at the Nazi enemies. Now you will not have to worry about going gun-blazing in the war’s darkest hours. 

To get this beautiful piece of secondary weapon, you will have to complete the Prologue or at least two missions at the start of the game. M1A1 will be immediately unlocked for use and customizability. 

As for the stats, M1A1 grants 45 HP to quickly kill the enemies at the short range. On the other side, 680 rpm of Fire Rate is also enough for a secondary weapon. Just make sure you use the weapon only when you need it because of the short Magazine size. 

Machine Pist.44

When it comes to the best rifle with intense damage and recoil control, Machine Pist.44 is never an exception. It is known as the most powerful rifle in the game to kill enemies with an incredible fire rate instantly.

Moreover, it is also capable of long-range action, showing how much power this weapon yields to destroy the Nazis. 

Sniper Elite 5 Machine Pist.44
Machine Pist.44

Machine Pist.44 is a 30 bullet Magazine weapon, thus lies in the middle-range performance. However, a fire rate of 500 rpm and 45 HP damage output makes it a mass-murdering rifle early in the game.

An iron site will also allow you never to miss your shot and deliver a fatal hit while saving maximum bullets. 

Obtaining this weapon is also an easy part of the process. Complete all of the three missions early in the game. The next mission, War Factory, will be your pass to unlock Machine Pist.44. 

Machine Pist.40

With a slight change in the name, Machine Pist.40 offers slightly better control than the upgraded version Machine Pist.44. Machine Pist.40 has the fastest reload speed and accuracy to hit the foes among all kinds of weapon loadout in the game. 

Unfortunately, Machine Pist.40 is extremely loud, making it unreliable for stealth gameplay. But if that is not a problem, you can pursue complete gun-blazing gameplay by obtaining this best rifle in Sniper Elite 5. 

Sniper Elite 5 Machine Pist.40
Machine Pist.40

You can get this secondary weapon by completing the kill challenge in the first mission known as The Atlantic Wall. As soon as the challenge is completed, you will receive the weapon as a reward, and available to customize as per your needs. 

The weapon deals a 39 HP of damage. This, combined with the 550 rpm fire rate, will turn your Nazi hunter into an unstoppable killer. Although, this comes with a cost of 32 Magazine size, which will hinder the performance of your playthrough because of continuous reloading. 

Welgun SMG

Last but not least, Welgun SMG is the ideal secondary weapon in the Sniper Elite 5. With the most accurate representation of the real-life weapon, Welgun SMG can indeed satisfy your ideal playthrough needs.

It also surpasses the quality of M1A1 Gov in terms of speed and aim. These qualities make it the best weapon to consider in the late-game areas where enemies are faster and much harder to kill.

Welgun SMG also has an incredible iron sight that enhances the visibility and helps take the perfect shot. On the contrary side, it has a slow fire rate. But still, you can upgrade the weapon to push the boundaries and make the most out of the players’ favorite SMG. 

Sniper Elite 5 Welgun SMG
Welgun SMG

Welgun SMG stats reveal it has an audible range of 44m. With this range, you will not be attracting any unwanted attention to your character and still be on your mission.

Meanwhile, the magazine size of 32 bullets is also another prominent aspect of the weapon that pushes it to the top of the list. This magazine size is also upgradable to 12 

Another surprising aspect of the weapon is that you can acquire it early in the game. All you need to do is finish the starting missions of the game, and you will receive the Welgun SMG by completing any of the challenges from the missions. 

Final Words

Choosing your loadout in the world of Sniper Elite 5 is crucial for success. Players are required to select various items and weapons that may come in handy during intense situations of the battle. If you are having a hard time finding the weapons of your choice in the game, you can consider this guide to ease the dilemma with some respectable entries of weapons. 

That is about it for the best rifle in Sniper Elite 5. Do you find this guide helpful in finding your perfect mass-murdering weapon for Sniper Elite 5? What is your favorite entry among the six best rifles available in the game? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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