Sniper Elite 5: Top 6 Best Sniper Rifles

To answer some common questions on players regarding the Sniper Rifles, here is a breakdown of the "Sniper Elite 5 Best Sniper Rifle" list.

Sniper Elite 5 Best Sniper Rifle
Sniper Elite 5 Best Sniper Rifle

The game refers to sniper rifles as primary weapons and currently has about six of these in total. Each sniper rifle is unique and effective for different situations. For instance, a stealth mission would require you to be as subtle as possible; allowing you to take down enemies without making a BANG!

So the best choice for a stealth mission would be to choose a sniper rifle with less audible range.

Key Takeaways

  • You should consider environmental factors, audible range, and damage of the snipers according to the type of missions before choosing any of the snipers from my list
  • Karabiner 98 deals damage of 145 HP to the head. K9 is beneficial for stealth missions. The audible range of this rifle is 140 meters.
  • RSC 1918 has an audible range of 150 meters; the weapon has a comparatively faster recovery than the K9. 
  • SREM-1 has an audible range of 128 meters with an exceptional fire rate; this weapon allows players to kill enemies with accuracy and precision due to its smooth calibration.
  • M1A Carabine has an excess of 8x optic, but the damage it deals with is very low.
  • M1903 has the option to use 8x optics, and the audible range and damage of this weapon are exceptionally good.
  • Gewehr 1943 is a mid-range sniper with 6x optic; this Snopes deals explosive damage with a good fire rate.

Best Sniper Rifles Comparison

The table given below shows a brief comparison of Best Sniper Rifles in Sniper Elite 5:

No.WeaponBest forAudible RangeFire RateDamageRecoil RecoveryZoomMagazine Size
1Karabiner 98Best Stealth Sniper140 M28 rpm145 Hp500 ms6x5
2RSC 1918Best Survival Sniper Rifle150 M250 rpm127 Hp400 ms6x5
3SREM-1Best Balanced Sniper Rifle128 M46 rpm108 Hp500 ms8x6
4M1A CarabineBest NG+ Sniper Rifle105 M420 rpm79 Hp400 ms8x15
5M1903Best Early Game Sniper135 M34 rpm120 Hp500 ms8x5
6Gewehr 1943Best XP Farm Sniper Rifle130 M400 rpm105 Hp400 ms6x10

The “Audible Range” on a sniper rifle talks about the sound it makes after a shot is fired. Choosing a sniper that produces a sound in a small radius is most suitable to be taken for a stealth mission.

Likewise, if you prefer taking down enemies with style and aggression, your best choice would be the RSC 1918, which has the highest audible range out of the five weapons in my recommendations for snipers.

One of the best features of the game, in my opinion, would be the option to customize the weapons in your inventory completely. I think it’s wonderful that players can customize their Ammo, weapons, attachments, and such according to the mission’s requirements.

Weapon customization can occur through workbenches in which you can affect the power, control, rate of fire, and mobility of your weapons. I believe it’s a fantastic feature in the game.

Furthermore, players can indulge in Co-op, multiplayer, and story modes within the game, allowing them to complete tasks and obtain different rewards. They can also complete missions to get some of the best rifles and sniper rifles.

For some missions, the goal is to eliminate the enemies without alerting any nearby enemies. For that reason, players have to switch out their favorite sniper rifles with those with less Audible Range.

However, that is not always true. Even I would never follow the rules of a game similar to this one. Instead, I would take the game’s loudest weapon and wreak havoc!

1. Karabiner 98

Best Stealth Sniper
Karabiner 98 stats
Offers the highest damage out of the other sniper rifles in the game!
Audible Range140 Meters
Fire Rate28 rpm
Damage145 Hp
Recoil Recovery500 ms
Magazine Size5

Why did I Choose Karabiner 98?

K9’s 8x scope combined with the stealth perks makes it one of the strongest long-range sniper rifles.

The Karabiner 98 is one of my favorite sniper rifles in almost all games, such as PUBG, Call of Duty, and older games like Medal of Honor.

Some people refer to it as the K9, shortening the name for the intensity. Anyway, the Karabiner 98 in Sniper Elite 5 has different stats that make it unique. For instance, it goes well with the 8x optics for long-range kill shots and does hefty damage by delivering 145 HP damage to the head!

The K9 is beneficial for stealth missions where you can position yourself in a safe spot and target enemies from more than 150 meters. The Audible Range of the sniper rifle is 140 meters, perfect for these operations.

You need not worry about the recoil recovery or the fire rate of K9 due to taking down enemies from a safe spot. The problem arises if enemies spot you or another player locks his eyes on you!

  • High Damage Output.
  • More effective at long ranges.
  • Beneficial for Stealth Missions.

  • Slow Fire Rate
  • More Reload Time
  • Not preferred for Close combat.

2. RSC 1918

Best Survival Sniper Rifle
RSC 1918 Stats
Low mobility and bullet swaying can cause inconvenience.
Audible Range150 Meters
Fire Rate250 rpm
Damage127 Hp
Recoil Recovery400 ms
Magazine Size5

Why did I Choose RSC 1918?

When strength is in question, RSC 1918 is the perfect candidate, as its bullet hits hard and gives exceptional damage.

The second sniper rifle in my list is the RSC 1918. This weapon is a perfect definition of hard-hitting, power-driven weapons in the game. Unlike the K9, it has an Audible range of 150 meters. Therefore, you have the upper hand when it comes to long-range sniping!

If you happen to miss your shots occasionally, the RSC 1918 has a comparatively faster recovery than the K9. Make sure you’re not at a disadvantage and keep environmental factors in mind when taking shots.

The wind speed, range, and agility can cause you to miss your shots, especially with the RSC 1918 Sniper Rifle. 

  • Better recovery rate than K9.
  • Easy to control recoil.

  • Highly affected by environmental factors.
  • High sound, can be heard from afar.

3. SREM-1

Best Balanced Sniper Rifle
SREM-1 Stats
The SREM-1 is quite an exceptional gun and acts pretty much as an all-rounder sniper rifle in the game.
Audible Range128 meters
Fire Rate46 rpm
Damage108 Hp
Recoil Recovery500 ms
Magazine Size6

Why did I Choose SREM-1?

It is one of the quietest snipers in the game, allowing camping and eliminating enemies without alerting others.

With an Audible Range of 128 meters and a pretty good fire rate, the SREM-1 Sniper Rifle can take down enemies from mid-range distances without alerting nearby enemies for reinforcements.

It is a multipurpose rifle that players can use in similar game modes where you have to kill enemies from either mid-range distances or a vantage point.

Furthermore, the weapon calibration is exceptionally smooth, allowing you to hit the targets with accuracy and precision. Environmental factors won’t pose much of a threat to this beauty due to its exceptional control.

  • Exceptional damage given.
  • Balanced.
  • Supports Stealth gameplay.
  • Good Base Zoom.

  • Slow Fire Rate.
  • Very Loud.
  • Limited Effectiveness against Soft Targets.

4. M1A Carabine

Best NG+ Sniper Rifle
M1A Carabine Stats
An extremely good fire rate makes it a better SMG than a sniper rifle. Decapitate enemies in close-range fights rather than long-range sniping!
Audible Range105Meters
Fire Rate420 rpm
Damage79 Hp
Recoil Recovery400 ms
Magazine Size15

Why did I Choose M1A Carabine?

When attached to the 8x optic, the M1A Carabine shows extraordinary handling and accuracy stats for long-range targets.

On par with the Gewehr 1943 extreme fire rate, the M1A Carabine seems to be the perfect choice between the two sniper rifles. It has access to an 8x optic, making it an ideal choice for long-range sniping. However, do not confuse better optics with good sniping.

For instance, if you use the Carabine for long-range sniping, you’ll find it difficult to take down enemies in a single headshot. Evidently, it can be used as an SMG due to its larger magazine size of 15 bullets.

However, the damage offered by M1A is considered to be too low. You should consider environmental factors, audible range, and damage of the snipers according to the type of missions before choosing any of the snipers.

  • Quiet.
  • High Fire Rate.
  • Easy Control.
  • Large Magazine Size.

  • Limited Range.
  • Low Damage.
  • Lack of Powerful Attachments.

5. M1903

Best Early Game Sniper
M1903 stats
This sniper rifle makes aiming and moving look easy.
Audible Range135 Meters
Fire Rate34 rpm
Damage120 Hp
Recoil Recovery500 ms
Magazine Size5

Why did I Choose M1903?

A very quick sniper with a magazine of 5 bullets, you can eliminate multiple enemies in a short period.

With a magazine size of 5 bullets and the option to use the 8x optics on the sniper, the M1903 can be used while moving and aiming at targets. If you get spotted during any missions, you can instantly move between different vantage points while keeping your eyes on the target.

The quick movement and aim adjustments allow you to damage your targets due to the notable stability of the sniper rifle. The only downside you need to worry about is its reload time. It can be tough to use the M1903 against multiple targets aiming their guns at you.

All in all, the damage and audible range of the rifle make it an ideal partner for your missions.

  • Long Range effectiveness.
  • Available in the early game.
  • Allows rapid movements when a sniper in hand.

  • Replaced by better alternatives in the late game.
  • Takes a lot of time to reload.

6. Gewehr 1943

Best XP Farm Sniper Rifle
Gewehr 1943 Stats
Not a good idea to invest in attachments with the Gewehr 1943; makes it ineffective or so!
Audible Range130 Meters
Fire Rate400 rpm
Damage105 Hp
Recoil Recovery400 ms
Magazine Size10

Why did I Choose Gewehr 1943?

Attaching the 6x scope on Gewehr 1943, it becomes a very strong sniper to eliminate mid-range targets.

Due to its incredible fire rate, you should consider this more of an SMG than a sniper rifle. The sniper is ideal for mid-range use due to its access to a 6x optic.

For those players who prefer quick shots over timed shots, the Gewehr 1943 sniper rifle is for them! Most importantly, it can deal insane damage along with its excellent fire rate that promises a guaranteed takedown in mere seconds.

Other than that, it does not offer great damage at long-range distances and seems too challenging to control at that range.

  • Fast fire rate.
  • Powerful for mid-range combat.

  • Gives low damage at long ranges.
  • Bad handling.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

  1. Mosin Nagant M91/30: It is an early-game weapon, which is replaced by better sniper rifles in the late game.
  2. De Lisle Carbine: Very high recoil, therefore, more chance of missing shots.
  3. Pederson Rifle: Can’t equip scopes on it, so far away enemies can’t be targeted accurately.
  4. Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I: The bullets fly inaccurately to more targets beyond 150 meters.

My Experience With The Best Sniper Rifles

Sniper Elite 5 has some excellent features, including weapon customization, environmental factors, and a great campaign. Don’t be confused by environmental factors, as these are the advanced physics that allow your character to perform in different methods.

For instance, when using snipers for long-range takedowns, you will need to be aware of the wind speed, calibration, heartbeat, breathing, and all such factors before taking an accurate shot at the enemies.

These environmental factors make the game even more thrilling and fun to play. Players can use the environment to their advantage, slide down slopes, climb different vantage points, and use ziplines to reach the objectives quickly.

There’s more! Along with the option to customize weapons, players can also explore multiplayer mode and compete with other players online. They might be strangers or friends, but it’s more fun to play with real players than AI!

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