Snowbreak Containment Zone: A Great Game Built Upon A Stingy Reward System

Shooting guns in anime style looks really fun but is it worth spending many hours for the endgame? Let's find out

Snowbreak Containment Zone has been around for almost a year. Although it is not as popular as the other gacha games like Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact, and Honkai Star Rail, it is still a solid game. It is a third-person mission-based shooter game that has players fighting against titans and weird alien-like monsters.

Key Takeaways

  • The game allows you to choose a team of 3 operatives, customize weapons, and modify them which supports the great gameplay of the game.
  • Dealing with missions daily and getting unfair rewards leads to frustration as they are not enough to obtain high-level characters and equipment.
  • The game for a casual player is great but for hardcore players, the game ends up being disappointing.

On the surface, the game looks great visually and gameplay-wise with its smooth combat mechanics. But as I kept playing, I realized the game’s rewards system was not as generous as the amount of time spent. 

Choose Your Waifu!

Snowbreak Containment Zone has more than 25 playable characters known as operatives. Each operative has their weapon type and set of abilities that set them apart from other operatives. These include DPS and Mobbers who deal with large groups of enemies and support buffs allies temporarily.

Each operative can distinguished between either 4-star operatives or 5-star operatives. The game follows typical gacha game character tiers where 5-star operatives are better versions of the 4-star operatives.

Each operative can be upgraded and enhanced using logistic officers which are similar to the artifacts from Genshin impact.

Operative Teams | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The player can make a team of 3 operatives, switching between them during combat to suit situations or to create combos. Each operative deals a certain element of damage, so the teaming has to be done while taking each operative’s weakness into mind. I find it interesting as it adds variety to the gameplay.

Shoot ’em up

The gameplay of Snowbreak Containment Zone stands out the most. The gameplay is similar to Remnant allowing you to dodge attacks by rolling out of the way, using abilities with cooldowns, and applying status effects to enemies. The guns feel great when shooting enemies and the damage numbers of each bullet hitting is just satisfying.

Each operative uses a certain type of gun from pistols to automatic crossbows. Each gun type plays differently and has its advantages. The shooting in the game is very well done and feels better than most 3rd person shooters.

I personally love the pistols as a CS2 player because of their accuracy and I love to flick from one enemy to another.

I Love Pistols | Capture By: VeryAli Gaming

The recoil system has bloom which requires the player to aim down sights to increase accuracy. The game’s combat feels fast and fresh no matter how many mags have been dumped at the enemy. I forgot to mention, that guns can also be modified with attachments which is my favorite feature of weapon upgrading. 

Unfair Compensation

No doubt the gameplay is fun, but it becomes useless when the rewards are just not worth it. As a f2p(free-to-play) player I prefer not to use my money on micro-transactions but the game does force you to. The game has a typical gacha pull system called echoes used to unlock weapons and guns.

Echoes require Digicash(the premium currency of the game) or tokens to try your luck. But your main source of currency for pulls will be the Digicash.

When doing your dailies(missions that refresh every day) the game rewards you with only 50 Digicash. Each echo requires 160 Digicash. So you can perform only 10 echoes per month.

Daily Rewards | Capture By: VeryALi Gaming

The game has a main story which can also give Digicash per mission but Presence(which is equivalent to energy) is very limited per day and limits you from playing more main story unless you use Digicash to get Presence.

The game also has very little endgame content. After the main story, there aren’t many ways to obtain Digicash other than events or dailies. In this case, the viable option is spending money to obtain Digicash which many players do not like doing. A free-to-play game should let players experience the game’s content without paying.

Alas! It’s A Gacha

Gacha games are notorious for making players spend a lot of money on micro-transactions. It’s a shame that a great game like Snowbreak Containment Zone has such problems too.

Considering its gacha nature, the game will not be changing its rewards system anytime soon. But I hope a day comes when they consider treating F2P players better.

If you are a casual gamer and like 3rd person shooters then I would suggest giving this game a try because of its great gameplay. But if you really want to invest a long time in the game, then disappointment is sure to follow.

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