How to Get Soap Shoes In Sonic Frontiers

Guide to help you acquire the soap shoes in Sonic Frontiers

Soap Shoes Sonic
Guide to help you acquire the soap shoes in Sonic Frontiers

Do you want to have a grip on the Soap Shoes in Sonic Frontiers but don’t know how? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

Yes! The Blue blur is back in this action-filled adventure game. Sonic Team at SEGA brings back our favorite fast runner “Sonic the Hedgehog” with a new experience.

The game is set in Starfall Islands, which comprises many smaller islands. This makes Sonic Frontiers the first-ever open-world game in the Sonic Series. You will be able to roam around collecting rings and completing challenges to free your friends from the enemy.

The game isn’t the only thing that the creators have brought back for us to enjoy. Remember the Soap Shoes from Sonic Adventures 2? Yes, they are back and they look absolutely glorious! They aren’t using the name ‘Soap Shoes’ for it, but that is not a problem for us.

Key points

  • Sonic Frontier has brought back Soap Shoes under a new name
  • The purpose of the shoes is to slide along metal rails
  • DLC packs of Sonic Frontier come with different treasures
  • You can get the Soap Shoes by subscribing to the newsletter till the 31st of January 2023, you won’t be able to get them after January 31st if you haven’t subscribed.

Soap Shoes and The Sonic FranchiseSonic standing next to a treasure box with Soap shoes

Sonic standing next to a treasure box with Soap shoes

In this addition to the Sonic Franchise, you can personalize the blue hedgehog with iconic outfits. The variety of gloves and shoes is there to increase your customization options. As a Sonic fan, it hasn’t taken long for you to find out about the iconic shoes.

The name changed in the new game “High-Speed shoes” got its name from a real pair of shoes. The company ‘Soap’ claimed that their new shoes have pronounced indentations in the soles that enable the wearer to grind on rails.

After witnessing these shoes in use, developers of the Sonic game were motivated to include this style of shoe in a Sonic game. Eventually, Soap and Sega collaborated on crossover projects and as a result, we got Sonic Adventure 2. In that game, grinding on rails was a key element.

How To Unlock Soap Shoes in Sonic Frontiers

Unlike other goods which need to be bought, the Soap shoes in Sonic Frontiers can be unlocked for free. Players do not need to acquire a special edition or a pre-order of Sonic Frontiers in order to access the Soap shoes. Players simply need to subscribe to the game’s future newsletter.

This is all it takes to unlock the Soap shoes for players who want to relive Sonic adventure 2 in a totally different setting.

Sonic Frontiers newsletter
Sonic Frontiers newsletter

Steps to Unlock through the Newsletter

Players only need to subscribe to the Sonic Frontiers newsletter in order to obtain a pair of these timeless titles.

Newsletter subscription
Newsletter subscription

Let us tell you ‘how to Get the Soap Shoes in Sonic Frontier’ in the following steps:

  • Enter the game’s main website
  • Click the ‘newsletter’ button and wait for a brief pop-up
  • Provide your details in the pop-up
  • Write the platform from which you downloaded Sonic Frontiers
  • Click both of the checkmarks at the bottom (to confirm that you have read their privacy policy)
  • Submit the form

Don’t forget to double-check that you have entered your email address accurately. Don’t leave the boxes empty.

After completing all of the above, you will receive a confirmation prompt in your email. You must verify that you listed the correct email account by clicking on the related link in the email.


Email Confirmation notification for soap shoes
Email Confirmation notification
  • Open your e-mail
  • Click “yes, subscribe me to this list” in the checkbox.
Subscription for Soap Shoes Confirmed
Subscription Confirmation

After the subscription has been confirmed, you will receive another e-mail from them regarding a code. That email will look something like this below:

Code confirmation about soap Shoes
A code confirmation email will be received in a couple of days

It says, “We’ll email the code to your inbox in a few days with more details about how to redeem your code to download the in-game content“.

You will get an email with a code and a detailed message on how to redeem your code to download the in-game content. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a couple of days. As of right now, Sonic Frontiers seems to be the only site where players can relive the alliance by acquiring soap shoes.

Did You Miss Out On the Opportunity To Get Soap Shoes?

The Sonic Team used these shoes as a promotional tactic. It got used in adverts to promote the game and players had to pre-subscribe to get it. Does that mean that you missed it?

Not at all, you can get Soap Shoes by subscribing to the newsletter till the 31st of January 2023!

I hope we will be able to see more iconic gloves and shoes in upcoming DLCs of the game. Cheers to the team at SEGA, as this is great for them.


This is all we have on how to get the iconic soap shoes in Sonic Frontiers. Learn more information about games like this one by following us. Share us with your friends, hope to see you in the next one!

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