SOLVED: Who Killed Joshua in Final Fantasy 16?

So you want some spoilers about who killed Joshua Final Fantasy 16 after playing the demo? Well, we have just the guide for you.

who killed joshua final fantasy 16

The answer to the question of who killed Joshua, Final Fantasy 16, is Clive.

During an emotionally difficult moment for the brothers, Joshua embraces his powers as the Phoenix Dominant and goes on a rampage. Clive tries to stop him, but before he can take another step, he falls to the ground, where he sees Ifrit standing before him.

At this point, Clive transforms into Ifrit, where he has no control over himself. He can only observe the situation as Ifrit begins to tear apart the Phoenix, which ends up killing Joshua in the process.

So by technicality, Clive (our protagonist) did. However, he did not intentionally kill his brother, but it happened when he awakened as the Ifrit Dominant and fought against Joshua, who was the Phoenix Dominant.

Key Takeaways

  • Clive accidentally killed Joshua in a fight where he awakened as the Ifrit Dominant.
  • Some Dominants can control the power of Eikons, and there are eight of them.
  • The Eikons have immense power, and only ten of them exist, with eight of which have selected hosts.
final fantasy 16 art
FF XVI Artwork

Final Fantasy XVI focuses on the conflict between nations vying for control of the Mothercrystals and the ensuing battles involving powerful beings called Eikons. The narrative explores themes of political intrigue, family bonds, and the impact of power on individuals and societies.

As seen in the FFXVI demo, Joshua gets killed by Ifrit, but we, at that time, did not know who was the dominant of Ifrit Eikon. Now we know who it is, and it’s even more heartbreaking.

What are Dominants?

Dominants are the people who can control power entities known as Eikons. If you have ever seen Naruto, then you can equate the Dominants to Jinchuriki without a different set of rules. There are a total of eight Eikons that correlate to each Dominant. These are the Dominants currently in the game.

  • Clive Rosefield -> Dominant of Ifrit
  • Jill Warrick -> Dominant of Shiva
  • Cidolfus Telamon -> Dominant of Ramuh
  • Benedikta Harman -> Dominant of Garuda
  • Hugo Kupka -> Dominant of Titan
  • Dion Lesage -> Dominant of Bahamut
  • Barnabas Tharmr -> Dominant of Odin
  • Joshua Rosfield -> Dominant of Phoenix

What Are Eikons?

Ifrit in FFXVI – Captured By Us

These Eikons are beings of immense power and are often associated with a particular element or theme. They are typically depicted as massive, ethereal creatures that can be summoned by specific characters or individuals.

Throughout the Final Fantasy series, Eikons have taken various forms and names. They have been known as espers, aeons, summons, or Eidolons, depending on the specific game. Final Fantasy XVI introduces its own roster of Eikons, each with their own lore and significance to the game’s narrative.

  • Ifrit, Second Aspect of Fire
  • Shiva, Aspect of Ice
  • Ramuh, Aspect of Lightning
  • Garuda, Aspect of Wind
  • Titan, Aspect of Earth
  • Bahamut, Aspect of Light
  • Phoenix, First Aspect of Fire
  • Odin
  • Typhoon
  • Titan Lost

Is Joshua Still Alive?

However, there is a small caveat. Joshua is actually not dead and is brought back to life with the power of the Phoenix which is quite thematically fitting. He takes on a secret identity and hides out for a little while until being reunited with his brother, Clive.

But his fate is left questionable once again due to the ending where we fight against the puppetmaster for the antagonist throughout the game, Ultima. During this battle, Joshua is once again gravely injured while passing on his Eikon powers to Clive to fight the threat. Clive is ultimately victorious and rushes to his brother’s aid by using the Phoenix’s powers to heal Joshua’s wounds.

In the end, we see hope that Joshua has made it out of this ordeal alive, although maybe with a permanent scar or two considering how traumatic it must have been to face death not once but twice. But in the post-credits scene, we get confirmation that Joshua is alive as he is seen to be the author of a book that details the accounts and harrowing journey of his brother in the distant future.

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