SOMA: Diving Into The Depths of Unique Horror

Let's Talk About SOMA!

SOMA: Diving Into The Depths of Unique Horror
SOMA: Diving Into The Depths of Unique Horror

As a longtime horror fan, I have played many outstanding titles designed to send shivers down my throat. But I can bet, very few of them can ever be on the same par level as SOMA.

SOMA is the least talked about game I believe. Like, I have never heard from any of my gamer friends mentioning SOMA. Considering that this game was released in 2015, I wonder how many gamers have no idea about this dreadful psychological experience of the horror genre.

Key Takeaways

  • SOMA was released back in 2015 and is different than usual horror games.
  • It is set in an underwater research facility and mainly focuses on exploring the human psyche and makes players question human identity and consciousness.
  • The game doesn’t have any option to battle the enemies due to the absence of weapons.

SOMA’s Distinctiveness Is Its Horror

Every horror game stands out in the industry with its specific aspect. For example, Resident Evil games have great stories while The Evil Within has enjoyable action. However, SOMA did its job differently.

From the moment I stepped into the research facility of SOMA, my brain was struck by the fact SOMA is non-identical to usual horror games. It didn’t rely on the silly gores to petrify players and cheap scares definitely aren’t a thing to instill fear.  It instead uses different tactics to slowly creep under your skin.

*Spoiler Alert*

The story is centered on Simon Jarrett who undergoes experimental brain scans as a result of a critical car crash. Later, he wakes up in Site Upsilon of PATHOS-II, an underwater research facility. This narrative premise sets the tone and stages for a deep dive into human identity, consciousness, and extinction.

Source: amnesiaPUZZLES, YouTube
Source: amnesiaPUZZLES, YouTube

As I navigated through the eerie corridors of PATHOS-II, I was surprised by SOMA’s compelling exploration of the human psyche. Over the game’s progression, I was confronted with questions that directly challenged the players’ understanding of existence. 

The game’s plot is heavily infused with philosophical ideas focusing on the nature of consciousness and mind-uploading concepts. While playing SOMA, death won’t fear you more. The main unsettling thing will be the realization that consciousness and identity are more complex and fragile than we perceive.

Once I stopped playing the game, my mind couldn’t help but continuously pondered over these concepts.  The dialogue and scenarios with meticulously crafted writing, force you to face the agonizing horrors of humanity.

I have rarely witnessed any game that has left an intellectual impact on my mind. Yet, SOMA accomplished this by exploring thought-provoking moral dilemmas.

Constant Feelings of Helplessness

SOMA has a unique and minimalist approach to its gameplay mechanics. At some point in traditional horror games, you arm yourself to the teeth to battle the haunting entities. However, SOMA strips you of power and control.

There’s always a feeling of helplessness that weighs on your shoulders while moving through the dilapidated atmosphere. This approach heightens the tension making the environment genuinely threatening. This way, your focus shifts more toward introspection driving you to rather think than react.

Source: amnesiaPUZZLES, YouTube
Source: amnesiaPUZZLES, YouTube

Additionally, I didn’t find the no-gun rule to be a terrible idea. Realistically speaking, the presence of any weapon would have severely ruined the entire vibe of the game. I mean, in such a pressurized environment, I would rather think of surviving than standing my ground and fighting the enemy.

SOMA Is A Different Vibe

I perceive SOMA to be an ordinarily beautiful experience. It is not due to its enemies or settings, but because of how wonderfully it resonated the emotional and intellectual depths. The game throughout made me question the nature of reality using horror as a vehicle to explore the darkest corners of the human psyche.

My advice to you is, if you still haven’t experienced this unique creation, think otherwise. SOMA is a journey worth taking!

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