Sonic Frontiers: A Grave Mystery [How To Solve]

All you need to know about Grave Mystery Puzzle and how to solve it in minimum number of steps by following the methods in this guide.

How To Solve Grave Mystery Puzzle Guide
Sonic Frontiers: A Grave Mystery Puzzle

Stuck on the Grave Mystery Puzzle? Many people playing the new open-world adventure game are having trouble solving the Grave Mystery puzzle. But don’t stress about it because our guide will help you out.

Gameplay snapshot captured from PS4
Sonic Frontiers story mode gameplay on PS4

The starting puzzles of Sonic Frontiers are less complex. But, as you progress further into the game, you will see puzzles and challenges getting more complex to solve.

The Grave Mystery Puzzle is one of the challenging stages in the game. It can be very irritating to solve this quest. What makes it interesting is that Sonic developers have dropped almost no hints about solving any in-game puzzles. Our guide will explain in detail how to solve the Grave Mystery puzzle in minimum number of steps.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grave Mystery puzzle contains light towers or pillars which reflect light given out by a central bigger tombstone.
  • Out of all the pillars, 4 of them are in over control where we can rotate them and make a pattern.
  • Our aim is to pass the light from all the 4 towers at the same time which is starting from the central tower.

What is Grave Mystery Puzzle?

It is one of the many puzzles in-game that is very annoying to solve and might take a lot of your time than expected. Puzzles like the M-015 puzzle are easy to figure out but Grave Mystery is the opposite of that.

Unluckily for you, crossing this puzzle is compulsory to progress further in the game so it has to be solved no matter what. Upon reaching this point of the game, you will see high laser towers.

Getting close to the marked tower, your screen will display the following message:

Grave Mystery puzzle description message
Puzzle Description dropping hints on how to solve.

If your game has displayed this piece of text, then it means the next thing for you is to solve the Grave Mystery puzzle and get done by it.

How To Solve Grave Mystery Puzzle?

Sonic Frontiers Grave Mystery puzzle first look
First look at the Grave Mystery puzzle

At the starting point, your puzzle will look scattered. But, if you do some rotations and observe the pattern, you will notice the laser towers are reflecting light beams from other towers and make up a sequence.

Now, the puzzle is completely restricted to rotating the towers or tombstones. On your PlayStation, you can do this by rotating your left stick of controller. If you want to switch between different towers, press Square. If you own an Xbox, you can rotate the light beam by moving your left stick. To switch between tombstones, press Y on your controller. On PC, you can use your Arrow keys. To select different tombstones, press X key.

We suggest 2 possible ways that can be followed to solve the Grave Mystery Puzzle:

Method 1

There are 4 towers that you can select and control your light beam from. The central tombstone generates the laser beam. We aim to rotate the towers in a way that the light beam hits and reflects from all the towers at once.

We will be referring to these towers as tombstones to avoid confusion.

Start from the leftmost tombstone and rotate it in a way that it faces the tombstone above it. Now, move to the rightmost tombstone and rotate it towards the tombstone on its left. After that, you may select the top tombstone and shift its light beam facing the left tombstone.

If you have correctly followed the above-mentioned steps, the beam pattern will be looking like:

Halfway through solving Grave Mystery puzzle
Halfway through solving A Grave Mystery puzzle

Furthermore, select the bottom tombstone and rotate it towards the leftmost tower. Now, go to the tower that you started with and repeat the first step.

There is no fixed step to follow in the end. So, just hover over the rightmost tombstone and start rotating it till you get the right pattern. A cut-scene starts when you get it right.

Your Final Pattern should look like this:

100% puzzle solving progress
How your Grave Mystery puzzle looks when it is completed.

The light is starts from the central tombstone. Your Grave Mystery puzzle completes when it joins all the 4 tombstones together.

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Method 2

If you found the first way difficult to follow, don’t worry because we have a backup for you. We will explain how to join the puzzle by compass directions which are easier to understand.

Step 1

Starting off, select the left tombstone and move it in a way that the light beam points toward the Northwest.

Solving left side of puzzle
Puzzle Pattern after Step 1

Step 2

Then, go to the rightmost pillar and rotate it in the Southwest direction. You will notice the light beam joining the towers to the right side of your screen.

Solving bottom part of puzzle
Puzzle Pattern after Step 2

Step 3

We are moving closer to ending the puzzle now. Now, select your top tombstone, and rotate its light beam in a way it faces Southwest. After completing this step, you will see a laser beam crossing from the central tower which is an indicator that you are doing it right.

Solving right side of puzzle.
Puzzle Pattern after Step 3

Step 4

Getting closer to completion, select the top tombstone and rotate its light Southwest. Now, hover over the bottom tombstone and bring it to Southwest as well. After its light is facing southwest, move it a little toward the west. Stop at the point you see your puzzle showing:

Solving upper part of puzzle
Puzzle Pattern after Step 4

At this point, we are almost done with the Grave Mystery puzzle.

Select the leftmost tombstone and rotate it in the Northwest direction. Keep the light beam in the Northwest arc until the light makes a pattern over the top side of the puzzle.

For the last step, keep your control on the right tombstone and point its light towards the West.

When you point it exactly at the West, then the in-game cut scene will start where the laser sparks and follows a track. It will show that your puzzle has been completed and you are out of this frustration.

The pattern shown on-screen will be the same as in the first method.

Conclusive Remarks

People who want to speed-run the game get stuck in this puzzle as this requires a little bit of thinking. Your main objective while solving the Grave Mystery puzzle is to start the light beam from the main central tower.

The beam will progress toward the whole pattern. The restricted condition is that; it should pass through all 4 rotating tombstones that we have control over.

If you found our guide useful, make sure to check out more articles on Sonic Frontiers available on our website.

Sonic Frontiers is available on PC and can be downloaded from Steam. If you are a console player, please visit your respective in-game stores to download this game.


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