Sonic Frontiers: Drain The Water Puzzle & Guide

While exploring Ares Island, a puzzle to Drain The Water in Sonic Frontiers will come across and this guide will help you solve it.

Sonic Frontiers Drain The Water
Everything about the puzzle of Drain The Water in Sonic Frontiers.

On Starfall’s second island named Ares Island, a quite confusing puzzle of Drain The Water in Sonic Frontiers will come across. Players run into a pond filled with water. A huge plug is stopping the water from draining inside a hole. The only way to progress further into the game is by draining that water to unlock the next step. 

Without any guidance, the puzzle can be tricky. But after reading further into the guide, players will be able to easily remove the plug and drain the water, so let’s dive right into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Drain the water is a puzzle that the players will come across on Ares Island.
  • The puzzle is confusing as no instructions are given except for Knuckles telling Sonic to drain the water from the pond.
  • A Bomb and a Cannon are provided to be loaded together to shoot at the stopper stone and detach the plug from the drain.
  • A total of 30 seconds are given to complete the puzzle or else the player will have to reperform it. 

What Is Drain The Water Puzzle

Drain The Water Puzzle

Once you move past the Kronos Island stages, the new island known as “Ares Island” is finally ready to explore. Just like a series of puzzles and challenges completed in Kronos Island, you will be tasked to complete multiple challenges to help progress in the open world of Sonic Frontiers. Drain The Water puzzle will be introduced halfway through the Ares Island story progression

The player is tasked to talk to Knuckles, he introduces the puzzle and explains the water in the Oasis needs to be drained… but how? Even Knuckles is not sure as he says “The problem is I’m still ghost-like and you’re useless underwater”. So, what to do now? You can not move on to the next challenge unless you complete this one first, because the game has mentioned already “Drain the water to move on”.

How To Drain The Water

Once you have completed Knuckles’ memory tokens quest, a huge bomb of black/blue color will make an appearance. After that, go and talk to Knuckles and your Drain The Water mission starts taking place.

At first glimpse, the whole puzzle will throw the player off balance. But, once the way to solve it is revealed, the puzzle comes off as extremely easy. So to smoothly drain the water in Sonic Frontiers and complete the challenge, follow the mentioned steps below.

Go To The Bomb

The Bomb will be nearby, if you have trouble finding it, take assistance from the white marker on the screen’s top. Go to the bomb as it plays an important role to start the mission. If you are wondering how the bomb will help remove the plug, well, you have to shoot it at the stopper stone.

Pick Up The Bomb

Picking The Bomb From Cyloop Skill

Now is the time to prepare yourself, because once the bomb is picked, a 30 seconds timer will begin, and we don’t want to know what happens after those 30 seconds if it fails to reach the gun. To pick the bomb up, perform the Cyloop skill and round around the bomb once. A blue-colored trail will follow him behind. Make sure to attach the circle’s ends, otherwise, the Cyloop skill won’t work. 

Once the circle from Cyloop skill is drawn around the bomb, you will be able to automatically pick it up. The moment the bomb is picked up by Sonic, the timer of 30 seconds to complete the mission starts.

Cyloop Skill

One of the most important skills to perform is Cyloop skill in Sonic Frontiers, the reason being, suspending enemies, solving puzzles (like this one), or revealing the rings hidden in an area. To unlock the Cyloop Skill you simply need to collect points for the Skill Tree. 

Take the Bomb To Cannon

Waste no time and take the bomb to the cannon nearby. You can not perform the light dash skill right now. Just run back to the Cannon as soon as you can. Upon arriving, load the bomb right into the cannon in order to activate the big gun.

Shoot The Cannon

The bomb is loaded into the cannon, all you need to do is aim the cannon at the plug’s Stopper Stone floating above while attached to a chain. Specifically, you need to aim for the middle circle of the red prints on that stone. 

Shooting The Cannon At Stone

Once you have done the required work, the plug will automatically start to remove as the stopper stone rises up. Now the water will suck down into the drain in the Oasis. Knuckles reappears now and tells Sonic that the way forward has been revealed and that is all that matters.

For numerous reasons, a player can miss completing the task in the given time of 30 seconds. Maybe the pressure of trying to complete it the first time or a sudden lag, but don’t worry, you can always go back to the Bomb’s place as it will respawn back to reperform the task.

Final Remarks

Who thought removing the plug to drain water has to do anything with the bomb and huge cannon? Also, it is hard to figure out how to pick the bomb up in the first place. We hope our detailed guide about the topic helped some players figure the puzzle out. So go on and progress further now that the path is open!

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