Sonic Frontiers: How To Perform Drop Dash

Here is how you can perform Sonic Frontiers drop dash to boost the speed even further.

Sonic Frontiers Drop Dash
Sonic Frontiers Drop Dash

Among many returning features, the most demanded feature from the fans is the Sonic Frontiers drop dash. This move is rooted in Sonic Forces and was prominent in Sonic Mania Plus and Sonic Origins. After much speculation and leaks, we finally got to see the drop dash after the release of Sonic Frontiers. 

Drop Dash in Sonic Frontiers is a maneuver that allows your character to spin jump mid-air, and land on the ground to burst forward with speed. It feels like your character builds up momentum by spinning fast in the air, and landing will yield speed to traverse the ground in a short time. 

Unlike its predecessors, Sonic Frontiers take pride in introducing unique new landscapes that include stretching islands, forests, waterfalls, and deserts. For that instance, players will need a fast move to traverse the map quickly. This is where our guide comes in handy to aid players in learning how to perform drop dash in Sonic Frontiers. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Sonic Frontiers once again introduces a drop dash move to allow players to achieve a speed boost by performing an air spin and landing on the ground. 
  • Sonic Frontiers involves moving around the map, and with that, you will be using drop dash to gain momentum of speed by spinning in the air and then landing on the ground to make Sonic propelled forward. 
  • For that, all you need to do is to jump two times in the air and then hold down the jump buttons to execute the drop dash effectively. 
  • Players on PlayStation will have to use the button to jump, Xbox will use A, while PC players will be using SPACEBAR or any designated button of their choice. 

How To Perform Drop Dash In Sonic Frontiers

Traversing a huge map with a complex landscape will not be easy in Sonic Frontiers. Meanwhile, drop dash can significantly improve how players move around the map and even engage with the world filled with threats in Sonic Frontiers. On the other side, performing a drop dash is really simple and does not involve certain key combinations and measures to execute the maneuver. 

All you need to do is to take a flight by jumping in mid-air and holding the jumping until your character lands on the ground. Now there is a small catch to the jump, as normal jumps would not start the drop dash. For that instance, players must perform a double jump to build height and momentum to execute the perfect drop dash. Performing this trick will allow your character to experience a burst of moving forward upon landing on the ground. 

Sonic Drop Dash in Action
Sonic Drop Dash in Action

As for the controls, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players might want to use the X button to perform a double jump in Sonic Frontiers. Moreover, Xbox players must use the A button for the double jump. Lastly, PC players can use SPACEBAR or any designated keys in the controls for drop dash in Sonic Frontiers. 

Sonic Frontiers Drop Dash
Sonic Frontiers Drop Dash

It is worth noting that performing the double jump requires pressing the jump keys two times. Also, you will need to hold down these jump buttons until Sonic lands on the ground. It takes a bit of practice at the start, but once you get a hold of it, you can perform the maneuver efficiently. 

Moreover, the latest game mechanics and the move enhance the gameplay experience even further. Now you do not have to worry about running out of stamina and losing the sprinting speed. Simply executing the drop dash will get you a boost to get to the other part of the wide-stretching world of Sonic Frontiers. 

Speaking of speed, if you want to give more boost to Sonic, you can also consider soap shoes Sonic Frontiers that pack the same classical sliding action on metal rails but with 3D experience. 

Tips And Tricks For Drop Dash

The open-world experience comes with the cost of constantly being on the move. Your Sonic character will move a lot around the map, from dense forests to crossing bridges and tackling gaps between the lands. 

For that instance, players will need a boost to cover the portion of maps quickly. Drop Dash solves this problem by giving you the much-needed boost on straight platforms and steep hills. Now you do not have to worry about Sonic slowing down on steep platforms and mountains. 

The next and most helpful tip for utilizing drop dash in Sonic Frontiers is to use drop dash in combat. As said earlier, the world of Sonic Frontiers is filled with enemies lurking everywhere. Not just that, but the campaign combat can also pose challenges to players and requires unique move sets and considerations to deal damage to the opponents. 

Drop dash can also aid players in dealing good damage to their enemies by smashing them from all sides. Ensure you are executing the drop dash perfectly and at the right moment when an enemy is in front of you. This gives you a reasonable distance in combat and a significant tactical advantage of strength. 

Final Words

Sonic Frontiers recalling drop dash enhances the overall gameplay experience of players with such a vast 3D world. The gameplay mechanics improvements have come a long way in Sonic games, and now the use of drop dash and many more maneuvers will aid players in many ways. 

That is about it for learning the drop dash. Do you find this guide helpful for learning and executing the move in the game? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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