Sonic Frontiers Fishing: The Ultimate Guide

You can fish with Big the Cat to obtain exciting rewards in exchange for Gold Cards and Treasure Tokens!

Sonic Frontiers Fishing

Sonic Frontiers Fishing is a minigame that players can indulge themselves with, and Sonic has also quoted fishing as a method to “de-tense.” Similar to other games, such as Disney Dreamlight Valley, Sonic Frontiers also embraced the idea of implementing minigames inside a game.

Players will learn about fishing once they come across Big the Cat; a famous character in the Sonic franchise for its humorous memes. Despite being a hated character in the previous Sonic games, he has made his way into Sonic Frontiers, trapped in a cyber dimension.

Big the Cat
If you travel through the Western Fishing Spot Portal, you’ll also find Big!

You will need to find Big the Cat if you want to fish for some treasures and to get to one of the fishing spots, you’ll need to come across one of the portals that take you to the fishing point. Big will also be available at the fishing spot. But in order to fish, you will need purple coins that you’ll need to trade with Big for him to lend you his extra fishing rod.

Key Takeaways

  • You can borrow a fishing rod from Big the Cat for one Purple Coin.
  • To fish, simply swing your rod toward the pond and wait for a fish to grab onto the hook.
  • Once baited, a red circle will appear on the pond where the fish is, and you’ll need to wait for the white circle to overlap with the red one and immediately press the “Action Button.”
  • You will find, not only fish, but other scrap materials, treasures, and Gold Tokens.
  • Trading these Gold Tokens with Big the Cat will get you numerous rewards.
  • To trade tokens for items listed under Big’s collection of items, talk to Big and select “Trade Tokens.”

Sonic Frontiers Fishing Method

You can use Portals to travel through different stages in the Cyber Frontier. However, only Portal Gears will help activate them!

 You won’t find any luck finding the fishing spots through the map, which is provided to you at the start of the game. Because the fog covers half of the map, you’ll need to engage in minigame activities to clear it up from blocking some of the points in the map.

On another note, the map will showcase a variety of collectibles and their locations. You will have to find and collect them either way. As for the fishing spot, you’ll find it somewhere in the Kronos Region, and by collecting some of the Chaos Emeralds, you’ll find your way entangled with Big the Cat as well!

You need to wait for the white ripple to overlap with the red ripple!

If you’ve played Disney Dreamlight Valley before, you’ll find fishing to be an easier task. It only requires that you cast your rod out into the water and wait for the fish to bite the bait. A red circle or ripple as described by Big will pop up after you press the A button.

Catching a Fish
You’ll catch various items and types of fish at the fishing spot!

Another white ripple will appear and it will start to get bigger. You’ll have to wait for it to encircle the Red Circle to press the A button again. This will lift your rod up quickly and fling the fish or whatever you have caught from the pond, into the air, followed by the content revealed. Which in this case, will be a fish, treasure chest, scrap material, and many more!

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Fishing Spot In Kronos Island

Kronos Island
Western Fishing Spot!

Earlier we discussed the Western Fishing Spot on Kronos Island. That’s where you’ll find Big The Cat. To reach the location, you’ll need to acquire the first Elder Koco, it will be signified with a big mouth on the map so you’ll identify it quickly. After collecting the Elder Koco, head West and search for the Portal. It will be blueish in color!

Ares Island

Ares Island
Northern Fishing Spot!

The Fishing Portal on Ares Island will be a bit dull, however, you’ll notice purple lines on its walls. It’ll be hard to get to this point on the map because of how isolated and separate it is from the rest of the land. There are two challenges you can complete in order to access the Northern Fishing Spot.

  • M-042
  • M-041

Chaos Island

Chaos Island
North East Fishing Spot!

The third Fishing Point is on the Southeast side of the Island, again separated from the rest of the land, you’ll need to complete the M-068 puzzle which will also help you clear out the foggy bits of the Island!

Ouranos Island

Ouranos Island 1
1st Fishing Spot!

To clear out most of the map in Ouranos Island, you’ll need to complete the M-082 Challenge which you’ll find near the south side of the island. As there are two fishing spots here, and your map will be unclear, you will have a hard time locating the points.

Ouranos Island 2
2nd Fishing Spot!

However, with each Island, I have added images of the locations to help you guys in pinpointing all of the fishing spots! On another note, you will not find any fishing spots on Rhea Island along with any challenges. 

Rewards To Get For Trading Fish

Option to Trade Tokens
If you want to find out what Big has under his collection of items, select “Trade Tokens.”

Fishing in Sonic Frontiers is fun and quite frankly, addictive as well. You may find yourself indulging in the same activity for more than twenty minutes! While fishing, you will be able to catch scrolls such as the Elder Koco’s Scroll and Hermit Koko’s Scroll.

What are these scrolls for? If you happen to catch these scrolls, you’ll be able to unlock fast travel. It is a method to travel by using a Zip instead of running to a location.

Trade With Gold Cards
I would recommend that players only trade Gold Cards for extremely costly items which they really need.

Apart from that, Big will give you Treasure Tokens in exchange for fish. The Gold cards or Gold Tokens you have collected will be traded for some useful items such as Blue Seed of Defense, +20 Lost Koco, and Red Seed of Power.

Trade With Treasure Tokens
Some items will cost more Treasure Tokens to buy such as the Egg Memo!

Each of the mentioned items will cost one Gold Card and if you don’t have any Gold Card, you will still be able to buy them with Treasure Tokens.

Gold Card from treasure Chest
The chests offer Gold Cards!

Here are some of the following items you can fish;

  • A Wooden Treasure Chest will give you one Gold Card.
  • A Golden Treasure Chest will give you three Gold Cards.
  • Hermit Koco’s Scroll – eight tokens.
  • An Elder Koco’s Scroll – eight tokens.
  • Marlin – six tokens
  • Red Can – six tokens
  • Red Sring – six tokens.
  • Star Post – six tokens.
  • Tin Can – six tokens.
  • Red Stingray – six tokens.
  • Chopper – six tokens.
  • Carp – three tokens.
  • Black Bass – three tokens.
  • Koi – three tokens.
  • Ring – three tokens.
  • Medaka – one token.
  • Platinum-Gold Fish – one token.
  • Squid – one token.
  • Gold Fish – one token.
  • Flying Fish – one token.
  • Tadpole – one token..
  • Crayfish – one token.
  • Poison Dart Frog – one token.

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Final Thoughts

You can fish all you want in exchange for one purple coin. However, as soon as you stop, you won’t be able to continue without having to give another Purple Coin to Big. Only then will he lend you his fishing rod! You can find the Purple Coins in your adventures across the world through basic exploration.

If you found my “Sonic Frontiers Fishing” guide useful, you can browse multiple guides at VeryAliGaming! Keep an eye out for more Sonic Frontiers guides here, until then, enjoy the adventures of Sonic in the cyber dimension!

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