Sonic Frontiers Purple Coins: Definitive Guide

A guide to Purple Coins in Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers Purple Coins [Full Guide]
In this guide, we talk all about Purple Coins in Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers contains an in-game currency called Purple Coins. But what are Sonic Frontiers Purple Coins? How do you obtain them? And most importantly, what can you use them for?

We cover the answers to these questions in our ultimate Purple Coins guide. Read on to find out more about the Purple Coins in Sonic Frontiers and what you can do to obtain them.

Key Takeaways

  • Purple Coins are a type of in-game currency used only for fishing.
  • You can obtain them by racing around the Open Zone areas.
  • You can also get them through the Starfall Event.
  • Purple Coins can be used to fish for Treasure Tokens and Golden Cards.
  • Treasure Tokens are key for unlocking special rewards.
  • Golden Cards are used to purchase shop items irrespective of their cost.

What Are Sonic Frontiers Purple Coins?

A Purple Coin in an Open Zone area in Sonic Frontiers.
Purple Coins in Sonic Frontiers can be found while racing through the world.

Purple Coins are a type of in-game currency present in Sonic Frontiers. This currency is only useful for one activity in the game: fishing.

Fishing in Sonic Frontiers requires you to obtain Purple Coins. These coins allow you to cast your bait into a portion of the water with fish underneath. There will be two circles that will appear on your screen – one white and one red. You just need to press the prompt button (X on the PS) once the white and red circles line up.

How To Obtain Purple Coins

Although you need Purple Coins to play Big the Cat’s fishing mini-game, you actually obtain the coins in the main world.

Luckily, obtaining these coins isn’t very hard. You just need to race around the various worlds to get these coins. The coins are scattered and you can only hold up to 999 Purple Coins.

You can easily find these coins in most Open Zone areas. You can find them slowly spinning around on the ground. Sometimes, you can even find bundles of Purple Coins on the ground alongside Memory Tokens and Seeds.

Additionally, if you want to obtain Purple Coins faster in a short amount of time, you can make use of the Starfall Event. During this event, you’ll need to collect the different fragments of fallen stars. Then, you’ll need to use the slot machine and, if you’re lucky, you’ll get bonus Purple Coins.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy Purple Coins with any type of currency (in-game or real).

What Can You Use Sonic Frontiers Purple Coins For?

Purple Coins must be used in Purple Portals to access the Fishing Spots. You can easily find 5 of these ports scattered across each of the worlds. The amount of Purple Coins you need to open these portals is dependent on the portal you use. Once inside the Portals, you will navigate to the Fishing Spots where Big the Cat will lend you his fishing rod.

Big the Cat lending Sonic his fishing rod for Purple Coins.
Big the Cat will lend you his fishing rod for Purple Coins.

Fishing in Sonic Frontiers is quite simple. However, if you still need a guide, then take a look at our Sonic Frontiers Fishing guide. We talk about how to successfully make a catch and gather massive rewards.

Once you’re done fishing, if you’re lucky enough, you can find some Treasure Tokens. Treasure Tokens can be used to acquire all sorts of rewards, including:

  • Amy’s Memory Tokens.
  • Rings
  • Skill Pieces
  • Vault Keys
  • Egg Memo
  • Portal Gear
  • Red and Blue Seeds

These rewards are definitely worth the time and effort you’ll put into gathering enough Purple Coins. Additionally, aside from just Treasure Tokens, there is also a small chance that you’ll be able to pull up a Golden Card. These cards are crucial for purchasing items in the shop regardless of that item’s initial cost.

Fishing can also be used to acquire scrolls that can be used to teleport to key NPCs. These scrolls are great for fast traveling through the game. If you want to know more about how fast traveling works in Sonic Frontiers, then head on over to our fast traveling guide.

Final Thoughts

Purple Coins in Sonic Frontiers may appear to be of little use at first. After all, they’re only good for fishing. However, when you use Purple Coins for fishing, you’ll get Treasure Tokens which you can use to get tons of useful rewards.

To summarize, Purple Coins are used to play the fishing minigame offered by Big the Cat. You can find these coins scattered throughout the Open Zone areas. Once you find them and play the fishing minigame, you can stack tons of Treasure Tokens.

In turn, Treasure Tokens will get you some additional rewards. Moreover, fishing can get you the highly sought-after Golden Cards.

So that’s all about Sonic Frontiers Purple Coins and how to find them.

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