Sons Of The Forest Keycard Locations [All Keycards]

Learn everything about Sons of Forest Keycard along with their location and usage for progressing campaign.

Sons of Forest Keycard
Sons of Forest Keycard

Sons of Forest features many activities and chilling survival horror aspects that challenge players at every corner of the game. At the same time, it also keeps up the suspense by allowing players to engage with the world and its offering, such as caves. Unfortunately, most of these caves require a Keycard in Sons of Forest, limiting players’ exploration. 

At the same time, the game mechanics also gives a minimal description of where to find the Keycard required to unlock and access the secret caves. If you are also one of those players facing the nerve-wracking problem of locked passageways opened by Keycards, then you are at just the right place. This guide entails everything you need to know about how to get every Keycard in Sons of Forest and use them for accessing numerous locations while keeping a safe side from blood-thirsty cannibals

Key Takeaways

  • In most instances of gameplay in Sons of Forest, players must use specific Keycards to gain access to a certain location to complete objectives and collect resources
  • Unfortunately, the game concisely describes when and where to find these Keycards in Sons of Forest to continue the playthrough without any break. 
  • The game features three Keycards available to players that must be collected in the same order. These include Maintenance Keycard, VIP Keycard, and Guest Keycard
  • As for the Maintenance Keycard in Sons of Forest, players must visit one of the green encircled and animated locations in the northeastern part of the map. Here you can engage with a ground marked by a shovel
  • This also calls for the use of Shovel for this particular quest. So make sure you bring the shovel to dig out the ground and progress the quest quickly. 
  • Once you start digging, you will reveal a metal hatch that your character can open easily, revealing a path to a secret underground base
  • Following the straight path will also give you access to a room that contains the Maintenance Keycard
  • Next, you must find VIP Keycard by searching the green encircled marker on the northwestern side of the map. This location leads players to a dark cave with an already-opened metal hatch. After an extensive trip through the cave, players will reach a facility submerged in water. Going further, players will reach a security room with VIP Keycard available to pick up from the desk. 
  • Lastly, players must also obtain the Guest Keycard by visiting a cave entrance marked on the map. This entrance leads players to a locked facility that can be unlocked using the Maintenance Keycard
  • Here, your objective is to reach the guest lobby on top of the facility using the stairway while avoiding all kinds of encounters with the Mutants crawling in the location
  • Once in the guest lobby, you can find the Guest Keycard on a round table near the corpse of the guests. 

Sons of Forest All Keycards

As said above, numerous locations are locked behind a Keycard, demanding players to increase their exploration strategies and gain access to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious activities in the forest. For that instance, players must get on all the Keycards in the game to pave the way for a smooth playthrough. 

Let’s look at all the Keycards you need to obtain in Sons of Forest in their respective order. 

Maintenance Keycard

The first keycard that you will need is Maintenance Keycard. Since it requires access to one of the earliest locations, you must obtain the Maintenance Keycard as soon as possible to progress your game playthrough

It is worth noting that finding the Keycard requires patience and trouble to go across the map. The world of Sons of Forest is extremely volatile, with cannibals lurking everywhere. For that instance, you must be watchful of your surroundings during your hunt for a Maintenance Keycard

As for the location, players must head down to one of the green-encircled areas on the map. To make things easier, you must check the northeastern part of the map. You will search for a location marked by a shovel just near the beautiful lake surrounded by lush trees. 

Maintenance Keycard Location
Maintenance Keycard Location – Image Credit: WoW Quests

Now comes the critical part, where you will need a shovel to dig the location and find a hatch to gain access to the cave entrance. As for the shovel, you can refer to our extensive guide detailing how to get a shovel in Sons of Forest. 

Once you have the shovel, all you need to do is to start digging the ground until it reveals the hatch. You can interact with the metal hatch to open it and gain access to the mysterious cave

The cave has a ladder to get down and a straight path leading you to a Maintenance room. Follow this path until you find the Maintenance room and the required Keycard item. Once you have the Maintenance Keycard, you can use it to unlock your path of cave or doors anywhere on the map and easily progress your playthrough. 

Maintenance Keycard Acquired
Maintenance Keycard Acquired – Image Credit: Wow Quests

VIP Keycard

The next most sought Keycard by players is known as the VIP Keycard. As the name implies, this Keycard will give you access to more locations while uncovering the secrets of the Sons of Forest. But first, players must get their hands on VIP Keycard by once again visiting the animated green encircled locations marked on the map. 

However, to make things easier for you, you can easily follow the location all the way to the northwestern part of the map in the image below. Unlike the Maintenance Keycard, where you had to dig a metal hatch, you will be searching for an opened hatch in a dark cave for this particular Keycard. Ensure you come with a good torch for easier navigation in the cave. 

VIP Keycard Location Image
VIP Keycard Location Image – Image Credit: Its Shatter

The secret cave leads you to an already-opened hatch that again leads you to a remote location. You might also want to use your earlier acquired Maintenence Keycard to unlock the door and reach other sections of the location. Here, you must get across all the rooms and laboratories until you reach the flooded rooms in the secret cave site. 

Your objective is to reach the security room by following the path. Getting across the rooms while submerging in water might feel a little troublesome. But in the end, it is all worth the trouble once you obtain your VIP Keycard. 

Once in the security room, you must search for a VIP Keycard on the desk. Ensure to pick it up; you must use this Keycard on your way out of the location. 

Guest Keycard

Last but not least is the Guest Keycard which requires special attention. Many players overlook and never pay attention to the third Keycard in Sons of Forest. But it is worth noting that Guest Keycard is essential to progress the game. 

As for the location, players must visit the cave entrance leading to a purple room once again. Here you will notice a 3D Printer and other essentials you can interact with. Apart from that, you will also see another path with a locked door that requires Maintenance Keycard. 

Guest Keycard Location
Guest Keycard Location – Image Credit: WoW Quests

Since you have already obtained it, using it will grant you access to a mysterious facility. Beware and keep the weapons hot, as this facility crawls with mutants that can rush attack your character. However, if you follow the straight path, you can steer clear of these mutants without engaging with them in combat

Going straight, players will find a hall with two large stairs. On top is another arena that is seemingly the guest area. However, a little further into this guest area, you can find some dead people along with the Guest Keycard on a round table, available to pick up for yourself. 

Final Words

It is fascinating how developers try to engage players and make every activity unique and fun in the vast world. The same goes for this hunt for acquiring all the Keycards in Sons of Forest. As said earlier, it involves a bit of patience and diligence to keep the safe side from the menacing cannibals and mutants and collect all the required items to progress the game’s campaign. 

That is about it for our guide on picking up Keycard in Sons of Forest. Did you find this guide helpful for navigating through tricky caves and facilities of the Island in the game? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. 

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