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Get creative with a 3D Printer!

3D Printer in Sons of the Forest.
A detailed guide on 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest.

It is obvious, people lived (or were stranded) on that creepy island before you crash-landed there. If you explore the right places, you may encounter more than just abandoned camps and Crunchie Wunchie commercials as a human trace left on that island. One of the advanced technologies the island possesses is 3D Printers, existing right beneath your feet. To help you find the 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest and fitly make use of them, here is a detailed guide with its location and use.

Key Takeaway

  • A 3D Printer In Sons of the Forest is a crafting device that helps in making various items that are not possible to access any other way.
  • The items players can craft through a 3D Printer are Grappling Hooks, Printed Arrows, a Sled, Flask, Tech Mesh, and a Red Mask.
  • To use a 3D Printer, you must refill it with Resin, a fluid available in bottles. Resin is found on shelves in the same room as the 3D Printer. They sometimes also spawn inside crates.
  • Each item has a specific amount of Resin required. Once you collect it, go to the 3D Printer, press R to select the item you want to make, and then press E to finally craft it.
  • The 3D Printer is found in four different locations throughout the island.
  • The first location is inside a cave located in the western region of the island. The second location is the Maintenance B Digsite. The third location is the Maintenance A Digsite. Lastly, the fourth location is the cave in the eastern region of the island, just below a huge lake.

What Is A 3D Printer

Using A 3D Printer – Image Credits: Alekei96

Surviving by catching fish or breaking sticks only does not sound pleasing at all. In order to progress through the game’s storyline more effectively and unlock many new items, you must get your hands on a 3D Printer. Crafting items from a 3D Printer on a cannibal and mutants-infested island has its own level of entertainment, so why not give it a try?

These functional 3D Printers help craft items not possible to obtain any other way. Those craftable items are:

  • Grappling Hook: An item that helps craft a Zipline Rope for your Rope Gun.
  • Printed Arrows: A type of ammunition used for Compound and Crafted Bows.
  • Sled: Helps in traveling down the mountain hills faster.
  • Flask: A refillable bottle that collects water from a water source for consumption.
  • Tech Mesh: A crafting material that is required in the making of Tech Armor.
  • Red Mask: A wearable item that may provide protection against cannibals.

How To Use A 3D Printer

It may be a bit complicated to figure out how to make a 3D Printer work, mostly because players are left to explore all these aspects of the game on their own. Therefore, continue reading to learn how to use a 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest.

Finding Resin

Firstly, you must gather Resin. It is a type of material needed for refilling 3D Printers and goes hand-in-hand with them. You may be able to craft your first item without refilling the 3D Printer with Resin. Afterward, you must start finding Resin and refilling the 3D Printer.

Resin is mostly available in the same room as the 3D Printer. Check the shelves in the room and you will be guaranteed to find a few of them. Make sure to check the crates, other underground bunkers, and lastly, the helicopter crash site for Resin too, these locations usually contain them.

Crafting Item

Now that you got Resin, refill the 3D Printer. The options available for crafting will show up, press “R” to change the item. Once you select the item you want to create, press and hold “E.” Wait for the process to end which barely takes a minute. Once done, you have yourself a brand-new 3D Printed item.

Moreover, each craftable item requires a specific amount of Resin. Here is the list of those items along with the amount of Resin required for their making:

  • Grappling Hook: Needs 100 ml of Resin for 2 Grappling Hooks.
  • Printed Arrows: Needs 50 ml of Resin for 5 arrows.
  • Sled: Needs 1000 ml of Resin for 1 Sled.
  • Flask: Needs 100 ml of Resin for 1 Flask.
  • Tech Mesh: Needs 150 ml Resin for 1 Tech Mesh
  • Red Mask: Needs 150 ml Resin for 1 Red Mask.

All 3D Printers Locations

Currently, there are 4 locations guaranteed to have a 3D Printer. All these areas are underground with either a cave entrance or a bunker. Players can identify the 3D Printer location on their GPS by a green pulsating signal. Let’s find out where exactly the four 3D Printers are on this mysterious island.

Location #1

The first location is a cave in the western region of the island, nearby the flowing river stream. Check the marked location on the map below:

3D Printer Location in the cave on West – Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Don’t worry, the mentioned cave is the safest of all with almost no mutants to worry about. You do not require any special equipment to enter the cave either. Follow the mentioned steps to make your way to the useful 3D Printer:

  1. Enter the cave by pressing E.
  2. Walk straight ahead till you enter a long corridor.
  3. Follow the corridor path till you enter a 3D Printer room.

Location #2

The second location is near the plane crash site at Southwest. Travel towards the Southwest region in order to locate a Maintenance B Digsite. Here is the location on the map:

3D Printer location at Maintenance B Digsite – Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Make sure to carry a Shovel before you plan on accessing this bunker as you need to dig the path to the entrance. Once you enter Maintenance B Digsite, keep following the path till you find a 3D Printer Room. Moreover, do not sweat about facing any enemy down there because there is none. This is the same bunker where you find a Compound Bow near a corpse.

Location #3

The third location is the Maintenance A Digsite. The bunker is located Northwest of the Snowy Mountains, nearby a flowing stream. Following is the Maintenance A Digsite location on the Map:

3D Printer location at Maintenance A Digsite – Image Credits: MapGenie

Just like for Maintenance B digsite, you must carry a Shovel. The bunker’s entrance is hidden under the dirt and you need to dig it up. Once inside, travel down the corridor till a door on the right pops up. Take the turn there and find a 3D Printer resting on a desk. You will also find a Maintenance Keycard on the same desk, make sure to collect it too.

Location #4

The fourth 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest is inside a cave East of the Lake. The Lake itself is located in the Southeast region of the island and is big enough to miss. Here is the on-map location of the cave:

3D Printer location in Eastern region of the Island
3D Printer location in the Eastern region of the Island – Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Once inside the cave, start exploring because the cave itself is pretty enormous with lots of loot such as Katana, Gold Mask, and Flashlight Attachment. When you enter the cave and follow through the congested area, you eventually enter a Bunker through a door.

On Level 1 of the Bunker, you find some rooms, one of them containing a 3D Printer. It is the same room where you also find a Putter.

  • Note: Location#4 Cave is infested with various types of mutants, it is a suicide mission going unprepared in this cave. Therefore, stack up on ammunition and weapons, along with Health Mix and Energy Mix.

Final Remark

Finding a 3D Printer on your own on such a vast island is nearly impossible. However, having some prior knowledge about the location will save you tons of your time. We hope our guide helped you track down the helpful device faster. Now you can craft various items that you couldn’t otherwise, all with the help of a 3D Printer. Get yourself some Resin and you’re good to go, Happy Gaming!

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